Explore The Many Benefits Of Regular Air Conditioning Service | Richardson, TX

Explore The Many Benefits Of Regular Air Conditioning Service | Richardson, TX

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As a homeowner, there are tons of tasks that you need to take care of regularly. You need to mow the yard in Richardson, TX, book yearly drain cleaning, remember to have your water heater serviced, and if you are a responsible homeowner also schedule an air conditioning service. That last one might be new to you, or depending on how new of a homeowner you are, the entire list of tasks might be new to you. Either way, if you want to keep things functioning properly in your home, now is the time to explore and learn how proactive services like air conditioning service are the best way to save money and enhance the lifespan of your home appliances and systems.

In the same way that you cannot buy a car and expect it to continue driving for 20 years without an oil change or any repairs, you cannot just purchase an AC unit and then expect it to perform at peak efficiency for the next 15 years. With this type of attitude, you might be lucky to get ten out of it, but even that may be pushing it.

Much like a car, however, you need to practice good maintenance habits to keep it running, and if you do then you can expect it to perform accordingly. Air conditioning service is the easiest and most cost-effective way to ensure that your Richardson, TX AC unit cools your home easily and in the most energy-efficient manner possible. There are a lot of problems you can avoid simply by keeping up with your scheduled air conditioning service on an annual basis.

Ready to hear more? Need more convincing? If you are not yet sure whether or not an air conditioning service should be in your future, take a minute to read the following benefits of regular air conditioning service in Richardson, TX. Once you read through this exhaustive list it will be hard to deny the value of a low-cost service that saves you tons of money and stress over the next decade.

Prevent Unexpected Breakdowns

In theory, your AC could break down any day of the year and require air conditioning service, but for some reason, it only seems to happen at the most inopportune time. It’s as if your AC has an inner monologue that has decided 3 am on July 4th would be the perfect time to stop working. Or perhaps it is once your out-of-town family arrives for a reunion that it decides to chase everyone out of the house with the hot humid air of Richardson, TX.

Regardless of when your AC ends up breaking down, it is always a big inconvenience. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by booking an air conditioning service every year to avoid a situation where your AC stops working completely. As part of the air conditioning service, the HVAC technician will carefully examine your entire system and create a report that details any damaged, broken, or pieces that appear to be worn down. By taking care of these situations before the part can completely break you can save yourself further damage that leads to a catastrophic event down the road.

Extend the Life of Your System

Fixing problems before they become major issues will do more than just prevent unexpected breakdowns, it can also help you extend the life of your HVAC system which is a benefit that is pretty hard to deny. While you can do a lot to protect your HVAC system, the one thing you can’t do is save it from the eventual wear and tear and deterioration of its metal components. You can keep replacing parts, but one day the list will just get too long and it will make sense to replace the entire system versus attempting to get one more year out of it.

If you skip years of air conditioning service then that day will probably arrive pretty quickly since everything is going to deteriorate at the same time making it nearly impossible to fix your HVAC system for an affordable price. However, if you slowly repair broken and worn down components over the year as they start to show signs of age you will be able to keep up with your HVAC system’s needs enabling you to maximize its lifespan.

In the end, you could almost get a free HVAC system out of the deal. Consider this, if you don’t service your HVAC system it may only make it ten years, which means that in 20 years you will need to purchase two HVAC systems. On the other hand, if you regularly service your HVAC system then you can depend on it for the next 20 years. It almost turns into a BOGO situation for the homeowner that was proactive and wise about maintaining the condition of their HVAC system.

Cut Down Indoor Humidity

Ask anyone if humid air or dry heat is better and the answer will almost always be dry heat. It is one reason why a lot of savvy travelers would rather visit Las Vegas in July compared to DC. Humidity in your home can be a large problem because it can spur the growth of mold and mildew. It also can lead to that musty smell in older homes and leave you feeling sticky even though the temperature on your thermostat says you should feel cool.

In short, humidity is a drag, but with regular air conditioning service, you can ensure your AC is working at its peak efficiency which as a result means you will be much more comfortable at home. As part of the service, the technician will check humidity levels in your home and then analyze whether or not something needs to be corrected within your system to balance out your home. If they find that there are complications within your home leading to humidity issues- they will investigate how to deal with them more effectively.

Enhanced Quality of Air

Another benefit of regular service in Richardson, TX is an enhanced quality of air for everyone in your family. As part of the service, the HVAC technician will thoroughly clean every component of the indoor and outdoor unit. You would not believe how much dirt and debris can build up in an HVAC system that is not regularly cleaned, and all of it is filtered back into the air every time that your AC system kicks on. As part of the air conditioning service, all of this is removed so that the air that filters back into your home is clean and crisp.

The enhanced quality of air in turn will help improve the health of your family and others who live in your home from pets to visitors. Clean air is easier to breathe during the summer months and can help prevent respiratory illnesses or enhance how quickly family members recover from them. Those with asthma in particular will benefit from cleaner air after an AC service. As a bonus, less dirt in your AC means less dirt in the air of your home which means less dirt in your home. If you are sick of dusting your home all of the time, this might be the top benefit of regular air conditioning service for you.

Find Out About Potential System Upgrades

There are a lot of improvements to the HVAC industry that pop up every year, and it’s possible that some of these innovations might actually be helpful to your home. During your AC service, you can talk to your tech about some of these improvements to find out if your system could handle them or if it would be beneficial to install them.

One big improvement over the past five years has been the creation and seamless integration of smart thermostats with smart home devices. It is not uncommon to find an Alexa (or five) within a home or Google or Apple smart hubs. You can now control your thermostat easily from these or even with your mobile phone while you are not home which can actually save you a lot of money in the long run. If this sounds interesting to you, ask your local HVAC tech if your AC would be eligible for this type of upgrade.

Another potential upgrade for people who have allergies or asthma may be a filtration system that helps to keep the air properly cleaned. While it may seem like you can just add these components, most of the time they need to be properly calibrated to work at peak efficiency and that is something you will not be able to accomplish on your own.

Boost the Energy-Efficiency of Your HVAC System

Speaking of energy efficiency, one of the biggest benefits of regular air conditioning service is improved energy- efficiency. No one likes to spend any extra money, so why willingly spend each month on extra energy that your HVAC system should not be used to cool your home. As any resident of Richardson, TX can attest, cooling your home during the long summer months is not a cheap practice. It can cost a lot to cool your home if the HVAC system is not at its peak efficiency rate.

The best way to reduce how much you spend on AC costs is by keeping up with proper AC maintenance tasks. When your AC is working correctly it does not have to work overtime to reach the target cooling temperature in your home. It can cycle less frequently and for a shorter period of time all of which add up to big energy savings for you.

So how does this happen? Well, it happens following air conditioning service because the goal of the HVAC technician is to correct any problems and repair any malfunctioning components that are wasting energy because they are working at half-capacity. The technician will change filters, look carefully at the fins and coils of your outdoor AC unit, and inspect the condensation drain for extra build-up. All of these things have the potential to cause major problems, but not if you get them fixed before you overspend all summer on cooling your home. You shouldn’t have to turn up the thermostat to afford AC every summer, book one annual air conditioning service and enjoy cooler temperatures without the high bills.

Remove Pests from Your Home

Is your home pest-free? You might be surprised to learn that it is not as clean as you would like it to be. A lot of small rodents like mice and rats take up residence in air ducts and the AC unit because the dark damp ductwork is a good fit for them. However, it is not such a great fit for you as you will be breathing rodent droppings in the air as the vents cycle the air in your home. During an air conditioning service, an HVAC tech will peer down the major ductwork and will be able to spot any disturbing signs of pests. If they see any, they may advise you to schedule a duct cleaning service and an exterminator.

In addition, they will also check that animals are not taking up shelter in your outdoor AC unit which actually happens more than you might think. Nests and other small rodent burrows are often found in units with disastrous results since the pests can cause damage to the fans when hit. Unfortunately, this type of situation doesn’t end well for anyone, which is why it is better to take care of it in advance with the help of an air conditioning service.

If you are ready to book your annual visit, One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas can help. Give us a call today and we will slide your home into our schedule so you can start enjoying all of the benefits of regular air conditioning service.