Eco-Friendly Residential Cooling And Heating Options From An Air Conditioning Service Provider | Plano, TX

Eco-Friendly Residential Cooling And Heating Options From An Air Conditioning Service Provider | Plano, TX

Are you an environmentally conscious homeowner? If you are, you would like to invest in a cooling appliance designed to protect the environment. To curb the impacts of global warming and cut carbon emissions, some Plano, TX homeowners are investing in green living solutions. This includes air conditioners and similar appliances. Additionally, green living solutions greatly save homeowners a fortune as they spend less energy. Fortunately, many cooling appliances fulfill this goal. Below are some of the five green trends in air conditioning technology that you can ask your air conditioning service provider about installing at your home.

Smart Thermostats

One of the interesting technologies that will help you cut down on energy utility costs is the smart thermostat. These devices are among those whose popularity is increasing at an unprecedented rate as homeowners look for options for minimizing energy consumption. They can connect your air conditioner to the internet and create a network of the internet of things. By having an air conditioning service provider install a smart thermostat, you can control your home’s cooling and heating settings remotely using your tablet or smartphone.

Smart thermostats are advanced heating and cooling systems that can adapt to your personal preferences and schedule. They use your smartphone’s location to identify when you’re home and adjust the temperature accordingly, ensuring that your living space is only heated or cooled when you’re present. Additionally, these thermostats can also send you reports on your energy usage, allowing you to understand how your home is consuming energy and take steps to optimize it. This means you can save energy and money by only heating and cooling your home when you’re there. Are you an environmentally conscious homeowner? Have an air conditioning service provider install a smart thermostat for the air conditioning system in your home.

Ice-Powered Air Conditioners

Hybrid air conditioning systems are a more innovative approach to cooling your Plano, TX home or office that you can have your reliable air conditioning service provider install. These systems utilize ice within the unit to supply cool air as it melts. The current ice-powered heating and air conditioning systems work by freezing 400+ gallons of water at any given moment. This means that the air conditioner runs on the ice during the hottest day instead of the unit’s compressor. This helps to conserve energy as the less time the air conditioner’s compressor runs, the more energy is saved.

When the ice melts completely, the unit’s compressor fires back up. As the temperatures dissipate during the day, the unit starts freezing the ice again for use the next day. This ensures that the air conditioner is ready to operate at peak efficiency when the heat of the day returns. The hybrid air conditioning system is a smart and efficient way to cool a home or office as it takes advantage of the natural cooling properties of ice to conserve energy. This saves money on energy costs and helps reduce the environmental impact of air conditioning.

Ductless Air Conditioning Units

When considering options for air conditioning in certain areas of your home or office, ductless air conditioning systems (also called mini-split ACs) are a great option to have an air conditioning service provider install. Unlike traditional window AC units, ductless ACs are sleek and wall-mounted, connecting directly to the outdoor air conditioning unit. One of the major benefits of using a ductless AC system is its ability to cool specific zones in your living space. This is especially useful for areas like bedrooms on the upper floors of your home, where targeted cooling is needed. Additionally, they are ultra-energy-efficient, which can help to reduce energy costs and make your home or office more environmentally friendly. Overall, ductless air conditioners are a versatile and energy-efficient option for cooling specific areas of your home or office. Air conditioning service is also easy as duct cleaning is eliminated.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is a highly sustainable and renewable resource that is becoming increasingly popular in the green energy industry. Photovoltaic cells allow for the direct conversion of sunlight into usable electricity, making it a highly efficient power source. Additionally, an air conditioning service provider can incorporate solar panels into a Plano, TX home’s energy system and easily integrate it with existing HVAC units, making the transition to solar energy even more seamless. While the initial cost of installing solar panels may still be relatively high, the long-term benefits are well worth it. Not only will it significantly reduce heating and cooling costs, but it can also increase the property’s overall value.

Geothermal Systems

Geothermal systems are a unique form of heating and cooling that utilize the earth’s natural temperature to regulate the temperature inside a home or building. Unlike solar panels, which draw energy from the sun, geothermal systems draw energy from beneath the earth’s surface. The process involves an air conditioning service provider digging a well and installing a series of underground looped pipes filled with water or a mix of water and refrigerant. These pipes are placed beneath the frost line, where the earth maintains a consistent subterranean temperature of around 50 degrees Fahrenheit year-round.

Even though 50 degrees Fahrenheit may not appear very hot, the air temperature increases significantly as it travels from underground pipes through the heat pump. The decision to install a geothermal system is an investment, but it’s also an environmentally friendly and energy-saving choice that homeowners should consider. Geothermal systems reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and cool a home and reduce the amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. Therefore, an air conditioning service provider can install geothermal systems to leverage these benefits.

Let Us Help You Go Green

Are you an environmentally conscious homeowner? You can go green by installing either of the above systems and devices. Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas to learn more about eco-friendly heating and cooling options.

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