Does Routine Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance Have Health Benefits? | Frisco, TX

Does Routine Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance Have Health Benefits? | Frisco, TX

The importance of an air conditioner in your Frisco, TX, home during the summer cannot be overstated. Without this critical cooling appliance, your home could feel like one giant oven because of the season’s scorching heat. Moreover, the high humidity that Texas experiences when summer comes doesn’t help the situation. Fortunately, an air conditioner also removes or regulates indoor humidity to ensure that your home has high indoor air quality.

However, your air conditioner may have unforeseen problems requiring prompt air conditioning repair. After all, your air conditioning unit is an electrical appliance composed of various parts that work together, meaning that one of the components might fail at one point. Whenever your AC unit breaks down during summer, that is an emergency that requires the quick attention of an air conditioning repair technician.

Can you recall the last time you had your air conditioning unit inspected and serviced by an air conditioning repair technician? Are you delaying your next air conditioning service? If the answer to either of the questions above is affirmative, you aren’t taking good care of your air conditioning unit. Besides making your AC unit serve you longer, proper maintenance and timely repairs also directly benefit your health and well-being.

Every homeowner enjoys the comfort an AC unit provides to their indoor living spaces. However, there are many health benefits that an air conditioner brings, meaning that you should always try to ensure that your unit serves your home without any issues. Below are some surprising health benefits of regular and timely air conditioning system servicing.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

As you or your family members enter or leave your home, they could carry bacteria and dust into your living space. If you do not have proper ventilation, your family might start breathing in all the bacteria and dust while sitting at home and enjoying the cooled air. It is a well-established fact that this lowers indoor air quality and that breathing even the smallest quantity of bacteria could result in coughs, headaches, colds, fatigue, and migraines. Whenever your air conditioner overheats, especially the air ducts, it also creates ideal conditions for bacterial growth, making the germs multiply faster.

Low indoor air quality also has other effects depending on the contaminant. For starters, it could result in teary eyes, pungent smells, and fungal infections if mold is the contaminant. Therefore, you will incur medical expenses besides the high energy utility bills you’ll be paying at the end of the month. Take the appropriate measures and have a timely air conditioning repair and service before things get out of hand.

An air conditioner can be compared to a Brita filter for your home. The air conditioning system improves your Frisco, TX, home’s ventilation, circulates the air, eliminates or regulates indoor humidity, and controls indoor air temperatures. Hence, ensuring that your indoor space has high indoor air quality is critical. Timely air conditioning repairs and regular or routine air conditioning service can ensure that your AC unit does not overheat your home and that the unit will cool your home properly. During the maintenance, the technician will change the filters and clean the air ducts to ensure no contaminants pass through the filter.

Reduce High Humidity

The other silent and less-known fact about an air conditioner is that it regulates indoor humidity levels by reducing them to acceptable levels. Whenever the indoor humidity is high, it could result in moist or damp spots at your home. This has been associated with various health issues like dehydration or even heatstroke. However, one of the well-known and severest issues caused by an increase in mold growth is that it increases the risk of mold and dust mites into your home, lowering the indoor air quality and impacting your health. Fortunately, this can be remedied with timely air conditioning repairs and regular maintenance.

Inhaling the mold has several impacts, including sneezing, wheezing, teary eyes, and other fungal diseases. Hence, you might find that you or your family members get sick whenever they enter your home. It means that besides paying for the electrical utility bill, you also will have to pay for their medication, something that you could avoid by having a technician service your air conditioner.

Since your air conditioning unit is among the only means of reducing the indoor humidity at your home, ensure that you care for the unit. High indoor humidity has been found to cause sinus infections too. Alternatively, you can have a technician install a dehumidifier to ensure that you have quality indoor air. Are you unsure of the required indoor moisture levels? Consult your reliable technicians or HVAC professionals. When you schedule our air conditioning repair and maintenance visit, ask your technician to assess the indoor humidity at your home and institute measures to reduce it if high.

Decrease Asthma Attacks

Did you know that an air conditioner can reduce asthma exposure if it optimally works? As mentioned above, an air conditioner regulates indoor humidity and temperatures. Whenever the unit is faulty, it may overheat and be unable to reduce the humidity levels at your Frisco, TX, home. Hence, ideal conditions for mold growth are created since mold thrives and breeds in warm but moist conditions. This is why a timely air conditioning repair is critical.

The Asthma & Allergy Foundation in the US estimates that over 25 million nationals are living with asthma. If your family member or even you suffers from this respiratory condition, the last place you want to feel uncomfortable because you suffer the attacks is at your home. Fortunately, if your air conditioning system is efficiently working, it filters the contaminants, pollen, pet dander, dust, dirt, and other allergens from the incoming air.

If it is faulty or malfunctioning, this might not take place. The air filter or ducts may be clogged, resulting in overheating. Combined with any moisture, this will result in mold growth, something that will worsen your asthma. Additionally, if the air is not properly filtered, a high concentration of contaminants and allergens will trigger asthmatic reactions in the patient. When the air conditioning repair technician comes for AC maintenance, they will inspect the ducts and replace the filters to ensure that your IAQ is high.

Stop Parasites and Insects

Nobody wants flies, ants, or other insects like mosquitoes in their residence. Fortunately, a running air conditioner helps reduce the number of insects in your house. In general, parasites and insects prefer a warm, humid environment, so a cold, dry home is less welcoming. Keeping your home cool lowers your danger of being bitten by these little mosquitoes that will bite humans with warmer body temperatures. This is especially advantageous for your health because insects frequently spread diseases like malaria. Regular AC maintenance and timely air conditioning repairs keep these parasites and insects at bay, ensuring you are safe from the disease-causing germs these vectors carry.

Decrease Stress

Are you working, doing chores, or even studying at home? No matter what you’re doing, all you want is comfort. A properly serviced, properly working air conditioner ensures this. Whenever people are overheated, they may become unfocused and stressed. Conversely, research has shown that a cool room improves your productivity and eliminates stress. Unfortunately, this is only possible if you get the right temperatures and the indoor humidity is kept at the recommended levels. You can only achieve this through routine AC maintenance and timely air conditioning repairs.

As mentioned above, many things could go wrong with your air conditioner, necessitating an air conditioning repair. The blower motor may malfunction, refrigerant levels might reduce because of a leak, your AC filter might be clogged, or the compressor might be faulty. No matter the issue, your air conditioning system will take a toll and might be unable to cool your indoor living space effectively. Why wait to be uncomfortable at your Frisco, TX, home? Schedule an appointment with your reliable air conditioning repair and maintenance technician immediately if you suspect something is wrong.

Reduce or Even Prevent Mold Growth

It is estimated that 20% to 60% of American homes suffer from a mold infestation problem. In some instances, that number may be higher. Unfortunately, detecting mold could prove a particularly challenging issue. If present at your home, mold presents a serious threat to your health and that of your family. Mold exposure might result in various health issues, and the health problems might vary from one person to another.

However, there are baseline issues that you might find in most people, including eye irritation, throat irritation, asthma flare-ups, skin irritation, nasal stuffiness, wheezing, and coughing, among many others. Long-term exposure could result in severe health concerns. This means you should immediately contact a reliable air conditioning repair technician whenever you notice people showing signs of sickness besides taking them to a hospital for medication and checkups.

Homes without air conditioning may be more prone to moisture and heat, creating the ideal conditions for mold formation. Mold growth is less likely when there is air conditioning, which helps to maintain a dry environment. Check that your air conditioning system is functioning and that your unit isn’t overheating the house if you’re worried about mold. Consider an annual air conditioning repair to evaluate this equipment and maintain its best performance.

You’ll Get to Sleep Better

Is your home too hot because your air conditioning unit has suddenly stopped working or malfunctioned? That means that you might start to struggle to sleep. A too-hot home often results in a restless sleep with a lot of turning and tossing over the night. Sleep has been associated with better health and is also said to boost your memory. Therefore, you want your AC unit working optimally to sleep better, especially under the scorching Frisco, TX summers. This means regular AC maintenance and timely air conditioning repair in case of any issues.

Your home might have the ideal temperature whenever you go to bed if you have enough air conditioning. Your health will greatly benefit from this. Lack of sleep has been related to several health issues, including weight gain, cognitive issues, difficulty concentrating, and a heightened risk of stroke and heart disease. If you own an air conditioner but still get too warm at night, there may be a problem with your air conditioner. To determine the issue and promptly fix it, schedule air conditioning repair.

Improve Your Home’s Smell

As nature would have it, your home might start smelling over time based on the materials you use for cleaning, expired milk/yogurt, or even the smell of that burning food in your kitchen. However, some smells, like those caused by mold growth or backing up sewer waste, can prove detrimental to your health. Whenever you notice the smell, your first step should be to check the source of that smell and take the necessary measures to resolve it.

Fragrances don’t linger around your Frisco, TX home since air conditioners will cycle the musty smell in your house with fresh air. This makes staying home more enjoyable and asking guests over less awkward. Additionally, it is healthier to breathe clean air. Long-term inhalation of cleaning agents is harmful to our health. Unfortunately, this will only happen if the AC unit is optimally functioning. Hence, always ensure that you get a timely air conditioning repair to ensure that the pungent smell is moved outdoors, and contact a professional to inspect your plumbing or AC to determine the cause.

Air conditioners, like other electrical appliances, also run into various issues that require the attention of an air conditioning repair company. If you were postponing the repairs or didn’t see the importance of routine maintenance of your Frisco, TX, home’s AC unit, we hope this article has persuaded you. Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas for timely AC repair and maintenance.

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