Benefits Of Integrating A Humidifier During Air Conditioner Installation In Your Home | Lewisville, TX

Benefits Of Integrating A Humidifier During Air Conditioner Installation In Your Home | Lewisville, TX

Having an air conditioner installation performed in your Lewisville, TX home or office sounds perfect! But what if you added something more to give you optimal comfort, especially during the cold winter when people are prone to ailments due to the dry cold air? Consider getting a humidifier installed in your home’s HVAC system during the air conditioner installation.

Your home heating system tends to dry the interior air, which may cause problems for your household. And even though there might be moisture in the outside air, humidifiers moisturize the air in your home, which helps alleviate allergens.

There are many good reasons why you should consider integrating a humidifier in your home’s HVAC unit if you’re planning for a new air conditioner installation. First, let’s start by looking at some health benefits humidifiers can bring you and your loved ones.

Moisturize Your Lips and Skin

Sounds hilarious, right? But this is what a humidifier can miraculously do to your body. Various skin conditions, such as peeling and cracked skin and eczema, can be reduced, repaired, or avoided entirely by maintaining optimal levels of humidity in homes.

Though some people consider chapstick and hand lotion to regain the lost moisture, humidifiers can naturally help rehydrate your skin.

Promotes Sound Sleep

If you need a reason to have a humidifier connected to your home’s HVAC system, sleeping comfortably is probably one of them. According to research, the ideal relative humidity for sleep is approximated to be 30 to 50 percent.

Once you’ve set your desired relative humidity level on the humidifier, a well-functioning HVAC system should automatically regulate the amount of water in the air if the humidity surpasses the stipulated levels.

Protect Your Throat

Exposing your households to desiccated or very low indoor humidity levels could lead to dry and scratchy vocal cords. If the symptoms persist, voices can become hoarse, and you may even lose your voice.

Children are more vulnerable, especially if exposed to a virus or flu. Humidifiers help eliminate childhood viruses and croup that may lead to inflammation in the upper airways and cause a barking type of hoarseness and coughs.

Air conditioning installation and a humidifier for maintaining an optimal level of humidity aid in soothing and lubricating your throat.

Soothe Your Sinuses

Low humidity causes dryness in your sinus passages. It creates a terrible feeling and could lead to sinus pressure, discomfort in the nose, bloody noses, and headaches in the worst-case scenarios.

The stuffiness of your nose can be cleared out by having the proper humidity indoors. So, when hiring for an air conditioner installation service, it would be wise if you had it accompanied by a humidifier.

The moist air keeps the mucus flowing and reduces the bad feeling from the stuffed-up nasal passages. It also reduces the chances of getting a bloody nose and helps you breathe more freely because it clears the excess mucus.

Helps Prevent Snoring

Did you know dry air can contribute to and increase severe snoring symptoms? This happens due to insufficient moisture in the air, resulting in throat swelling and a congested nose. The congestion of air in the nose causes you to breathe through your mouth, hence the snoring.

Residents of Lewisville, TX considering air conditioner installation, should know that a humidifier is also essential as it helps ease the dryness in your home and reduce the chances of snoring during sleep time. Additionally, when you run the humidifier throughout the day, your throat is kept moist and could eliminate the irritation that brings out the snoring.

Prevents Static

During the dry winter months, there is an increase in the chances of static electricity. And this can be pretty frustrating if it happens to your curly hair or laundry. The worst possible outcome is when static damages your sensitive electronics and causes sparks that destroy and damage flammable gas. A properly-working humidifier limits and prevents most issues associated with static.

Halt the Spread of Flu Germs

Installing a humidifier in your home prevents conditions such as flu. Dry conditions are conducive to the survival and transmission of the influenza virus. During the flu season, it is essential to have a humidifier to create an unfavorable environment for the influenza virus.

Lowers Your Electricity Bills

If you’re looking forward to air conditioner installation this coming winter, consider having a humidifier in place running to keep temperatures at a comfortable level without straining your heating system.

This way, the number of thermostats in the home will be lowered, thus conserving the energy, which saves on their heating bills. To achieve this, it is advisable to have a well-functioning HVAC system and a humidifier when the temperatures start dropping.

Helps Warm Your Home

When the air in your home is moisturized, it gets warm, but if it is dry, your space becomes cold. This is attributed to the fact that if there’s more water in the air, sweat evaporates slowly, leaving one feeling warm.

The heating and cooling systems in homes can cause the indoor air to be extremely dry. When drafting your air conditioner installation budget, having a humidifier in the picture is worth it.

Protect Your Floors And Furniture

Fluctuations in humidity harm the wooden materials in your home, such as furniture and flooring. When the humidity levels are shallow, your wooden items become too dry and could crack and split.

Therefore it’s essential to consider having a professional mount a humidifier in your house during air conditioner installation. When the humidity levels at your home are optimal, the integrity and suppleness of your wood furnishings are protected.

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