Averting Air Conditioning Repairs With Routine Maintenance | Frisco, TX

Averting Air Conditioning Repairs With Routine Maintenance | Frisco, TX

Have you ever experienced an AC breakdown during summer? If you have, then you know how critical an air conditioner is to the overall comfort of your home. Hence, you should spare no effort to avoid air conditioner issues that might need repair. Many air conditioner issues might arise from condensate drain clogs, compressor issues, clogged filters, refrigerant leaks, and loose belts. However, you can always avoid the problem with routine air conditioner maintenance and inspections from a reliable air conditioning repair company.

The professional can catch any issues early in their development stages and fix them. Hence, the problems will never worsen to the extent that they might result in the total air conditioning unit breakdown. Air conditioning repairs in Frisco, TX, can prove inconvenient and expensive. However, there are other simple things that a technician can do during routine maintenance to ensure that the number of AC repairs needed is reduced. So, how can you efficiently keep the air conditioner operational always and reduce the need for air conditioner repairs? Read on to learn all you can do to keep your home comfortable with minimal air conditioner repair expenses, but first;

What’s Air Conditioning Maintenance? How Does It Help Avert Repairs?

Before going through the nitty-gritty of reducing repairs, let us answer the first question; what AC maintenance is. An air conditioning service refers to a series of checkups and tune-ups to help an air conditioning system run efficiently and prevent minor issues from developing into full-blown problems. The full-blown issues might also prove expensive to fix for an air conditioning repair technician.

This is akin to going for a yearly dental checkup with your dentist. You wouldn’t want to miss this, right? A similar principle applies to your air conditioning system. Consider it this way; between spending a few dollars or hours on yearly maintenance or spending a fortune for days of repairs, which one would you rather have. Regardless of your financial status, the answer is pretty obvious.

Unfortunately, some homeowners will only call a technician when a problem arises. Unfortunately, it is too late by that time, and the damage has already happened. The only surefire way to ensure that you stay off the recurrent air conditioning repairs is to keep up with routine maintenance. So, what are the tips for this?

Regular Maintenance Tips That Avert Frequent AC Repairs

Seasonal Maintenance

Whenever it comes to ensuring that you are not spending a lot on repairs, the best thing to do is have regular maintenance. The air conditioning system should be inspected, cleaned, and regularly maintained to avoid problems. That’s why regular maintenance is critical and essential to ensuring that the HVAC system doesn’t run into issues. Most heating and air conditioning professionals recommend having seasonal maintenance done at least twice yearly. The seasonal maintenance goes past the seasonal cleaning of the air ducts and air filters. It involves replacing the essential parts showing signs of damage or those already damaged. The air conditioning repair professionals also inspect the air conditioning unit for any issues present and looming ones. 

So, what is the right time to hire a professional for seasonal maintenance? It is recommended that you enlist the help of an air conditioner repair professional in Frisco, TX, for maintenance in fall and spring. These are the seasons where the HVAC system is least needed and used. Hence, it is the right time to schedule some maintenance. Further, the months that follow the fall and spring demand that the HVAC system is operating at its peak efficiency. The winter and summer are the seasons where the heating and cooling system is used the most. Hence, you want it in a top state to ensure that your home is cooled or heated efficiently.

Changing or Cleaning the Air Filter

Whenever considering ways of averting various plumbing issues, changing the air filters is a great point to start. The air produced by the HVAC system will eventually pass through the air filters at one point. The filters remove the dust particles and other air contaminants to ensure that you receive high-quality air. Hence, a filter is as essential as any other part of the heating and air conditioning system. Based on the type of air filter you have, it should be replaced every 2-3 months.

The circumstances in your home also are an important factor that determines how often the filters should be replaced or cleaned. For instance, homes with pets or allergic family members should have the filters replaced or cleaned more often. The air conditioning repair professionals can help you replace the air filters and other maintenance needs. The professional can also advise you on how frequently you need to change or clean them. If you have pets, you must replace or clean the air filters monthly. You should also invest in HEPA filters or those with a higher MERV rating.

Not changing the air filters often puts extra strain on the HVAC system. The heating and air conditioning motors will have to put in an extra effort in forcing the air through the air ducts into various places at your Frisco, TX, home. Unfortunately, this shortens the lifespan of the air conditioning unit, something that will cost you more money in heating and cooling costs. However, you can avert all this by having an air conditioning repair technician regularly replace or clean the filters. When considering HVAC maintenance, the filters are something to consider, and ensure they are routinely checked.

Inspecting the Thermostat

A thermostat works like a brain when it comes to HVAC system operations. It controls the level of heating or cooling needed based on your settings or ambient temperatures. Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t give this critical part of the HVAC system due regard. They don’t think much about it, which is why you will likely find an old thermostat in some homes. Like it is with the other parts of the HVAC system, a time comes when you’ll have to replace the thermostat because it has malfunctioned. Fortunately, you can have an air conditioning repair technician replace the malfunctioning thermostat with a new one.

When you talk of the thermostat, accuracy is the most critical thing. Whenever the thermostat is set to certain temperatures, you need to rest assured that your home will be heated or cooled to your desired temperatures. However, if the thermostat works the air conditioner too hard, it could have a toll on the unit, and you’ll use more money on energy and air conditioning repairs.

The thermostat plays an important role in the air conditioning unit’s efficiency. Therefore, you must ensure it is correctly working. When they come for an inspection or a maintenance visit, the professional will dust off the unit and check the batteries. If the thermostat is past ten years old, it might be the right time to replace it.

Consult your air conditioning repair technician about installing a new thermostat that has more efficiency. Fortunately, thermostats aren’t expensive and are among the simplest investments in The HVAC system. You can get a highly accurate thermostat on the cheap. However, you should consider installing a programmable thermostat that can be controlled from a smartphone.

Though you’ll spend more on the initial purchase, you’ll recoup some of that money on energy utility bills because a smart thermostat will help you save on energy. Regardless of the model or type of thermostat you choose for your home, the air conditioning repair technician can help you install it. For ultimate savings and convenience, go with a smart thermostat.

Do Not Abuse the HVAC System

An HVAC system is an expensive appliance. Hence, you should ensure that it is working optimally. This includes treating it right. Unfortunately, some homeowners do not know how to use the unit. As a result, they damage some components or set the temperatures correctly. Treating the HVAC unit right doesn’t only mean staying abreast with routine maintenance. It also means using the HVAC system right to ensure you don’t have to spend much money on air conditioning repair.

The most critical thing is ensuring you are not working the HVAC system too much. Understandably, you might want to crank that thermostat up or down and achieve the desired temperatures swiftly. However, that will only place extra strain on the heating and air conditioning unit. Remember that how you run the HVAC system can impact its service life; cranking the thermostat down or up might reduce its lifespan by several years.

The other factor to consider before you overuse the HVAC system is that it isn’t cheap. Besides more frequent air conditioning repairs, overworking the heating and air conditioning unit also increased the energy utility bills at the end of the month. Hence, if you want to save some dollars on cooling and heating, know how to use the HVAC system and be patient. The sudden increase or decrease of thermostat temperature reading will only result in serious issues.

Inspecting the Heating and Cooling Unit For Leaks

The other maintenance service you should have once every month has the air conditioning repair technician in Frisco, TX, to inspect the HVAC unit for leaks. Although a small drip may not seem a great deal, it might cause significant damage to the HVAC system if left unchecked for long. Check if there are puddles of liquid around the unit. Look for stains of water on the walls or ceilings. If you notice any sign of leakage, turn off the system and call a technician for repair service.

Trim Bushes and Trees Near The Unit

The bushes and trees might cause two problems for the air conditioning unit. They might block the airflow or even drop their leaves onto the outdoor unit. Do you have any bushes or trees near the outdoor AC unit? You must trim them to prevent the problems above. To ensure that they are safely cut, enlist the assistance of a tree service professional. This will ensure that the falling branches don’t accidentally hit the outdoor AC unit. If this happens, air conditioning repair might not be enough, and only a replacement can help.

Cleaning Up the Debris and Dirt Around the Unit

The air conditioning unit requires enough space to function efficiently. Hence, you must keep the area surrounding the air conditioner’s outdoor unit free of debris and clean. Additionally, ensure that you check for the leaves and debris near the outdoor unit every three months and clean them if any. If you notice a buildup of dirt or grime on the unit, clean them off. Otherwise, when the accumulation impacts the air conditioner’s efficiency, you might need an air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX.

Keep the Condensate Drains Clear

The air conditioner also has condensate drain lines that help remove the condensate as it’s created. If the condensate drains obstruct, the condensate will start backing up and flooding the air conditioning unit. Consult your air conditioning repair technician in Frisco, TX, and create a maintenance plan where they will check the drains for clogs and clean them. The technician will remove any forming blockages when they come for a maintenance visit to ensure that the condensate flows seamlessly to the drain pan or the plumbing.

Keep the Vents Clear

The events play a critical role in ensuring the air conditioning unit’s efficiency. Hence, you should keep them unobstructed and clear. Any clog or blockage in these events might cause problems such as increased energy utility bills and reduced airflow. You don’t want to call an air conditioning repair technician because the obstructed vents resulted in such issues.

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