As Air Conditioning Repair Gets More Complex, Our Expertise Leads The Way | Dallas, TX

As Air Conditioning Repair Gets More Complex, Our Expertise Leads The Way | Dallas, TX

When you call for air conditioning repair, do you wonder if the company has experience in working with the newer AC technologies you’ve had installed? Your variable-speed compressor, zoned ducting with smart home thermostats, and indoor air quality features? At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas we’re quick to respond when you need air conditioning repair, and quick to diagnose and make the fixes needed on any air conditioning technology. We also install advanced AC systems and components for your Dallas, TX home, giving you more control over your comfort and energy use, and a better lifespan for your equipment as well. Our doors opened in 1988, and we’ve been gratified by the popularity of our services and equipment installations in the local area. We’re licensed, insured, and have great ratings from our customers and an A+ BBB rating as well. We stay on top of HVAC technologies with ongoing training for our experienced professionals, so we always send knowledgeable technicians to take care of your air conditioning repair and other comfort system needs.

Variable Speed, Two-Speed, and Traditional Single-Speed Compressors

Let’s start with an important innovation available in many AC units, whether it’s in two speeds or variable speeds. These changes in the amount that the compressor works make a big difference in both dramatic and subtle ways. Higher EER efficiency numbers may catch your attention at first, and if you have a chance to experience the operation of a two-stage or variable speed compressor AC, you’ll find that you’re getting cool and staying cool without powerful blasts of cold air. If your Dallas, TX home is warm, you’ll get that for a while, but once it’s time to maintain the right temperature, the system drops back into cruise mode and saves a lot of energy. Outside, you’ll notice it’s also a lot quieter in this mode, which is often helpful if the unit is near bedrooms, a fence that reflects sound, or anywhere else where AC noise could be an issue.

Our team understands the differences in these systems and their control systems, and has plenty of experience working on them already. What’s more, they know that variations in compressor operation affect other system functions, for example the constant low-level operation of a variable speed system can provide more consistent dehumidification. A powerful single-stage system may not operate very much to keep your home cool, so it doesn’t get much chance to remove moisture from the air while it’s cooling. Our air conditioning repair experts, when diagnosing issues with your system, think about these differences. We’ll also factor them in when we’re talking about adding indoor air quality features such as dehumidification.

Getting the Most Mileage From Your AC System

It’s not exactly mileage, but how long your AC system works reliably, and how much fuel, or energy, it uses along the way are two areas that our air conditioning repair team pays close attention to. Two-stage and variable speed systems don’t work as hard when they don’t need to, so they can last longer and use less energy to keep your house cool, especially if it’s well-insulated. Regular maintenance by our air conditioning repair experts is an important part of that longevity, right from the start, because we make it as easy as possible for the system to operate well with air handling checks and repairs, filter changes, refrigerant checks, and attention to any problems like refrigerant leaks and coil damage or dirt on the coils that affect efficiency and compressor life as well. The more efficient your AC system, the less hard it has to work to keep you cool, so it really pays for us to be thorough with maintenance. In our area, cleaning out the condenser unit after the winter is also essential, since lots can happen as storms blow into them and even small visitors nest in them.

Preventive Care with Annual Maintenance

If you shut off and perhaps winterize your system as is, our air conditioning repair team may find problems that were developing while it was working hard during the previous summer. Air handling components like fan motors and belts may be tired, the air filter may need changing, and we may find issues like condensate drain clogs, electrical system issues, and refrigerant system concerns like a lack of insulation where it’s needed on the line leading to the house in particular. We’ll check everything that, in our experience and the manufacturer’s recommendations, tends to need a look before the cooling season starts. If you like, many of the issues we can repair right away, and we can schedule any others that require more time or special parts. If you have a heat pump system, of course our air conditioning repair experts are experienced with them as well. Much of the services we provide are quite similar, and we typically carry parts for them as well. One big difference, of course, is that heat pump systems provide both heating and cooling, so they work hard for much of the year, and more frequent maintenance is a good idea.

We Service and Install Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Some Dallas, TX homeowners use ductless mini-split systems to provide cooling or heating as well for heat pump units, serving a home office, in-law apartment, or even a garage. It’s a great alternative to window units and portable units, without the security risks of an open window, and efficiency ratings that are typically even higher than central air units. They can serve up to four rooms, and with a couple of systems some homeowners cool their entire house, not only avoiding makeshift cooling from window units, but also getting cool without installing a duct system. The controls operate on a per-room basis, much like zoned duct systems used with central air. Many modern mini-split systems have advanced controls, with timer-based energy saving temperature management, even motion sensors to adjust cooling as people come and go. They require much of the same basic maintenance as central AC units, and our air conditioning repair team can service them and provide any needed care on the spot in most cases. Make sure to keep the filters changed on these units in every room, as that has a big effect on both performance and longevity.

When It’s Time to Think About Air Conditioning Repair or Replace Choices

The wider variety of AC systems and heat pumps isn’t a big deal for us when it comes to repairs, we’re ready for whatever you have in your home. When the unit is getting older, though, and frequency of repairs, cooling performance, or energy efficiency are driving a replacement decision, there’s a lot to talk about. Do you want to simply replace the unit with a similar one, sized for your home and with the best efficiency for your budget? What about changing to a two-stage or variable-speed unit and getting better long term energy savings? Have you been thinking about indoor air quality, a significant concern for many people these days? We can provide solutions for your home that include these options, as well as changeovers to heat pumps or even a reset and installation of mini-splits instead. We’ve seen all these and more included in home HVAC designs, and we can help you sort out the right solution for your Dallas, TX home, economically as well as comfort-wise. If you need time, our experienced air conditioning repair team can of course quote any current repair needs for your system and keep it serving you in the meantime. After all, even an air conditioning failure can sometimes be resolved with a simple fix, it may be worth finding out.

How’s the Air In There?

Many homeowners are surprised at just how poor their indoor air quality is. With city air often suffering from ozone, particulates, and other air quality issues, especially during the summer, along with wildfire smoke, many people prefer to stay indoors. What they don’t know is that indoor air can be up to five times worse, since it’s recirculating in a fairly small area. Everything from cooking smells and cleaning chemical fumes to pet dander and other allergens along with dust and all that it carries such as bacteria and viruses, mold spores and more are all in the air. Sometimes material stays in the ducts and accumulates, so much that we recommend a visit from our air conditioning repair team’s duct cleaning service experts every few years to carefully clear out the felt-like matter that builds up over time.

We also service and install the essential components of indoor air quality including HEPA filters, air purifiers, germicidal UV lamps, and humidity control. Balanced against your AC type to provide the right dehumidification, humidity control can keep your moisture levels steady year-round, helping your skin and breathing, and also protecting items made of wood and paper in your Dallas, TX home such as furniture, books, and documents. Germicidal UV lamps neutralize mold spores, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens as they pass through your system, so they can’t land and multiply when they find a hospitable environment. HEPA filters you probably know from the small room-sized units that many people use in their bedrooms, and ours provide similar benefits for your whole house. Air purifiers use different techniques such as electrostatic attraction to pull airborne particles, chemicals, and even odors from the air. If you’d like to invest in these components for your current or new system, we can provide them. If you’re already enjoying their benefits, we can provide routine maintenance and air conditioning repair for them such as humidity system water supply and drain issues, filter changes, UV light replacement, and cleaning.

Expert AC System Installation

Who knows the best ways to install your central air, heat pump, and mini-split equipment than our air conditioning repair experts? We are well trained in both installation and repair, and we have extensive experience with the problems that arise with poorly installed units. For example, though many units these days are quiet, it’s still wise to pick an installation location where sound and vibration from the unit won’t be an issue.

Make sure that the fan blowing air through the coils outdoors should be blowing towards a wide-open area for best efficiency, rather than towards a fence or building nearby. Yes, some installations don’t take that into account, and even miss on making sure the unit has plenty of access space for service personnel. The refrigerant lines should be the minimum length possible, and in any case generally less than 50 feet. Insulation keeps them protected as well as cool on the way in. Speaking of protection, keeping your system out of the path of storm-blown debris helps keep maintenance cleanout to a minimum. If the unit is located near a place where small creatures typically gather, whether it’s a porch with open space below or even a feeding area for pets, the risk of those creatures seeing the enclosure as an attractive nesting spot is increased. They’ll find a way, and when they do, we may find wires used as nest material or chewed until they short as well. Our air conditioning repair team can tell you plenty of stories, and our installation experts can help you avoid the situations with your new AC system.

Your Air Conditioning Repair Experts and Much More in Dallas, TX

At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas we’re your versatile air conditioning repair team and HVAC experts. We’re up-to-date with the latest HVAC systems for your Dallas, TX home, and ready to provide skilled repairs and expert diagnosis, taking into account your specific system. We’ll even diagnose your AC system if it’s attached to a complex smart home control system, using our expertise to evaluate its functions separately from the control system, keeping things simple. Give us a call with your air conditioning repair questions, schedule a visit, or call for urgent air conditioning repair right away, we’re ready to help!

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