All About Negative Pressure Duct Cleaning Service | Lewisville, TX

All About Negative Pressure Duct Cleaning Service | Lewisville, TX

You might not think a lot about those air ducts hidden over your ceiling or behind your walls, but the air you breathe circulates through the air conditioner to your indoor space. Hence, out-of-sight-out-of-mind doesn’t work in this case. Over time, various contaminants may build up in the air ducts, including bacteria, mold, pollen, insect parts, pet dander, dust mites, and rodent droppings. Even those new air ducts can have contaminants such as construction material particles, insulation fibers, and chemicals. Hence, you should ensure the air ducts are cleaned regularly. There are many methods a duct cleaning service provider may use to remove the contaminants, the key among them being negative air pressure cleaning.

What Is Negative Air Pressure Ductwork Cleaning?

This is an alternative to the forced air cleaning methods many duct cleaning service providers use. In negative air pressure duct cleaning, a vacuum is used to produce negative pressure in your duct system. The negative pressure sucks all the allergens, germs, and dust. In short, this method produces a vacuum effect, albeit on a controlled surface. A negative air pressure machine is used in this process. Unfortunately, some people mix this machine with an air scrubber. The key difference between the two is the vacuum. The negative air pressure machines work by sucking air in and expelling it outdoors. When cleaning the ducts, the machine ensures that your indoor space is under negative pressure, ensuring the contaminants don’t spread to other parts.

How Does Negative Air Pressure Ductwork Clean Work?

As explained above, this duct cleaning service uses a vacuum to create negative pressure in the system. To reach and clean every air duct thoroughly, the technician usually accesses different areas of the return and supply grilles, end caps, service openings, and diffusers at your home. Whenever required, the professional can cut additional openings and seal them after the duct cleaning. Different tools may be used to dislodge and agitate the debris and dirt.

The next process in this duct cleaning service is inducing negative air pressure into your air ducts. Here, the technician seals all the openings previously created and opens sake for one access point where the hose will insert. After inserting a hose attached to a powerful vacuum mounted on a truck, the professional activates it. This creates a negative pressure in your ductwork that sucks up all the dislodged debris and dust. All this waste is deposited in a receptacle.

Benefits of a Negative Pressure Ductwork Cleaning

Even with proper maintenance, your heating and air conditioning system will not be performing at 100% efficiency. Hence, it won’t be able to prevent debris accumulation in your air ducts successfully. This particularly holds when the air ducts collect moisture that can result in mold growth or even provide a sticking place for the dust. Hence, a negative air pressure duct cleaning service is recommended, and it has the following benefits:

Improved HVAC Efficiency

When the air ducts are dirty, that means the registers are too. Dirty registers don’t allow efficient airflow into your home. A negative pressure duct cleaning service will ensure your HVAC system’s ductworks are clean. Hence, your unit will have a peak airflow efficiency, meaning you might notice a reduction in your monthly energy utility bills. To ensure maximum improvement in the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning unit, augment the regular duct cleaning with air conditioner, furnace cleaning, and compressor lubrication.

Extend Filter Lifespan

Does your heating and air conditioning system use a washable filter? Then you can increase its service life by ensuring your ducts are clean. Although this benefit might not hold for homes with smokers and pets, it’s worth mentioning. Having a negative pressure duct cleaning service done regularly reduces the amount of dust and debris that accumulates within the system. This means your filters can handle such, meaning they serve you longer. One of the primary threats of washable filters is clogging, which worsens if the ducts are dirty. A negative pressure air duct cleaning eliminates all the dust and debris that might have lodged in the ducts, ensuring that the air dispensed into your home is clean and ensuring filters don’t clog up quickly.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air pollution can be up to five times higher than the outdoor air in a typical building. And yes, even if you regularly clean and vacuum your home, that is also the case. Regrettably, many commonly used household goods include hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chemical residue that impair indoor air quality. Also, since many of those substances are airborne, it is simple for them to get trapped inside your ductwork.

Once inside your home, these harmful compounds continue to circulate because of the constant recirculation of the air home caused by your HVAC system. Negative pressure duct cleaning service can significantly enhance indoor air quality, meaning you’ll breathe cleaner air at home. By completely cleaning the inside of your ducts, the service ensures that harmful chemical residues & compounds won’t be released when your HVAC system operates.

Creates Cleaner Living Space

If your air ducts are dirty and you turn on your air conditioner daily, there is a high probability that you’ll be dealing with dust in your living area. Have you noticed that dust is everywhere, even after dusting your furniture, ceiling, curtains, and upholstery? That could mean your ducts are dirty, and the AC blows dust into your home. In such a case, a negative pressure ductwork cleaning can help. If you have a regular duct cleaning service, the system will only push out less dust into your home. Hence, you’ll have a more hygienic home.

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