Air Conditioning Services From My Local Provider | Richardson, TX

Air Conditioning Services From My Local Provider | Richardson, TX

Any homeowner understands that being one is something more than paying the mortgage. Homeowners are responsible for maintaining all the components of their homes, such as the HVAC system. Every HVAC system requires different maintenance, and AC units should have routine air conditioning services. Most professionals often suggest that you schedule an air conditioning service once every year. But this applies to virtually all your electrical and plumbing systems, such as the water heaters, ovens, drainage systems, and dishwashers.

Generally, the spring is the best time to schedule an air conditioning inspection and repair service with your air conditioning unit. This is for a simple reason; you need the air conditioning unit optimally functioning and operational during summer. In summer, the unit will always be running to ensure that your Richardson, TX home is comfortable for you and your family. In this post, you will learn all about air conditioning service to ensure that you are ready when the time comes to have the unit inspected and serviced finally.

What Does AC Service Involve?

If you own a vehicle, you most likely take it for servicing by your trusted mechanic now and then or whenever it experiences a problem. Unfortunately, you highly likely know what the professional does to your vehicle unless they tell you. The same could be said about AC services. Most homeowners only understand that they should have their air conditioners serviced every year but don’t know what AC servicing entails. Air conditioner servicing entails or is composed of various things in this article; you’ll learn what it entails to ensure that you know what the professional is doing on your air conditioner. Air conditioning services include:

A General AC Unit Checkup and Cleaning

Do you know the amount of debris, dust, and dirt that builds up your air conditioning unit each year? If you didn’t, then you’d be surprised to find out. The air conditioning unit becomes less efficient if the contaminants, dust, and dirt aren’t removed. This dirt will clog the air filters and even damage the inner parts of your air conditioner. An in-depth checkup is the first step in any air conditioning repair service in Richardson, TX.

The professional will want to know if there are any cracks or leaks inside the air conditioning unit. If the technician notes that there is indeed dirt or debris in the air conditioner, they will take measures to clean the unit and remove the contaminants. The professionals will thoroughly clean the air conditioner to ensure any dust particles are entirely removed and that the appliance returns to efficient functioning. The debris and dirt impact the air conditioning system’s efficiency and affects the air quality in your indoor space.

Air Filter Cleaning or Replacement

Did you use your air conditioner often last summer? Then there is a high chance that its filter requires cleaning to remove the dirt, dust, debris, and other contaminants, whether a removable or replacement filter. The technician will have taken enough parts apart to ensure they can reach the AC’s filters easily. If there is a blockage in the filter, ice could accumulate within the air conditioning unit.

You can leverage this part of AC service to consult your technician on the best air filters and whether they can be installed on your unit. There are many types of filters in the market today, and each one has its unique set of functionalities, merits, and shortcomings. For instance, some air filters only remove dirt such as dust and pollen, while others might be better at eliminating the bacteria, germs, and viruses from your air. Therefore, consult the air conditioning service provider in Richardson, TX, on the right one based on your needs.

Checking The Coolant Levels

Next, the professional will inspect the evaporator coils to determine the refrigerant levels. If the air conditioning unit doesn’t have enough coolant, then the unit will not function efficiently. It might even entirely stop functioning. This is because the condenser coil temperatures might drop below the recommended levels. If the technician determines the coolant levels are below a certain level, they might refill the air conditioner with the coolant to ensure that it is functioning efficiently.

However, you must note that the air conditioner doesn’t use the coolant. If the refrigerant levels are lower, that most likely means that there is a leak. Hence, the professional will also be inspecting the air conditioner for refrigerant leaks. Should they determine that there is indeed a leakage from your system, they will use their experience and quality materials to patch it up.

More Cleaning Followed By An Inspection

The air conditioning repair technician will perform a thorough cleaning of the various parts of the air conditioner, such as the evaporator coils and the condenser coils. The air conditioning service provider will also clean the condenser and evaporator fan. With everything in your air conditioning unit clean, the professionals will also perform a thorough inspection to ensure no leaks or cracks anywhere within the system. Particularly, they will inspect the seals for cracks because they allow air out easily. This will make your air conditioning unit more inefficient.

The professional will check for the status of all the air conditioner components to ensure that there aren’t other issues that require their attention. Fixing the minor air conditioning issues is a great idea. This is because it prevents them from worsening and resulting in a major catastrophe. You don’t want the air conditioning service provider to tell you that you have to replace the AC unit because you ignored a compressor issue.

Sounds Of Trouble Within The AC Unit

However, some sounds might prompt you to call an air conditioning service provider in Richardson, TX, even before the scheduled AC unit maintenance. These sounds are a sign that there is an underlying issue that needs the technician’s attention before matters turn worse. Whenever you hear either of the sounds above, you should call your air conditioning technician to repair them promptly.

Banging Sounds

Banging sounds from your air conditioner can be blamed on the compressor. There may be a loose fan blade that hits different system components. Whenever you notice banging sounds coming from the air condition system, call your air conditioning service. If a fan blade is causing the issue, the technician might replace the damaged fan blades before they result in a more damaging problem that is costly to fix.

Whistling Noises

A whistling sound from your air conditioner usually points to an issue with the air conditioning system’s seals. Fixing this is simple, but that doesn’t mean you should do it. Instead, an air conditioning service technician will examine all the seams, checking for loose connections. The professional will then tighten any loose screws and bolts along the seams. This issue arises along with seams and air ducts of the air conditioning unit’s vents where the cold air enters your home. Though this condition isn’t too serious, it should be handled by a professional AC repair technician because it makes the air conditioner inefficient.

Rattling Sounds

Do you hear rattling sounds from your air conditioning system? It often arises when the air conditioning unit’s fasteners loosen. However, sometimes the internal parts of the AC unit’s also become loose, producing the sound above. This isn’t a problem to ignore because the loose parts might easily make the unit break down pretty easily. If the air conditioning unit produces a rattling sound, you should call an air conditioning service in Richardson, TX, to inspect and make necessary repairs.

The Air Conditioner Is Just Too Loud

If the air conditioning unit isn’t producing a strange noise, but there has been a dramatic increase in the decibel level, you could be dealing with dirty condenser fins or damaged air ducts. The other reason could be that the AC unit has reached the end of its service life and requires a replacement. Call a local air conditioning service pro if the AC unit makes a loud noise to inspect the unit and maybe make some tune-ups.

Buzzing Noise

You’ll often notice or hear this noise if the interiors of your air conditioner are frozen. Failing to change the air filters after every year at the least means that the interiors of your AC unit are at the risk of freezing up. For this reason, it is recommended that you have an air conditioning maintenance and inspection every year. Part of the maintenance includes changing or cleaning the air filters. If you don’t clean or change the debris, grime, and dust cake within the filters, blocking the flow of air within the unit.

The condensation from the indoor humidity freezes the air conditioner’s coils whenever this happens, resulting in layers of ice. This could result in the unit producing the buzzing sounds. Unfortunately, this issue might also result in higher energy utility bills and water leaks. Hence, call an air conditioning service provider to have the issue fixed when you hear these buzzing sounds coming from the air conditioning unit.

Grinding Noise

Do you hear a grinding noise coming from your air conditioning unit? That could mean an issue with the compressor or the fan belt. If the compressor is about to fail, it could result in the grinding sound as the parts within try compressing the refrigerant. If the air conditioning service technician determines that this is the case, replacing the AC unit’s compressor might be time. The other reason for the grinding noise from your air conditioner is a loose fan belt. Though easily repairable, ignoring either of the two issues might prove costly because they could damage the entire air conditioning system.

Indoor Slamming Sounds

You could be having issues with the air conditioner’s filters hitting the return grill if you hear indoor slamming. Whenever the frill becomes loose, the technician inspects them and checks if air filters are fitted properly. Air filters require replacing, especially when they are clogged. At times, homeowners might have installed an incorrectly sized air filter in their HVAC system.

You might also hear the indoor slamming sounds when the air ducts are pretty small. If the air conditioning service determines that the air ducts are too small, they will require a modification to accommodate the air flowing through them. Another reason for this particular sound is when the blower fan is loose. The air conditioner’s blower wheel hangs against the metallic casing whenever the unit cycles when the blower fan loosens. The air conditioning service professional in Richardson, TX, tightens all the loose connections within your AC unit to fix this. Never ignore this issue as it might result in other damages to your expensive air conditioning unit.

Outdoor Slamming Sounds

If the outdoor unit produces a slamming sound, that is a damning issue that an air conditioning service should immediately address. This issue is often a result of the fan slamming against the metallic wall or broken compressor rings. Are you hearing your fan hit the other parts of the metallic casing? That could be because your fan has become loose and is hitting the metallic parts of the unit.

This mostly happens when the AC unit cycles off. If the issue is because of broken compressor springs, your compressor refrigerant pumps could easily bang against the compressor casing, producing slamming sounds. Ignoring this issue will only leave you with a damaged compressor. If you have a broken compressor ring issue, you should have a technician address the issue immediately. In most cases, the broken compressor rings will require a replacement because repairing them is tricky.

Where to Go for Reliable AC Service

Servicing your air conditioning unit is critical in ensuring that your home is comfortable and has a great air quality. Hence, you are advised to have an air conditioning service at least once every year. The professional will perform either of the services above to ensure that your HVAC system is in a great state. Unfortunately, there are times when you immediately need the technician’s services, especially whenever you hear either of the sounds above. Call our technicians at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas for professional air conditioning services in your Richardson, TX, residential or commercial space.

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