Air Conditioning Service: Common Problems With Residential Split AC Systems | Plano, TX

Air Conditioning Service: Common Problems With Residential Split AC Systems | Plano, TX

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More than three-quarters of American homeowners have air conditioning units in their homes. Air conditioners are essential in cooling and improving the quality of air in Plano, TX, homes. There are multiple air conditioner types, including split systems, central ACs, smart ACs, and window ACs that homeowners can install.

However, the lifespan of air conditioners as they continue operating, and some may experience some faults that may require air conditioning service and repair. We have explored some of the common faults that split AC systems may experience with time.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks are some of the most common problems affecting split air conditioners. The refrigerant, also known as Freon, is responsible for cooling the hot air into the air conditioner. When the AC is not working efficiently, it may suggest a drop in the refrigerant levels. When copper ducts connected to the refrigerant tank develop rust and corrode, holes and loose joints may come up.

These present an opportunity for Freon to leak out of the system. In some cases, the leakage may occur in the flare nut located in the outdoor AC unit. Getting exposed to the refrigerant is risky as it could lead to poisoning, organ failure, or even death.

When you notice your air conditioner isn’t working efficiently, it’s time to schedule an air conditioning appointment with a reliable HVAC company. The technicians will identify and fix the leaking spots on the refrigerant tank or recharge the refrigerant if the levels are low. These repairs will help restore your air conditioner to the expected working standards.

Requesting your air conditioning technician to offer regular air conditioning services, including testing, diagnosis of freon levels, and preventative maintenance, is essential to keep your split AC in tip-top condition.

The technicians should take precautions not to use the wrong type of freon or overfill the refrigerant tank. It could compromise the whole split system AC, forcing you to invest in a new system.

Compressor Switching Off Frequently

Compressors often turn off when the AC filter is filled with debris, grime, and dirt. When filters are clogged, they take in limited air, making the whole system overwork. Consequently, the overall temperature of the unit increases beyond the ideal operating temperature, causing the unit to overheat and the compressor to break down.

If your split system AC is not cooling the air enough or is switching off frequently, liaise with your trusted technician for service and inspection. The air conditioning specialist will clean the dirty and clogged air filters and any other dirty components to revive the efficiency of your AC unit. Scheduling for regular air conditioning service could help prevent the problem from recurring in the future.

Foul Smells From the AC

Sometimes when you turn on your split AC, you may notice foul smells emanating from the system. The odors further increase discomfort in the house by deteriorating the air quality. If this happens, there might be a problem within the AC’s drainage system.

When dust, grime, and dirt build-up in the system due to blockage and clogging, it may start producing an odor after entering contact with moisture and forming mold and mildew. If the problem is unchecked for a long time, the AC can malfunction and make your Plano, TX, home a health hazard.

Reach out to a nearby air conditioning provider when you notice weird smells, including that of rotten eggs. It will inspect the unit, identify the clogged lines, and eliminate the dirt and grime. The air conditioning experts can also create regular air conditioning service plans that include frequent AC cleaning to prevent such problems from occurring in the future.

Noisy Indoor Unit

At times, the indoor unit of your split system AC can produce unusual noises after you turn it on or during operation. The noises could arise from a defective fan in the indoor unit.

Accumulation of dust and dirt on the fan’s surface, loose nuts, and inadequate lubrication make the system vibrate while running unchecked. It can make the fan malfunction, causing the unit to work extra harder to cool the air in your home. Consequently, your split AC system will increase its energy consumption which later reflects in your monthly utility bill.

As soon as you hear unusual sounds from the unit, it is time for an air conditioning service. Reach out to a nearby and trustworthy HVAC company whose technicians will dismantle the whole AC unit and then rebalance the fan to its usual position. Additionally, the air conditioning professionals will clean and lubricate the fans during routine air conditioning service.

Frozen Coils

When the refrigerant level in the unit falls below the recommended amount, the temperature of the coils subsequently drops below the operating level. The moisture in and around the unit freezes and rests on the surface of the evaporator coils. It compromises the cooling ability of the air conditioner.

Schedule regular air conditioning service to rectify this phenomenon. The specialists will recharge the refrigerant level to the recommended amount, ensuring the unit returns to its maximum efficiency.

Faulty Swing Mechanism

If the swing mechanism function is not responsive in your split system AC, it could result from two reasons. One, the printed circuit boards may not be sending current and date to the motors. Two, the motors may be faulty.

When either of the above reasons occurs, the thermostat won’t switch on and off as required. It can, in turn, make cooling go beyond the required room temperature, or you may not receive cool air in your home at all.

Ensure you visit an air conditioning provider for AC motor troubleshooting. The air conditioning technician assigned to your home should repair or replace the faulty motors to restore your split system AC to its maximum efficiency.

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The above information may come in handy to Plano, TX, homeowners who experience faulty split system air conditioners. However, attempting to rectify the faults on your own could worsen the situation due to a lack of technical know-how and proper equipment.

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