Air Conditioning Service: A Detailed Description Of AC Components And Their Functions | Irving, TX

Air Conditioning Service: A Detailed Description Of AC Components And Their Functions | Irving, TX

Comfort at your home largely depends on the plumbing system and air quality. How hot or cool it is in a house can make a significant difference. However, an air conditioner serves to balance the indoor temperatures regardless of the level of heat or cold outside. When the outdoor weather is hot, the metal fins at the side of your air conditioning unit heat up and begin sweating, prompting an air conditioning service by a professional. The compressor then turns on and begins to suck the hot air. The air is then compressed until it is so hot that the liquid within turns to gas.

The gas is then sent to the condenser, cools down to the required temperatures, and sometimes becomes liquid. And the cycle continues. The thermostat determines this duration by telling the air conditioner when to turn off or on. Hence, ensure that the air conditioner is in a top condition to ensure that your Irving, TX home is heated or cooled to the required temperatures. However, never do this yourself. Instead, look for an air conditioning service company and hire them. DIY AC repairs might result in issues like further damaging the unit, voiding the warranty, or even injuries. SO what are the components of an air conditioner, and what does each component do?

Functions of AC Components


A compressor is among the most important parts of your air conditioner. It circulates the refrigerant gas and helps in cooling the air. If the compressor isn’t working properly, the air conditioner might not function properly. Essentially, the compressor creates the cooling power, which removes the heat from your home.

A gas refrigerant is compressed and moves through the condenser coil, and it releases its heat and then turns into a liquid. The cooled refrigerant flows into your unit’s evaporator coils. In this process, the excessive heat from the surrounding air is absorbed by the refrigerant, making it turn into gas. This process repeatedly occurs, delivering cool air to your home for a comfortable living.

Without the compressor, the AC cannot circulate the refrigerant or remove the heat from your home. Hence, the compressor is an integral part of the heartbeat of the air conditioner at your home. Without it, the air conditioning unit will not work. For this reason, it is better to leave nothing to chance by hiring an air conditioning service.

Whenever the air compressor isn’t working, you most likely will hear a loud noise when you turn on the AC. This is often because the fan belt that drives the compressor isn’t running properly, and it is slipping on the holding pulleys. You might also notice your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home to the desired temperatures or at least as well as it used to. This is because the efficiency of the unit has taken a hit.

If you are experiencing either of the issues above or hear the loud noise, it is time to call a professional air conditioning service company. This will ensure that the air conditioner doesn’t become further damaged, prompting more expensive repairs. Never try repairing your conditioner yourself, and leave that task to the professionals.

Evaporator Coil

The other crucial part of your air conditioning unit is the evaporator coil. Its function is to remove the humidity and heat from the incoming air. The evaporator coils are made of metal tubes which are a closed system where the refrigerant is circulated. The heat from the air passing over the coils is absorbed by the refrigerant and then released into the outer environment after condensing into a liquid. This ensures that your Irving, TX home is comfortable and cool in the hot seasons.

Are you thinking about having your air conditioner replaced or serviced? Ensure that you consult an air conditioning service company regarding the condition of the evaporator coils. Dirty or blocked coils reduce the air conditioner’s efficiency and might even make it break down sooner than you could have expected. Routine cleaning and maintenance can help in keeping the evaporator coils properly functioning. Additionally, this will improve your air conditioner’s overall performance.

The other common issue experienced by most homeowners with their ACs is frozen evaporator coils. Frozen coils are normally a sign of an issue with the refrigerant system or refrigerant oil. This may be caused by leaks in the coil, clogged filter, and low refrigerant levels. Whenever you suspect that the evaporator coils are frozen, immediately contact an AC repair technician for an air conditioning service.

Condenser Coil

This is a heat exchanger used to transfer thermal energy from one medium to another. In an air conditioner, the function of a condenser is converting the gaseous refrigerant gas into a liquid to ensure that it can be passed into the compressor. This is normally achieved by passing the gas through several coils while exposing it to some cooling agent like the air or water. Thus, the gas temperatures are lowered and can then be compressed without causing any significant damage to the entire mechanism.

The condenser transfers the heat from the refrigerant and releases it into the atmosphere. If the air condenser isn’t functioning properly, the air conditioner will not cool your office or home properly or even at all. This prompts you to enlist for an air conditioning service. Whenever considering this, ensure to work with an experienced, licensed professional or company. They might repair the condenser or recommend one compatible with your AC. they will further install it to the air conditioning system to ensure that it is properly installed.

The Fan

Since many overheated refrigerants are always running within the outdoor condensing unit, it becomes really hot. Hence, your AC needs a fan to cool the refrigerant when passing through its condenser coils. The fan also helps in circulating the air around the coils, ensuring that it is effectively cooled.

As with all the mechanical devices with moving parts, the fan is also prone to wear and tear. Hence, it will need to be replaced over time. If the outdoor unit makes strange noises or the fan isn’t running as smoothly as it is usually used to, it is time to have it replaced. Before heading out to shop for a fan, consult your AC service provider in Irving, TX, on the unit’s size and compatibility. This ensures that you don’t purchase a fan that isn’t compatible with the air conditioner, resulting in a wastage of money and time.


The thermostat is like a brain in your air conditioning system. It controls and monitors the temperatures in your room. It accomplishes this by turning the compressor, evaporator, and AC fan on and off to maintain the required temperatures. Hence, keeping the thermostat comfortable is critical for its continued efficient functioning.

If the thermostat is malfunctioning, it will result in inconsistent temperatures and higher energy use. This certainly affects your home’s comfort and hurts your pockets when you pay huge energy utility bills at the end of the month. Whenever you notice an increase in the energy bills and erratic temperatures at your home, enlist the help of an air conditioning service provider to inspect the unit. If the problem is found to be a malfunctioning thermostat, the professional will repair the part, or if seriously damaged, a replacement is done.

Air Filter

The importance of an air filter in your air conditioner cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t know the essence of this component. All the cool air into your home passes through an air filter. The function of this component is to catch the pollutants and particulates such as mold, dust, fungal spores, and pet dander.

It is a mesh that catches the materials above as the air passes through without hindering the airflow into your Irving, TX home. The air filters become denser with time when these materials stick to them. Hence, air filters require frequent AC services for cleaning and replacements. If they aren’t cleaned or replaced frequently, they get blocked, hindering the airflow into your home. Unfortunately, more pollutants will find their way into your home, which harms the indoor quality of air.

If your unit’s air filters are dirty, the fans have to work harder to push the air into your home. This means that the unit’s efficiency has taken a toll, leading to high energy consumption. Hence, you will have to pay high energy utility bills at the end of the month.

The difficulty in moving the air through the filters means that your home will not be sufficiently cooled in some areas. Hence, some areas of your home will not be comfortable.

Without calling a technician for air conditioning service to replace the air filters frequently, a buildup of pollutants arises.

Unfortunately, this provides room for moisture to accumulate, creating the ideal conditions for mold growth. This impacts your indoor air quality. But there is a really simple solution: enlisting an air conditioning service provider to clean the air filters and remove the aged ones.

The Blower

The next essential part of your air conditioner is the blower. It sends the cooled air into your room while also drawing hot air outside. This process ensures your home is at the desired temperatures, making it more comfortable. Without it, the cool air will stay inside the unit, meaning that it will not reach the desired parts of your home. If the air conditioner is not blowing cold air, it might be because of an issue within the blower. Call an air conditioning service technician for further inspection.

Whenever the blower breaks down, it needs a replacement promptly. Otherwise, your home won’t be cooled to your desired temperatures. However, this doesn’t mean that you should do it yourself. Instead, look for a licensed and experienced air conditioning services provider to complete the repair or replacement.

An Expansion Valve

An air conditioner is a collection of many parts that work in tandem to cool your Irving, TX home and ensure that it is comfortable. The other vital component of this intricate system is an expansion valve. The expansion valve helps regulate the refrigerant’s movement out and into the evaporator. This is essential in maintaining the proper cooling levels. Too much or too little refrigerant can result in improper functioning of the air conditioner. Hence, you must have an air conditioning service to inspect and repair it if broken.

The expansion valve will close and open, responding to changes in temperature within the coils and allowing the refrigerant within the coils to circulate steadily. Hence, your home will be comfortable and cool during summer. The efficiency of your air conditioner takes a toll if the expansion valves aren’t functioning properly. Are you experiencing issues with your AC’s expansion valves? Ensure that you enlist an air conditioning service to repair the component or replace it if severely damaged.


We have touched on the refrigerant in most of the above sections. This underscores how important it is to your air conditioner. For the AC to work, it requires a refrigerant. A refrigerant is a gas or liquid that ensures that the air inside is cooled to the desired temperatures. It circulates in the coils on your AC evaporator while absorbing the heat from the air flowing over it. The refrigerant then transfers the heat out of your Irving, TX indoor space.

There are several types of refrigerants available, and each bears its set of advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right refrigerant to use with your air conditioner can be challenging. Hence, you are advised to enlist the help of an air conditioning service professional in choosing one. They will provide you with invaluable advice. The air conditioning service will also guide you through the entire process and ensure that you choose a refrigerant compatible with your air conditioner.

Superb Air Conditioning Services in Irving, TX

An air conditioner is a collection of components that work together to achieve one goal, ensuring that your home is comfortable. Each component has a specific function, and if it malfunctions in any way, the entire efficiency of your air conditioner. Hence, you must get routing air conditioning services in maintenance and repairs to ensure that it works properly and efficiently. Do you need any air conditioning service at your home? Call us today at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas.

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