Air Conditioning Service: 9 Things That Can Void Or Not Be Covered By Your Air Conditioning Warranty | Dallas, TX

Air Conditioning Service: 9 Things That Can Void Or Not Be Covered By Your Air Conditioning Warranty | Dallas, TX

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Making sure that you have a valid warranty is extremely important. Without warranty, you might find yourself facing a very large bill for air conditioning services and repairs that are beyond your control. Some conditioning services and repairs that you need may be for defective parts that are actually the manufacturer’s fault.

Many homeowners, however, don’t really take the time to look at the terms and conditions of the warranty that comes with their air conditioner. Due to this reason, they’ll often find that they have actually voided their warranty without even knowing about it. This can be a very troubling experience, and it’s too late to make any changes by the time that they’ve realized the warranty is void.

To ensure that you do not void your warranty, we look at 10 of the most common reasons for why a warranty may be void. If you have any further questions or inquiries, you should speak to a professional while they’re at your home for an air conditioning service. A professional will be able to look over the terms and conditions to provide you with more insight into explain any jargon that you might come across.

#1. The Warranty Is Not Registered

Most homeowners don’t realize this, but most manufacturers actually require them to register their warranty online within a certain period of time after purchasing the AC unit. The requirements will vary from one manufacturer to another, but the important thing is to not put it off. Those who fail to register their warranty online may void their warranty immediately.

Once you’ve registered your warranty, you should also consider checking out the online portal. The online portal will usually provide you with more information on how to get any air conditioning services and repairs that you need covered.

#2. Failure to Get Regular Maintenances

Most experts recommend getting air-conditioning services once a year. It’s important for a professional to come out and take a look at your AC unit in order to see whether there are any issues that need to be addressed. During the air conditioning service, the Dallas, TX contractors will also clean the unit and make sure that everything is intact.

For example, they’ll look for loose parts. The goal of the air conditioning service is to make sure that everything is working properly. This ensures that the different components will not be overly strained. It can also reduce overall wear and tear.

Failure to get regular air conditioning service may result in a higher likelihood of damage. Due to this reason, many manufacturers are reluctant to grant warranty benefits if homeowners did not get their AC unit regularly serviced. It’s also important to note that many manufacturers will ask that the homeowners work with a reliable and approved HVAC company. In most situations, this will be the HVAC company that installed the Ac unit in the first place.

With that said, you do not necessarily have to get the same HVAC company to complete the air conditioning service that you need. However, you should definitely make sure that the company that you’ve chosen fits the requirements outlined by the manufacturer.

#3. DIY Servicing

Another easy thing that can void your warranty is if you complete a do-it-yourself service. Even if you have some knowledge and HVAC repairs, you really should not try to do any of the servicing or repairs yourself. Many manufacturers will automatically void your warranty if they find out about it. You also shouldn’t ask a friend who has someone experience either.

The reason for this is that it is extremely easy for someone who is not properly trained to damage the AC unit. Some of these damages may not be very obvious; however, they could become a huge issue down the road.

Even if you were able to save money on the repair service yourself, you’ll actually lose money in the long run if you bought the manufacturer’s warranty. Without a valid warranty, you might have to spend a fortune on future repairs and services.

#4. Relocation of the AC Unit

Another surprising thing that can easily void a warranty is if you relocate the AC unit. This is actually a common reason that many homeowners aren’t aware of at all. In most cases, the manufacturer’s warranty will explicitly state that the AC unit needs to stay at its original location in order for the warranty to be valid. Due to this reason, you really need to think long and hard whether it is worth relocating an AC unit. This is also why it’s important to put a lot of thought into where the AC unit should be installed in the first place.

On this topic, it’s also a good idea to note whether the warranty is transferable to a new homeowner. If you recently purchased a new home, the existing AC unit may not be covered by warranty. To fully understand the protection that you have, ask the homeowner for any warranty documents that they may have. This includes the sale’s receipts. Don’t forget to also ask them whether they have made any claims in the past. Some warranties will have a limit to the number of claims that can be made for certain things.

You might be surprised that you actually aren’t covered by warranty because you’ve moved into a new home. Some manufacturers will extend the warranty to you if you contact them or file some type of documentation within a certain period of time.

#5. Lost Documentation

If you’ve recently purchased a new AC unit in Dallas, TX, you really need to make sure that you keep track of all the documentation, including the sale’s receipt. Make sure that you store them in a safe place. Without the sale’s receipt or some type of invoice, you might not be able to claim the full warranty. This means that you might not be fully compensated for any air conditioning service or repair that you may need.

Some manufacturers will be willing to accept a digitized version of the invoice or any other type of documentation that they may need. This makes things a lot easier. You can simply scan the documentation or take a photograph of it. Make sure that you store all of these important digital files in a USB or some other safe place.

It’s always a good idea to store all of your warranty documentation together. It’ll make things a lot easier when you look for them in the future. Some homeowners will keep the documentation in a safe or in some type of plastic bag in order to prevent it from getting damaged.

#6. Accidental Damage

Any air conditioning services or repairs that you need due to accidental damage caused by yourself will not be covered under warranty. For example, let’s say that the AC unit was damaged during renovations, any subsequent repairs or replacement that are needed may not necessarily be covered by warranty at all.

It’s a good idea to see what your warranty coverage includes. In most cases, it will cover manufacturing defects, as well as regular wear and tear. It doesn’t cover everything.

With that said, some manufacturers will cover additional repairs and air conditioning services if you purchase an add-on package at a nominal cost. Take a look at the added cost to see whether it’s worth paying for the additional package. In many cases, the additional cost will be worth it.

#7. Purchasing the AC from an Unknown Source

Another thing that you need to be wary of is where you purchase your AC unit from. If you’ve purchased the AC from an unknown source, then there’s a chance that the manufacturer may not necessarily honor the warranty. This is because they have no idea what has happened to the AC unit before it reached your hands.

So, although it might be tempting to purchase an AC unit from an unknown source because it’s cheaper, do keep in mind that you may be giving up on the warranty if you do purchase the unit. This is also the same case if you purchase a second-hand AC unit. You do not have the sale’s receipt and the invoice. As the AC unit will need to change location, the warranty may be void anyways.

If you’re looking for an AC unit, try to look for an established local distributor or contractor. A reputable HVAC company in your area, like in Dallas, TX, will be able to get you the AC unit that you need. Depending on how often they purchase AC units, some HVAC companies may be able to give you a great deal as well.

#8. Improper Installation

Another reason why it’s important to hire a reputable HVAC company to complete the air conditioner installation is because an improper installation can automatically void your warranty.

You should always get air conditioning services, repairs and installation from an approved service provider. Different appliances will have different installation requirements. On top of that, many service providers will actually have to undergo some type of training program with the manufacturer, so that they’re familiar with the unit. This training will also ensure that the contractors are aware of how to install the unit properly without damaging it.

If you need any type of air conditioning service and you try to claim it with the manufacturer, the manufacturer will send out an inspector. Inspector will be able to easily tell whether the unit was installed properly or not. If the unit was installed improperly, the manufacturer will not cover the cost of the air conditioning service.

#9. Uncovered Damage

It’s important to note that every manufacturer’s warranty will cover different types of damages. Not all damages are covered, and the manufacturer will not pay for all air conditioning services that are needed.

You should be able to check the manufacturer’s warranty for a list of uncovered damages that don’t come with any warranty protection at all. For example, faulty wiring in your home may not be covered. If there is an issue with faulty wiring, you’ll be on your own.

Luckily, some peoples homeowner insurance will actually cover these damages. It’s always a good idea to compare the amount of coverage that you have with the manufacturer’s warranty with any other insurance that was purchased. This will tell you whether there are any gaps.

#10. Use of Unapproved Parts

Last but not least, if you repair your AC, you must use approved parts. Some manufacturers will automatically void their warranty if you do not use specific parts and go for aftermarket parts that are unbranded. This is because these parts may not be manufactured to a certain standard. By using these parts, you might actually damage your AC unit.

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