Air Conditioning Repair: Why It’s Time To Call A Professional Repair Technician | Dallas, TX

Air Conditioning Repair: Why It’s Time To Call A Professional Repair Technician | Dallas, TX

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Having a faulty air conditioner, especially during summer, can be quite devastating since you might have to look for other options to keep your home cool. During the hot season, all that humidity and heat can put a strain on your air conditioner and cause overuse and malfunction. Homeowners in Dallas, TX, should be keen to seek air conditioner maintenance services that keep their units in top running condition.

Just like other electronics in your home, the AC may begin to fail from time to time due to old age or non-maintenance. Hiring a professional for your air conditioning repair can seem costly. However, that is far better than ignoring the warning signs and having to deal with expensive repairs or replacements later. If you are not keen enough, your AC will completely breakdown and increase your energy bills in the long run.

Simple fixes from a professional can save you money and time. Unless you are prepared to live without your air conditioning and heating system, you ought to know the warning signs of a busted AC to seek professional AC repair services and get ahead of the eventuality of a full-scale breakdown.

Warm Air From The AC

One common problem that homeowners in Dallas, TX, experience is their air conditioner blowing warm air. The outdoor and indoor AC system work hand-in-hand to expel heat from your home. A wrong thermostat setting may contribute to the AC problem, so double-check and make sure it has the right settings. Also, the outside unit could have clogging from dirt and debris, which gives the AC unit a hard time to eliminate heat. You can prevent the issue by seeking professional air conditioning repair services involving cleaning the outdoor unit.

The evaporator coil could also be dirty, which may be the reason behind the air conditioning problem. During an annual maintenance check, ensure that the air conditioning repair technician checks the level of refrigerant. If it happens to leak, your system will struggle to function. The repairman can look out for signs of a refrigerant leak and fix the issue. Therefore, it is wise to schedule AC tune-up services at least twice a year since it is one of the best ways to prevent your air conditioning from malfunctioning.

Unusual Noises Coming From The Unit

A banging sound is a sign of a lost component inside the compressor, for instance, a rod, piston pin, or crankshaft. The only solution is to seek professional air conditioning repair services to replace the compressor. A gurgling sound, on the other hand, indicates a refrigerant leak or that the condensate drain line is clogged. You may also notice a buzzing sound near the air handler, which is typically a sign that you have an electrical problem. Some of the common electrical issues include a failing motor, loose wiring, a broken capacitor, or a malfunctioning compressor. Having your local Dallas, TX, technician carry out air conditioning repair on time will help prevent any complications.

If you hear a clicking sound when the AC is running, it means that an object has nestled its way into the blower fan. But if the noise occurs whenever you turn the system on, there might be an electrical issue within the thermostat, compressor, or capacitor. A hissing sound indicates a duct leak, faulty expansion valve, or an air filter that does not fit correctly in its slot, while a screeching and squealing sound is a sign of a bad compressor or a faulty blower motor. You can fix all the noises by hiring a licensed professional for your AC repair services.

Limited Airflow From AC Vents

Various potential problems may cause weak airflow, including blockage or leakage in the ductwork. The air duct’s work is to deliver cool air from the AC into your home, and the presence of holes will lead to some of the air escaping along the way. Narrow air ducts can clog from dust buildup or the nests or rodents, insects, or birds. The best solution is to contact an HVAC expert for your air conditioning repair.

For your unit to circulate air properly, air must pass through the air filter. When the filter gets a blockage from hair and dirt, the AC will be unable to pull in enough air into your home. Get a professional to replace your air filter once in a while and in case you suspect it is clogged, be sure to seek expert air conditioning repair services. A frozen evaporator coil may limit the amount of airflow getting into your home. In most cases, evaporator coils will freeze over due to a refrigerant leak. It would be wise to contact an HVAC technician so that you can identify the root cause of the problem.

Foul Smell

If your air conditioning smells like car exhaust, there is a possibility that there is a leak in your refrigerant line. If you do not fix it on time, it releases chemicals into the air that are hazardous to the environment. At this point, you need to contact an HVAC specialist for your air conditioning repair services since a leak can be detrimental. If you notice the system smells like fire, it means the electrical components in the unit such as circuit boards, power wires, fans, and compressors are burning up. Another reason for such a smell is that after a long period of inactivity, dust can settle within the system. And when turned on after a long time, the dust sediments can burn off and emanate a bad smell. Have a professional clean the HVAC unit once in a while to avoid the pungent smell.

A rotten egg smell from the AC can be the result of dead rodents or critters getting stuck. In some cases, birds can rest in the ductwork and, unfortunately, get trapped in the equipment. An HVAC expert can pest-proof your unit to prevent it from smelling like a carcass, so you should seek air conditioning repair services whenever you notice a pungent smell. Your home could also be having a gas odor in case there is a refrigerant leak. If you sense there is gas leakage from your HVAC unit, seek air conditioning repair services immediately. Your seasoned technician can put Methyl Mercaptan in your gas to give it a distinctive odor, and that will ensure immediate leak detection to prevent any serious harm that can occur from gas leakage.

Excess Moisture From The AC Unit

Water leakage can primarily result from a broken condensate pump that cannot properly pump the excess water out. A dusty or broken condensate pan can lead to water leakage from the system, and failing insulation can also be a culprit since condensation buildup inside the unit occurs in areas that have frail insulation. Wrongly fitted seals around the AC unit can allow hot and cold air to mix, resulting in excess water. Additionally, filters can easily catch dust particles, which ends up causing congestion, and the filter congestion will result in a frozen evaporator coil that causes the buildup of excess water and leakage from the pan. A way of avoiding such a scenario is changing the filter regularly and seeking air conditioning repair services whenever you notice excess water buildup.

Blockage in the drain pipe or vent can contribute to excess moisture buildup as well. Blocked drain pipes due to dirt and debris buildup cause pressure inside the unit, and that means that the excess water has no outlet and ends up accumulating in the system and leaking. Excess moisture or AC leakage can also result from poor installation of the system and an incorrectly sized drainage pan. If you suspect the above issue, seek prompt air conditioning repair services.

A Rise In Electric Bills

A sudden rise in your electric bill could mean that your AC system is working harder than it should. If the system has malfunctioned and is taking longer to reach the thermostat’s settings, it is more likely going to run longer and harder. That can result from a duct leak, which reduces the ability to distribute air and satisfy the thermostat. Additionally, the reduction in production from failing parts, including motors, capacitors, and the compressor, can cause the unit to become less efficient. However, during summer, it is expected that the electric bill will slightly escalate since your AC could be running all day and night to keep you cool.

Lack of proper maintenance can cause your system to break down often, which reduces its efficiency. Having an expert take a look at your air conditioning unit at least twice annually is crucial in ensuring it stays efficient at all times. Otherwise, hire a seasoned technician in Dallas, TX, for your air conditioning repair since they have all the tools necessary to determine the condition and performance of your system.

Frequently Recurring Issues

There is nothing as frustrating as having to fix the same issue over and over without making any progress. Constant fixing of recurring problems will cost you thousands of dollars, and you may end up replacing the entire unit. That will beat the purpose of conducting repairs, right? A well-maintained AC system should not need constant repairing over a short duration of time. Ignoring various warning signs may cause your unit to break down frequently, and so it is crucial to hire a professional for your air conditioning repair in case you notice there is a problem, no matter how insignificant it looks. In some cases, you may encounter issues that resolve themselves over a short period, only to recur at a later date. By scheduling frequent air conditioning tune-ups, you allow an expert to take a look at the entire system and determine the best cause of action.

A blown-out fuse or tripped breaker can overwork the blower, resulting in the system having frequently reoccurring issues. If the airflow into your system encounters a blockage, there is a high chance that the blower will work harder to compensate. That results in the circuit breaker malfunctioning from time to time, which may also result in a furnace problem. A clogged air filter can also cause your breaker to trip frequently, and so you may have to seek replacement services. If you experience any of these issues, hire a professional to deliver air conditioning repair services to fix recurring troubles.

Short Cycling

The last thing you would want from your system is its constant turning on and off, especially during summer. Various electrical issues, including loose or corroded electrical connections, may result in short-cycling as your air conditioner or heat pump temporarily loses power. You might require professional air conditioning repair services to repair any electrical problems with safety. The issue can also be due to having an oversized system or heat pump. That results in overshooting the target temperature, which contributes to short cycling. Oversized units use up excess capacity to cool indoor spaces quickly, but at the cost of short cycling for them to maintain a specific temperature.

During the short-cycling process, the system uses more power since it becomes trapped in a continuous start-up process, and the compressor ends up accumulating more wear and tear. A faulty low-pressure control switch can also turn off the compressor when there are low refrigerant levels, causing the system to produce short cycling symptoms. To prevent or fix short cycling, have your local technician in Dallas, TX, to inspect the air filter, thermostat placement, or refrigerant levels.

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