Air Conditioning Repair: Why Is Your AC Not Turning On? | Dallas, TX

Air Conditioning Repair: Why Is Your AC Not Turning On? | Dallas, TX

An air conditioner is a lifeline for any home during the summer season. Life can be terrible under the humidity and scorching heat of this season. Without a cooled home, your family would feel uncomfortable, and your home might be uninhabitable. Hence, your unit must be functional, and you can always ensure this by hiring a professional air conditioning repair service provider for routine inspection, tune-ups, and maintenance.

Almost every homeowner expects it to work perfectly when they turn on the air conditioner. They don’t want to consider a malfunctioning unit because it could deny them peace of mind. Unfortunately, your AC system might at times not turn, leaving you with no other option than to look for an air conditioning repair service in Dallas, TX, to check up and fix the unit. Hence, do not ignore it if you’re facing such a situation.

It could be caused by issues that a professional can easily and quickly fix. However, you shouldn’t resort to using your DIY skills to fix your air conditioner. Thus, you should have a professional always to inspect and maintain the unit, and if they notice an issue, they will take the appropriate measures to remedy the problem. So, let us find out some of why an air conditioner will not turn on.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

The other issue that might make your HVAC unit not turn on is if the circuit breaker is tripped. Your home might have a lot of electrical appliances. If these electrical appliances are running simultaneously, this makes the circuit breaker trip to protect the system from power overloads. Besides that, the other reason why the circuit breaker might trip is because of a power surge that might happen after a storm.

In such a case, you should immediately call in an air conditioning repair professional to come to your home and inspect the air conditioner for the cause of the problem. The professional starts by locating the electric panel and checking whether the air conditioner switch is on or off. If the air conditioner switch is off, the professional will turn it on.

When the circuit breakers repeatedly trip after the AC switch is turned on, the professional will switch the power off and inspect the unit and electrical connections for issues. For whatever reason that the air conditioning repair professional will find out, the AC circuit is overloading. Switching the board on again might result in a short circuit.

The air conditioning repair service provider knows the ins and outs of the AC and understands what to do or not do when they come to your home for repair service. These professionals are uniquely trained to handle air conditioner problems efficiently and promptly. You don’t want a professional that takes ages to fix the air conditioner issues in summer when the heat is “killing” you. You want one that will come, repair the issue within no time, and leave your home with a unit supplying conditioned air that ensures comfort.

Thermostat Problems

Your air conditioner’s thermostat helps you connect with the air conditioner and sends you temperature settings commands. Hence, if your thermostat isn’t working properly, there isn’t any way the air conditioner will turn on. Try switching it on whenever you notice that your AC’s thermostat is displaying a blank or switched off. If it isn’t switching on, the issue could be that the thermostat batteries are used up.

Ensure that you replace your thermostat’s batteries. After this, try switching it on. If it doesn’t switch on, that is a sign that the thermostat requires a replacement. You should enlist the help of an air conditioning repair services provider in Dallas, TX, to come and inspect the air conditioner and the thermostat for some technical problems. If they detect an issue, they will take all the necessary measures to ensure that it is promptly fixed and that your thermostat can continue being the brains of your HVAC system and can relay commands to the HVAC system.

Faulty Control Board

Almost every air conditioner features a PCB assembly or a control board. This element controls all the various minor elements of your air conditioning unit. Due to this reason, it’s pretty complex to determine where the issue is. The solution to this issue is to check if the fan or compressor circuits aren’t turning on. If the issue isn’t with either of the two, then the control board is highly likely the reason for the cooling issues at your home.

Furthermore, there can be an issue with blown internal fuses that need replacement. To remedy this issue, you should hire an air conditioning repair professional to inspect the air conditioner. If they detect the issue with the fans’ control board, they will take up the necessary measures to fix the problem promptly and professionally.

This is unlike when you choose to repair the air conditioner yourself and misdiagnose the problem, worsening the problem. The air conditioning repair technician in Dallas, TX, has the experience and training to inspect and fix the problem and effectively use the right tools. But don’t just hire a professional; ensure that you enlist a licensed professional to avoid issues like voiding your warranty.

The AC Capacitor isn’t Working

When the air conditioner has an issue when it stops or starts frequently or produces some clicking noises, there is a high chance that the air conditioner capacitor is faulty. Your air conditioner’s capacitor plays a vital role in getting the unit to start. This is because it’s connected to your motor’s circuit and provides the motor with the initial push when it starts.

But the capacitor might disconnect from the AC unit circuit once the motor reaches a certain speed. There are many reasons why your AC capacitor might fail, like exposure to the sun or overheating. Besides that, the capacitor can also sustain damage from power fluctuations and power outages. Additionally, the other factor that could make the air conditioner capacitor fail is its age. If the capacitor has been operational for a long time, its efficiency reduces and might suddenly stop working. Call a professional air conditioning repair service in Dallas, TX, to inspect the air conditioner and perform the required fixes.

Unfortunately, some of the homeowners decide to inspect the unit themselves, which might result in other damages that weren’t there in the first place. If the issue is a faulty capacitor, the best solution for the air conditioning repair provider is to replace it. Remember, capacitors store electric charges. Hence, trying to replace it yourself poses a great risk of electrical shocks or even burns. Hence, hire a professional to repair any air conditioning issue rather than resort to using your DIY skills.

Condenser Unit Unplugged

The other reason the air conditioner won’t start is that its condenser isn’t plugged in. Visually inspect a cord that comes out of your air conditioner. This problem arises especially when you own a window unit. A brown cord comes directly from the air conditioner and is connected to some panel in your house most of the time.

The wire might become chewed through or unplugged, causing the flow of electricity to stop and preventing the air conditioner from running. This is a simple fix that you could do yourself. But if the wire is eaten up by rust, you should call an air conditioning repair technician in Dallas, TX, to fix the problem. Simply plugging in the cord might not resolve the issue because electrical power will not flow.

Damaged Motor

Do you hear or notice a grinding noise whenever you turn on the air conditioner? That isn’t a good sign because it indicates that the motor blades are faulty. The AC motors are usually sealed to ensure that water, air, and debris don’t enter the compartment. The seal might come out over time because of old age or lack of maintenance. The motor blade lubricating oil starts seeping out.

The air conditioning motor will wear out without the oil and eventually stop working. Therefore, you might have to call a reliable and professional air conditioning repair service provider to conduct a thorough inspection of the air conditioner and fix the issue. If the lubricating oil is seeping or the sealing is used up, the professional will grease or oil the moving components of the air conditioner to ensure they don’t wear out because of friction.

Uncleaned Condenser

If your external component of the HVAC unit is not turning on, then there may be an issue with the condenser. The main work of a condenser is releasing the heat collected by the indoor unit of the HVAC system to the outside environment. If a professional air conditioning repair technician doesn’t regularly maintain the condenser, it gets dirty with time.

Hence, it is forced to work harder to dispense all the heat collected from your indoor space. This is because the dirt acts as an insulator. Hence, the unit draws a lot of electrical current that will trip the circuit breaker, and eventually, the Air conditioning unit will not turn on.

Clogged Drain Lines

Is your air conditioner not turning on? Then its condensate drain lines might be clogged, making the unit not start. In cooling the air, the HVAC unit produces a condensate that flows through the AC’s drain lines. But if the drain line gets clogged, the system will not turn on because the safety switch might trip and prevent you from the dangers of damage. Hiring an air conditioning repair service provider in Dallas, TX, to come to your home and clean the condensate drains regularly is the simplest and best way of resolving the problem or even preventing it from happening.

The professionals are properly equipped to clean the condensate drains without damaging them with hairline cracks or pinholes. But if you decide to remove the blockage yourself, you could make the problem worse by puncturing the condensate drains, meaning that you will be experiencing leaks now and then that could damage the walls or your art. That’s why you should only hire a professional to clean them.

A Blown Fuse

The other reason why your air conditioner isn’t turning on is that it possibly has a blown-up fuse. To ensure this, you should have an air conditioning repair technician inspect whether both fuses are correctly working or aren’t. The professional will use a continuity test that uses a multimeter to determine if the air conditioner fuses have blown out. If the multimeter produces a beeping sound, the fuses are correctly working.

However, if it doesn’t, the professional might recommend you replace the fuse by fixing a new one that they can even tell you where to purchase from. Since they have been in the air conditioning repair business for several years, the professional knows where to purchase quality accessories and who produces the best. Hence, if you listen to their advice, you will hardly go wrong.

Dormancy Problem

Are you unaware of why your air conditioner isn’t turning on? Then call a professional air conditioning repair service to check the fan or outdoor unit. Since they are located outside, the fan is prone to various issues such as accumulating dirt and debris that might affect its efficiency. Birds might also nest in the outdoor unit, which might further complicate the issue. The buildup of dirt in the outdoor components results in a dormancy problem, where the fan isn’t running or rotating because of the accumulation of dirt.

Consequently, you cannot use the air conditioner because it won’t turn on. This is among the main reasons homeowners are advised to retain air conditioning repair service providers for routine inspection, cleaning, and tune-ups of the various components of the air conditioning units. The professional will remove any dirt, debris, or ice forming on the outdoor unit and even start the AC fan manually.

Reputable AC Repair Services

Owing to how important your air conditioner is, you should spare no effort to ensure that it functions optimally. That includes knowing what might make the unit not run, as explained above. Then, you should retain an air conditioning repair technician to handle routine inspections and maintenance for your unit. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your reliable technicians at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas for any AC repair services in Dallas, TX.

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