Air Conditioning Repair: A Look At Central AC In Apartment Units | Frisco, TX

Air Conditioning Repair: A Look At Central AC In Apartment Units | Frisco, TX

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Many people will not really consider whether their apartment units have AC or not when they are purchasing it. However, this is actually quite an important thing to look for. If the apartment unit that you’re interested in already has AC, you’ll be able to save a lot of money on installations. On top of that, if your unit relies on central AC, you’ll need to fully understand what is involved with any air conditioning repairs that may be needed.

For example, some apartment units will require that you get repair services from a specific company in Frisco, TX. This is to ensure that the apartment only receives excellent craftsmanship. It also ensures that no one hires someone for shoddy work.

So, what does it mean to have central AC at your apartment unit?

If an apartment has central AC, it means that the air is cold at a central location and then distributed to each apartment unit via ductwork. You’ll be able to easily tell if your apartment has central AC, if you see vents near the ceilings or by the floor. In general, you’ll find central AC in newer units.

What Questions Should You Ask?

If you notice that your unit relies on central AC to cool the entire room, there are some questions that you should ask before you go ahead and purchase the unit or make an offer. Some of the questions that you should ask the building manager, a concierge or the realtor are listed below.

Who Pays the Energy Bill

In some cases, the energy bill required to power the central AC unit will be added into the maintenance cost of owning the unit. This means that you will be able to enjoy the AC unit without having to worry about additional costs; however, it also likely means that you live in a more costly apartment building and will be paying higher maintenance fees throughout the entire year.

You really need to take this into consideration before you put in an offer. It can be quite difficult to keep up with growing maintenance costs. On that topic, you should also speak with the building manager to see whether these costs have been increasing. If you live by yourself and are rarely home, you may find that it’s not worth it to go for a unit with central AC, as you may be paying more to compensate for larger families. You’ll also need to know how the maintenance fees and costs are broken down. For example, do larger units pay a larger fee?

What to Do if Air Conditioning Repair Services Are Needed

Some building managers will require that you notify them before you get the unit repaired. Others will tell you that the air conditioning repairs that are needed are all your responsibility. It’s important to get a good handle over who is responsible for what early on. This is particularly important for not only air conditioning repair services, but also annual maintenance. Either you or the building should get the central AC unit serviced at least once a year.

Another thing to ask is whether homeowners are expected to call just one air conditioning repair company. Some buildings may have contracted the work out to a specific air conditioning repair company, and you’ll need to call them no matter what. This could be quite limiting for some people who may prefer the option of being able to call whichever air conditioning repair company that they’d like.

Brand Information as Well as Warranty Information

Last but not least, it’s also a good idea to learn more about the AC unit before moving in. Ask about the brand, model and any other types of information that will give you more insight into the AC that you have. You should also ask about warranty, as some Frisco, TX air conditioning repairs may be covered by warranty in newer buildings.

What Are the Benefits of Central AC in Apartments?

Apartment units do not always need to operate using central AC. Some units will have window area units or will require the homeowners and residences to install their own portable AC units. With that said, if you’re looking for convenience and for a higher quality of life, you really can’t go wrong with a central AC. Although these AC units require costly air conditioning repair services when things go wrong, they are also able to provide a plethora of benefits. We will take a look at some of them below.

Consistent Temperature

For a higher quality of living in Frisco, TX, you definitely want to have an AC unit that’s capable of consistently cooling down your entire apartment. You can only achieve this with a central AC unit. If you have a window AC unit or a portable AC unit, you’re usually noticed that the areas closer to the AC will be cooler than the areas further away. This can get uncomfortable pretty quickly depending on where the AC is situated and where you sleep and work.

With central AC, you’ll never really have to worry about this problem at all. They are really good at maintaining consistent temperature throughout the entire apartment. This is likely because they’re able to offer better circulation via multiple vents in the apartment unit.

Silent Operation

In comparison to window AC units and portable AC units, central AC units tend to be a lot less noisy. They typically use newer technologies and are more suited for those who live in apartment units. You’re less likely to be kept awake by the sound of the fan going on and off throughout the entire night.

Better Visual Appeal

Another important thing to note is that window AC units tend to take up quite a lot of space. The same goes for portable AC units. Neither are great for those who are concerned with visual appeal and aesthetics. These units are also particularly problematic for those who are already short on space. Because they do need to take up space in the apartment, you might find that the entire room feels a lot more cramped.

This is the place where central AC units really shine. These AC units produce cool air through small vents that are recessed into the ceilings or the upper walls of your home. You really won’t be able to notice them unless you know where to look. As a result, they are able to provide better visual appeal in general. Many apartment owners don’t even notice their AC unit until they need to use them.

Since the vents are recessed into the ceilings of the upper walls, they also did not block the windows to prevent any natural light from entering the apartment unit. This also contributes to better aesthetics in general. You won’t feel like your entire apartment is gloomy whenever you need to take out the AC unit.

However, it’s important to note that since the AC is connected to a central duct, it can make air conditioning repair services a lot trickier, which also may translate to higher costs. The repair technician can’t fix the AC unit as easily as if you were to have a window AC unit.

Smart Features

Smart appliances are all the rage nowadays. Fortunately, you can also enjoy the many benefits that come with smart appliances if you have a central AC unit. Even if the central AC unit does not come with any smart features, you can add them yourself by speaking with an air conditioning repair company. An air conditioning repair technician should be able to come out to your house to take a look at your central AC unit. From there, they’ll be able to recommend various smart features that will fit the needs of your apartment.

One of the most common smart features is a programmable thermostat. This will allow you to control the temperature inside your apartment even if you’re not there. For example, if you’ve left the house and just remembered that you forgot to turn the AC unit off, you can do so from the comfort of your phone. You can also set the AC unit to turn on at specific times, like when you come home from work. Some of these programs or both thermostats can be hooked up with some type of geofencing location feature. This essentially means that the AC unit will detect where your phone is. If your phone is close to your home, it’ll turn the AC unit on. If your phone is far from your Frisco, TX home, it’ll turn the AC unit off.

Dual Functionalities

Last but not least, one of the main reasons why many apartment owners love units that have central ACs is because they come with dual functionalities. In addition to cooling the room, these vents can also be used to heat up the room as well.

Tips for Improving the Efficiency of the Central AC Units

Like with all other types of AC units, central AC units in apartment buildings need to be maintained as well. This is why it’s vital that you can have an air conditioning repair company to service the various parts throughout the entire year. When it comes to central AC in an apartment unit, things get a little tricky. You’ll need to make sure that the building manager does their due diligence in maintaining the AC unit as well. There are some other things that you can do:

  • Put the blinds down and close the windows. If the blinds are up, hot air from inside can easily creep into the home. On top of that, if your windows are open, the cool air inside your apartment can escape. Make sure that you put the blinds down and close the windows whenever you turn the AC on.


  • Change the filters. Although most of the maintenance will need to be done by the building manager, you can still change the filters that are in your vents. Depending on how proficient you are at this type of stuff, you might want to do it yourself or you might want to call a professional for the job.


  • Turn the AC unit off when you’re not at home. This will help you save money and it will also ensure that the AC unit does not get worn down prematurely.

You should also speak with a concierge or the building manager for more information on what they would suggest that you do. Follow their instructions, as well as the AC company’s suggestions, to ensure that your AC unit runs as efficiently as possible.

Call Us for Air Conditioning Repair Services, in Frisco, TX

Finding the right air conditioning repair company for your apartment unit should be a piece of cake. Any air conditioning repair company in Frisco, TX that services residential homes should also have the skills and expertise needed to deal with central AC in an apartment unit. The key is to find a company that is not only reliable, but also able to guarantee their work. If the technicians are confident in their own abilities, they will be able to guarantee their work for a set period of time. If anything goes wrong with your AC unit during that time, the technicians will come out and perform any additional air conditioning repair services that are needed at no cost to you.

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