Air Conditioner Installation Process: 6 Things You Need To Know | Lewisville, TX

Air Conditioner Installation Process: 6 Things You Need To Know | Lewisville, TX

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By 2021, the central air conditioning installation costs in Lewisville, TX, were almost hitting $5000 per household. These figures are an indication that an air conditioner is a basic necessity.

However, the air conditioner installation process is not as straightforward as it seems. For proper installation, there are steps to be followed, but some homeowners may not be familiar with the process, hence some installers take advantage of their ignorance to cut corners. In the long run, the improperly mounted AC cost them more in energy costs and reduced comfort.

In this blog post, you’ll learn about the installation process from start to finish! This is not a DIY guide, but it is to help you choose an AC company whose installation process is competent. Continue reading to get the most from your AC system.

Collecting Information During the Home Estimate

An estimator from the air conditioning company will conduct an in-home visit to review your current AC system. The job of this person is to collect vital information to ensure you have an accurate proposal. This information will also be passed to the installation team to help them understand the nature of the task and if they’ll need specialized equipment.

This step is essential because it ensures the job is completed successfully and promptly.

The Arrival of the Installation Team

Once you decide on installing an air conditioner in your home you need to decide on the experts who will fit the conditioning system. Look for air conditioner installers with an excellent reputation in installing air quality and cooling systems in residential homes.

Your air conditioner installation crew needs to be thorough and pay attention to detail. Ensure that they have the correct papers for air conditioning and refrigeration. A license is mandatory. They need to have certifications in electrotechnology, refrigeration, air-conditioning systems, and basic first aid training.

Be careful of air conditioner installation technicians in Lewisville, TX, who only have general electrical qualifications. This is not sufficient for the performance of a proper installation job. They might do a shoddy job.

Check that the AC engineers can fix split air conditioning systems, align ductwork, and assemble pipework. Ensure that there is a ladder for getting to high heights for AC removal. Switch of all electrical appliances.

The technicians should be able to handle fluorocarbon refrigerants safely. Commissioning and decommissioning split air systems should be possible for them. Installing, service and repair should be on their job description. If your air conditioner specialist can diagnose faults, rectify and fix simple electrical circuits, then hire them for the job.

Check for ideal heights where the AC can be installed. Anything above seven heights is practical for airflow. The air conditioner installation can be done in a properly ventilated area where the machines will be well aerated. Upon installation, the technicians should advise you on any maintenance policies.

Uninstalling the Existing Electro-Technology Unit by EPA Certified Experts

The air conditioner installation process in Lewisville, TX, requires certified professionals to remove any existing outdoor units. All they need to do is to unplug any main power supply and any wirings. Then they will remove the refrigerant from the exterior unit. Next is to detach any copper wires that connect the exterior and interior units.

Afterward, a pail is placed below the interior and exterior unit to collect any spills of the refrigerant. At this stage, the technicians detach wires and disengage pipes from the outdoor unit as they loosen the core chunks from the wall.

The installation workers will switch off the disconnect box. They also extinguish any gas supply from your existing AC equipment. Your installation technicians should be able to remove and substitute your evaporator coils.

Installing Fresh Copper Refrigerant Lines

The air conditioner installation technicians proceed to install your exterior condenser. The copper refrigerant lines will be attached and fastened. It can be set up in a new line or the existing route. The line set can be erected close to the home beams or conduits.

The copper wirings should be protected from the clamps to avoid corrosion of paired metals mixing. After that, the AC workers will connect the exterior wires. Bolting of the AC bracket to the wall based on desired heights and vendor’s instructions is done. Later, filter dryer installation is done. The filter dryer sucks up impurities such as water, which can generate acids.

Fixing New Wiring

The installation team will ensure that the new wiring system originating from the thermostat transmits an electrical current to the air conditioner. At this stage, the refrigeration lines and electrical disconnect can be wired into the condenser.

Mounting Drainage Connection

The installers will erect the final connections, the refrigerant line, and the PVC drain. The PVC pipe has a draining duct that has an overflow switch to prevent overspills. Electrical wires installation will be next. The air conditioner’s lid will follow this.

After that, the startup commissioning where the AC system is allowed to run occurs, and this will mark the end of your air conditioner installation. The thermostat that adjusts the AC unit should be reachable. The refrigerant charge should be at adequate levels.

Generally, it is essential for the installation processes to be followed religiously. Installing technicians need to be precise, thorough, and alert during installations.

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