Air Conditioner Installation: Aspects To Consider When Buying A Ceiling AC | Plano, TX

Air Conditioner Installation: Aspects To Consider When Buying A Ceiling AC | Plano, TX

Almost 90 percent of households in the United States rely on air conditioners during hot summer days. Texas was among the eight states that experienced heat waves in July 2022, which was the hottest ever. Most homeowners wish to reduce their utility bills by buying energy-efficient HVAC systems that provide much-needed comfort at lower energy consumption.

Choosing the best AC that meets your cooling needs can be confusing without the help of an expert in air conditioner installation. You can go for the ceiling cassette ACs because they are powerful and highly efficient in keeping rooms chilled and comfortable with their four-way airflow that allows the conditioned air to circulate in all corners of a room.

In addition to the comfort, ceiling ACs are classy, subtle, easy to maintain, and can fit in any room regardless of size. Below are some factors you should consider before buying a ceiling air conditioner for your home.

Available Options

One of the most crucial aspects to examine when buying ceiling air conditioning units is type. You can either get ceiling cassette ACs or the under-ceiling option for installation. They offer superior performance in cooling your space for maximized comfort, perfectly conforming to your interior space and outstanding features, and have a lower environmental impact.

Ceiling cassettes are split systems in which an air conditioner installation expert mounts the indoor unit and the conduit connecting to the outdoor unit in the ceiling. Under-ceiling ACs are flat units that are professionally installed underneath the ceiling apex.

You can get cassettes and flat under-ceiling air conditioning systems from numerous AC companies or brands, including Daikin, which has compact multi-flow ceiling-mounted cassette air conditioners.

Cooling Capacity

Before buying a ceiling air conditioning unit, it is best to have air conditioner installation technicians in Plano, TX calculate its cooling and heating capacity.

The professionals consider several aspects in the calculation, including the size of the room to cool or heat, the type of room, insulation of the ceilings, and local climate. They can also measure the size of your windows and glass doors and check for curtains and shades on windows to help select the most appropriate ceiling air conditioner for your house.

After determining the cooling needs of your household, the technicians can choose the best ceiling AC with the right cooling power using the ENERGY STAR sizing guidelines. When the hired air conditioner installation contractor installs the right-sized air conditioning system in your ceiling, it prevents multiple issues that erode the optimal performance.

Buy the correct equipment with the accurate cooling capacity to avoid problems stemming from an undersized or oversized system.

Energy Efficiency

Nowadays, most homeowners are looking for the most efficient and powerful air conditioners that use less energy. The Energy Information Administration estimates that households use 18 percent of their annual electricity on air conditioning, which is an alarming concern. Buying an energy-efficient ceiling cassette or under-ceiling air conditioner can help reduce the energy consumption in your home by 20 to 50 percent.

Apart from buying high-efficient air conditioning units, you should also get the best installers for air conditioner installation services to ensure the system performs at its peak. The professionals can also seal cracks and gaps in windows and glass doors to prevent heat gain and loss. Escaping conditioned air makes your AC work harder in cooling your space, heightening your utility bills.

You can consider the following features when selecting and purchasing an energy-efficient ceiling air conditioning system:

  • Size of the unit and the room: an undersized AC works overtime to get to the set and desired temperatures, driving your energy costs high.
  • Energy-saving settings: get a ceiling AC that automatically turns off the compressor and motor when the room attains the set low temperatures.
  • Check for an ENERGY STAR label: A qualified air conditioner installation expert in Plano, TX can help you find a blue ENERGY STAR certification on the ceiling air conditioning system before allowing you to pay for it.
  • Buy an aircon with high EER or SEER ratings: air conditioners with higher energy efficiency ratings (EER) and seasonal energy efficiency ratings (SEER) are the best in reducing the utility bills in homes over time while still enjoying maximized comfort.
  • Ensure it has a programmable thermostat for setting precise temperatures and turning off when no one is in the house, saving energy.

Available Space

Another vital consideration to make as you buy ceiling air conditioners is the ceiling space. They are the unmatched option for single-story homes or households with limited space to mount a floor or central air conditioner.

The ceiling space available should be enough to mount an AC that meets the cooling needs of your loved ones. It is wise to get an air conditioner installation professional to measure your ceiling space and the square footage of your home and recommend the correct-sized system with powerful cooling performance.

Maintenance Requirements

Most folks can overlook finding out the maintenance needs of an air conditioner during the research and purchasing phase and encounter numerous issues in the long run. Making sure your AC operates at its peak throughout the summer is the only way to protect your kids from the adverse effects of heat waves and keep them comfortable.

Ceiling air conditioning units are among the best AC options with easy and cost-effective tune-up requirements. The air conditioner installation contractor in Plano, TX can recommend you invest in a regular maintenance plan for periodic cleaning of the unit and changing air filters. The pro can also show you how to wipe the outer parts of the aircon with a dry cloth.

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