Advice On HVAC Warranties From Your Reputable Heating And AC Repair Company | Frisco, TX

Advice On HVAC Warranties From Your Reputable Heating And AC Repair Company | Frisco, TX

Because of the various dynamics of the market today, the warranties for HVAC systems are quite different from what they were in the past. They are also different from those that you get for purchasing other appliances. Unfortunately, some homeowners only scrutinize their warranties when buying an appliance once something goes awry. However, it is highly recommended that you check the warranty type and conditions before making the down payment.

Before you go ahead to repair your HVAC, go through this guide. You must note that warranties for your HVAC systems involve the expenses accrued in both labor and parts. However, the two warranties are different, and so are the associated conditions. You should only repair the HVAC system yourself if you are a trained technician and have a license. This is because the HVAC system manufacturer might decline to honor the warranty.

Therefore, it is always recommended that you enlist the help of a heating and AC repair company to repair the unit on your behalf. Additionally, the company must be licensed to operate in Frisco, TX for the manufacturer to honor the warranty. HVAC components are generally under the manufacturer’s warranty for several years and labor warranties where necessary. However, a heating and AC repair company offers labor warranties.

Please continue reading to learn more about the heating and air conditioning system warranties that the manufacturers extend to their clients.

Manufacturer Parts Warranty

The current industry trend with most HVAC manufacturers is providing longer coverage regarding part warranty. This is thanks to the technological advancements that have led to more efficient components. The periods that the manufacturers extend the warranty for heating and air conditioning parts has significantly increased over the last few years from three to about five years in the 1990s to over ten years today. This means that a heating and AC repair company selected by the manufacturer can continue fixing your unit for years without you paying a dime, provided you abide by the warranty conditions.

The machinery isn’t any more dependable now. If anything, the possibility that you will need to use your warranty has grown because HVAC equipment is more frequently produced and inexpensively. Your heating and air conditioning system is not given to you in a functional state, unlike your car or toaster. It must be installed, started up, and maintained after correctly sized. This implies that the manufacturer has little control over the dependability of your HVAC system. Service workers, not manufacturer staff, are typically the ones that diagnose a problem. Hence, always have a heating and AC repair technician repair your HVAC system, and never fall into the trap of

What Are the Common Exclusions in an HVAC Manufacturer Warranty?


An HVAC manufacturer’s warranty seldom covers labor. It is a large part of the cost of most HVAC repairs done by heating and AC repair companies. Therefore, you should expect to pay for any repairs, replacements, or maintenance covered under the manufacturer’s warranty unless you buy a separate warranty for labor or your installer or heating and AC repair company in Frisco, TX, includes a labor warranty. Hence, always consult your technician before you call them for a repair just because you think you are covered under warranty.

Some Components

Even though you would anticipate that a manufacturer’s warranty would cover ALL components, you must pay close attention to the small print. Certain items (such as sheet metal components) aren’t covered at all by some warranties. In contrast, under other warranties, those parts are only covered for a portion of the warranty period rather than the entire period. You can consult your heating and AC repair company to know the components that require Although we are unable to list every manufacturer’s warranty here, here are a few specific things to watch out for:

The Compressor

Among the most expensive components of your HVAC system is the compressor. It is also a mechanical component, making it somewhat sensitive to how well your system is installed and to changes in electrical power. As a result, when the manufacturer offers longer compressor coverage, the manufacturer assumes a larger risk. To determine the warranty coverage for your HVAC system’s compressor, thoroughly review your warranty or consult your heating and AC repair company for a warranty review.

Heat Exchanger

A furnace’s heat exchanger is prone to rapid temperature variations. When your furnace is heating, it can reach several hundred degrees; when it shuts off, it quickly cools. Even though it is not overly sophisticated mechanically, they occasionally malfunction. Many manufacturers are increasing the length of their heat exchanger warranties, sometimes up to a limited service life warranty. However, any inspections or repair works on your HVAC system should be done by an experienced heating and AC repair company in Frisco, TX.

Maintenance Supplies

Some parts of an HVAC system should be replaced regularly for good maintenance, just like the brakes on a car. However, contactors and capacitors (various electrical components used for start/stop operations) fall into a gray area because they are not intended to endure the entire lifespan of your system. On the other hand, filters are obviously in this category and should frequently be changed by a qualified heating and AC repair company. To learn which items can be regarded as maintenance items and hence excluded from your warranty, carefully read your warranty.


Instances like storms, fires, physical harm, alleged “acts of god,” and electrical surges are typical exclusions for all warranties. A manufacturer’s warranty will generally not apply in situations other than those typical for an HVAC system. The good news is that your home’s insurance policy will frequently cover these situations. However, even insurance providers will only reimburse you if a licensed heating and AC repair company does the job.

Ownership Changes

You might only transfer part of the manufacturer’s warranty whenever you buy or sell your property with an existing HVAC system. Whenever there is a change of ownership, the manufacturer’s warranty period may be entirely canceled or, at best, reduced. If you’re buying a property, ensure that you get a copy of any warranty or home insurance cover on their heating systems and carefully go through it. Additionally, you should have a heating and AC repair company in Frisco, TX inspect the unit to ensure there aren’t any underlying problems. If you are a realtor, you must also take the necessary precautions to ensure that you don’t inadvertently misrepresent any HVAC warranty you might possess.

Warranty Requirements


To be eligible for full warranty protection, which the manufacturer typically refers to as an “extended warranty,” your HVAC equipment must be registered with them after installation by a licensed heating and AC repair company is finished. Although your installer may frequently do this service for you as a convenience, you must ensure that it occurs within the necessary time after the appliance is turned on. It is a good idea to double-check that your equipment is registered to you correctly and includes your accurate contact information. If there are any safety recalls, faulty appliance recalls, or other alerts, you need to be aware of them.

Proper Installation

The longevity of your system depends on the correct installation. At the very least, your system should be installed by a licensed heating and AC repair company in Frisco, TX, with a valid license and a long list of positive customer evaluations. A better approach is to ensure that your installer’s installation, startup, and maintenance processes match your standards for quality and completeness by fully understanding them.

Routine Maintenance

Your HVAC system shouldn’t be expected to be installed and then left to slog away year after year without regular maintenance, much like your car. You might decide, but your HVAC system manufacturer has other plans. Per standard warranty documentation, regular maintenance must be performed at least once yearly to avoid having your guarantee voided. Routine maintenance is also critical for the efficient functioning of your heating and air conditioning system. It also ensures that your unit doesn’t wear out prematurely, reducing any need to call a heating and AC repair company.

However, if you experience an expensive failure within the first couple of years that they deem unusual, they may want to look more closely at how it was installed and maintained. The manufacturer might also require you to show that you have had routine maintenance done by a qualified and licensed heating and AC repair company before they honor any warranty.

The Initial Quality Labor Warranty of the Installer

Some heating and AC repair companies do not provide a labor warranty. However, it is something that you should look for if you have the opportunity. In most cases, problems with the quality of the heating and air conditioning system or its installation will become apparent during the system’s first heating and cooling seasons after it has been installed. Certainly, this is the last thing a Frisco, TX homeowner wants.

When you have recently purchased a brand-new HVAC system for a significant amount, you will only want to spend additional money on HVAC repairs in the initial years after a heating and AC repair company has installed the system. You should make sure that you are comfortable with the warranty period your service or installation company offers for the types of repairs and corrections you need, and you should ask them about it.

Extended Labor Warranty

It is fairly common for a heating and AC repair company to offer an extended labor warranty on their HVAC systems. These are at times provided by other third-party and at times by the service company itself. In some instances, you want to know who will be the source of your extended warranty cover.

Suppose a part of your upfront purchase is a multi-year extensive labor warranty. In that case, you should ask your hearing and AC repair company if the warranty will be a 3rd party cover from a regulated entity. This way, should anything happen to the installation company, like retirement, sale, or business closure for whatever reason, you will not risk a loss of your extended labor warranty. The third party will pay for the warranty claim like any insurance company.

In contrast, if the extended labor warranty is tied to renewal annually, you can relax knowing that down the road. Suppose the ongoing provision of the service is not possible any longer. In that case, the heating and AC repair company will be financially incentivized to transfer the obligations and rights to another company. Hence, you must look at your warranty carefully to see that your interests are covered.

Getting a Repair Done Under a Warranty

After determining that your system is malfunctioning and you are covered under warranty, you will want to use it for your benefit. So, what should you do next? First, you must ensure that you have all the documentation. The last thing you want is the warranty not to be honored based on a technicality. Then, look for a licensed and reputable heating and AC repair company to complete the job. You can look for testimonials and referrals or see whether the company is listed under the better business bureau. Contact the company and have them conduct the repairs. However, you must ensure that they will honor the warranty.

Are you planning to have an air conditioner or an HVAC system installed at your home? You should have it installed by a professional. Additionally, you should ensure that you buy from a manufacturer that offers good warranties. This will ensure that should anything happen and you have met the conditions of the warranty, the manufacturer or the AC repair company will fix the unit free of charge. Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas for an HVAC installation, your reliable heating and AC repair company in Frisco, TX.

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