Advantages And Disadvantages Of Air Conditioning Service | Dallas, TX

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Air Conditioning Service | Dallas, TX

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Air conditioning systems are wonderful to have in your home especially when your area experiences hot summers. They make your house more comfortable/ There are many advantages but there are always some disadvantages that come with getting an air conditioner. It is important to be aware of both sides of air conditioning systems so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to installing an air conditioner. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, TX would like to share some pros and cons of air conditioners and the air conditioning services they offer.

8 Benefits of Air Conditioner

The first perspective that we will be looking at is the positive side to air conditioners. Here are eight benefits that air conditioning services can provide you in Dallas, TX. Some may seem small but they will add up over time.

1. Decreasing Amount of Asthma Attacks

Asthma attacks can be deadly if the person suffering from asthma doesn’t use their inhaler or doesn’t get the required medical attention. Asthma attacks can also be uncomfortable and scary for the individual that is experiencing them. Things like dust, mold spores, and pet dander can trigger an asthma attack. Extra moisture in the air has also been attributed to asthma attacks. If you have an air conditioning system and the ducts haven’t been cleaned by a professional air conditioning service in a while then you might consider duct cleaning services as it will remove the dust, mold spores, and pet dander from the indoor air. This will improve the quality of air which will decrease the frequency of asthma attacks. It is also best to check your air filters every couple of months. If they get dirty too quickly then it is a sign that your ducts are dirty.

2. Minimize the Risk of Heatstroke

Heatstroke is especially dangerous during summer and it can be fatal to people and pets. The mild symptoms of heatstroke are being thirsty no matter the amount of water you consume, being nauseous, and being extremely tired. If the heatstroke is severe then you can die from it. Animals who have to remain outside are at the most risk. Air conditioners will decrease the temperature in your house so that you cannot develop heatstroke. You should also keep your children and pets inside during the extremely hot summer days so that they do not run the risk of developing heatstroke and make sure that a professional air conditioning service technician has yours set up to run the most efficiently. 

3. Reduce the Risk of Dehydration

The risk of dehydration doesn’t seem like a possibility since most people have easy access to water. However, some people do not get their daily recommended amount of water. In the summer, the temperatures are higher which means that people sweat more. This can lead to dehydration if they do not replenish their water supply. Dehydration can cause complications if you have predetermined medical conditions. An air conditioner will decrease the temperature which means that you will sweat less and your risk of dehydration will decrease. This is also beneficial for animals. As an extra measure, you should advise your family to drink more water during the summer to reduce the risk of dehydration.

4. A Good Night’s Sleep

There are very few things that are more frustrating than not being able to fall asleep because your room is too hot. This is even worse when you have an important day the following day and you need your energy. Bugs are also more common during summer which can also contribute to your sleeplessness thus you cannot open a window. Human bodies fall asleep easier when the room temperature drops. This might be much easier to achieve if you make use of air conditioning services. If you have an air conditioner installed by One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, TX then you will be able to set what your ideal room temperature is and wait for it to work its magic. New air conditioners are silent. Air conditioning systems are better than fans because they remove the heat from the air instead of circulating the hot air across the room.

5. Improves Productivity

Our productivity might decrease if we get a bad night’s rest since we will be too tired to focus on more important matters. Another factor that can influence productivity is the temperature being too high or too low. If you feel like you are too hot then all you will be thinking about is how you can cool yourself down. Investing in air conditioning services will allow you to set the ideal temperature in your home so that you and your family can be as productive as possible. This boost of productivity could lead you to get a promotion or your children could get better grades at school. It might be a costly investment at first but once you see how happy and comfortable your family is, it will be worth it. It is especially important to have a comfortable workspace if you plan on working from home for a long time.

6. Optimal Environment for a Workout

Exercise is important if you want to maintain your physical and mental health as it releases endorphins that improve your mood. Some people prioritize exercise but the heat makes it difficult for them to get the exercises they need. If you are already too hot to be productive then you are less likely to exercise since it will only make you hotter. Most gyms have an air conditioner that keeps the building cool enough for customers to keep exercising. Not everyone wants to go to the gym to exercise. If you are a person who likes to exercise at home then air conditioning services will be beneficial for you. You will be able to cool the room down in which you are exercising so that you do not feel like you are overheating while working out. You will be able to work out for longer and it will be a more enjoyable experience.

7. Fewer Pests

You might be wondering how air conditioning services will be able to reduce the number of pests that make it into your house. Insects and pests like living in warmer climates as it makes breathing easier. Their offspring are also more likely to survive. Pests tend to make their nests in spots that are hard to get too but you know you have an infestation when you always see the pest no matter how many you have killed. These pests can make their nests in the ducts of your air conditioner. If the insects have made a nest in your duct then you should hire professional air conditioning services as they will be able to remove the debris as well as disinfect the ducts so that the bacteria isn’t circulated in your home.

8. Prevent Other Appliances from Overheating

Electrical appliances generate their own heat when they are turned on. This heat can be compounded when it interacts with the heat of the environment. If your house gets too hot then these appliances will get too hot which could lead to failure or malfunctions. These appliances can be expensive to repair or replace. It can also make it a bit inconvenient since you will not be able to use some of your appliances. Air conditioning services decrease that risk since it keeps the temperature in your house low.

4 Downsides of Air Conditioning Services

Above were the benefits of hiring air conditioning services. Now let us look at the negative aspects. It is important to know what the cons are of air conditioning services because one con can outweigh all the positives if you do not want to deal with this negative aspect. There are four disadvantages to air conditioning services and they will be discussed below.

1. Dry Skin and Eyes

The first disadvantage of air conditioning services that we will look at is dry eyes and skin. Air conditioners remove the moisture from the air to keep the air crisp and cool. Since the air doesn’t have moisture, it can dry out your eyes and skin. This means that they can become itchy and irritated. This can be a deal-breaker for people who already suffer from dry eyes and skin. You could still have an air conditioner installed but then you will have to combat the dry skin by applying more moisture-intensive body lotion. For dry eyes, you might have to go to your doctor to prescribe you special eye drops that will prevent your eyes from becoming too dry. It is up to you to decide if you want a warm house or deal with dry eyes and skin. It is also best to consult your doctor if you have underlying skin or eyes issues.

2. Common Flu Issues

People tend to get the flu during the winter months in Dallas, TX because the cold temperatures make it easy for germs to spread. There are viruses and bacteria that will live longer in colder environments than hot ones. If your air conditioning system is always running then you could be facing a similar problem. It is advised to only use your air conditioner when it is extremely hot. If you use your air conditioner too frequently then there will be no moisture in the air which the membranes in your airways will dry out. This means it will be easier for you to catch a cold or the flu. A humidifier would put back the moisture in your house.

3. Poor Air Quality

You are less likely to open windows and let in fresh air if you have an air conditioner because your house is at an ideal temperature. This can have a negative effect because you are not allowing the stale air to exit your house as well as letting fresh air into your house. All homes have dirt and dust. This dirt and dust could accumulate in your air conditioning system, especially the ducts. If your ducts are not cleaned frequently then the dust will circulate in your home without being removed. This means that the air quality will suffer. This could make allergies worse and you could cough and sneeze more. Have the air conditioning service team at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, TX perform your air conditioning system inspection twice a year to make sure that everything is in order and that the ducts are clean.

4. Increased Costs

An air conditioning system is a luxury that you have to pay for. If you have an air conditioner installed then you will have to pay extra money towards utilities as air conditioners will use electricity or gas to keep it running. Air conditioning service, maintenance, and repairs can be a costly expense but they are needed to keep your air conditioning unit functioning correctly and increase its energy efficiency. This is the price that you have to pay for cooled air during the hot summer. Air conditioners are also expensive and difficult to install. It is always best to have a professional do the installation because you do not want to pay an arm and a leg for the unit and then it doesn’t work when it has been installed. There are more advantages than disadvantages but it is always good to know both sides to make better decisions.

These are the various pros and cons that you can expect when you make use of air conditioning systems. If you already have an air conditioner then you should make use of air conditioning services to make sure that your air conditioner is always performing at its best. If this article has convinced you to have an air conditioning system installed then you should consider contacting One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, TX as they do air conditioning installation. They also offer a wide range of other air conditioning services that you might need once your air conditioner has been installed.

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