AC Repair: What You Need to Know About Your AC System and Common Repairs | The Colony, TX

AC Repair: What You Need to Know About Your AC System and Common Repairs | The Colony, TX

You don’t have to be an AC technician to know when your AC system isn’t working. You can typically feel the heat in the air and the sweat begins to drip down your back. Temperatures in The Colony, TX, can certainly make summers uncomfortably hot. If your AC unit isn’t functioning properly or stops working altogether, you need an AC repair service right away. One House Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas specializes in HVAC solutions, including professional air conditioner repair. While it is helpful for homeowners to understand their AC system and some of the most common problems that can occur with it, it’s always a good idea to let the experts make the ideal fix. Here, we’ll explore some of the most common issues that can undermine the function of your AC system.

There’s a Refrigerant Leak

Your AC unit’s refrigerant is essential to its operation. Without refrigerant, the unit cannot cool the air drawn into your home. Refrigerant works by absorbing heat from your interior and delivering it back to your living space comfortably cooled. If there’s a leak, your AC unit will not be able to cool the warm air. The result: you’ll feel warm inside your house. You’ll also need to contact One House Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas for our AC repair service.

There are some signs you might notice if you have an AC refrigerant leak. These signs include:

  • The vents in your house aren’t delivering cool air. Even though the unit is running, it’s not delivering cool air. Without the proper amount of refrigerant, it will lose its cooling capacity.
  • You notice higher bills than usual. This sign is easy to miss, however, since most people in the area are used to seeing increases in their energy bills during the summer. However, you might compare the current summer’s bills with last summer’s to note the difference.
  • You hear a hissing sound in the unit. It may sound as if the unit is releasing air. This is an indication of a leak.
  • There is more humidity in your home. Another problem with low refrigerant is that your unit won’t have the capacity to remove moisture in the air either.

If you suspect that you have a refrigerant leak, One House Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas will visit your home to determine if it’s a leak or some other problem that’s causing your AC system to malfunction. Our AC repair service will address the leak and either repair it or, possibly, replace the line where the leak occurred.

After we make the repair, we will need to recharge your AC unit. Recharging the unit involves the addition of more refrigerant. The refrigerant may need to be pressurized in order to effectively cool your home and remove moisture as it should.

Keep in mind that recharging refrigerants is a job for a certified technician as per regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Refrigerant is a chemical that is highly regulated. One House Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas features licensed and certified HVAC technicians who can handle AC unit refrigerants. That’s why if you suspect a leak, you should contact us for AC repair instead of troubleshooting the issue yourself. These types of issues are not DIY repairs.

Evaporator Coil Is Frozen

If your evaporator coil is frozen, another common problem that requires AC repair, you will notice that there’s poor airflow associated with your cooling system. Poor airflow is actually the chief cause of frozen evaporator coils. Blocked air ducts or dirty filters can also cause a frozen evaporator coil. Additionally, if your AC system is low on refrigerant, it can actually cause your coils to freeze up because the unit loses the capacity to absorb heat; that allows colder air to pass over the evaporator coils, which can lead to freezing. A malfunctioning defrost cycle may also be the cause of the issue.

In some cases, you may be able to correct the problem by changing the dirty air filter. However, after changing the filter, allow the ice on the evaporator coils to thaw. It may take a full day for thawing to occur. If the coils freeze up again, you should call One House Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas for AC repair service. We’ll troubleshoot the cause of the problem and provide the ideal solution.

Broken Compressor Fan

A broken compressor fan can trigger a few problems that, ultimately, result in an AC breakdown. In The Colony, TX, broken compressor fans are common enough AC problems, but this is another one that’s best left to your AC repair technician. A broken compressor fan means that the AC unit’s heat transfer process is disrupted. When that happens, your compressor will overheat and then the unit’s safety controls will shut down the system. You might have a bad compressor fan if you notice the following signs:

  • If your AC unit begins making strange noises such as clicking noises or banging sounds, it could tell you that there’s a problem with your compressor.
  • The fan in your outdoor unit is expelling cool air.
  • Your circuit breaker keeps tripping. As the compressor starts drawing more power to function, it can overheat and trip your circuit breaker. This is a warning sign you shouldn’t ignore. When this happens to your AC unit contact a repair tech from One House Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas.

Of course, other electrical and mechanical elements can compromise your compressor, causing it to fail. Like other serious AC system jobs, however, this one is best left to a certified AC repair specialist. It’s possible the compressor can be repaired, but depending on the issue, it may need to be replaced.

Drainage Problems

AC drainage problems can prevent your air conditioning system from effectively cooling your home. That’s because the condensation that’s supposed to drain smoothly out of your system can get clogged in the drain line. When this happens, the moisture can back up into the unit, causing an increase in your indoor humidity and a less comfortable interior climate.

It’s never good to allow a drainage problem to continue because the moisture can cause damage to your unit’s components, necessitating other AC repairs. There are a few common signs of an AC drainage problem. These are:

  • Visible water leakage. You may see that the unit’s condensate pan has filled up with water. It may even be overflowing. This water can cause mold growth and damage your AC system.
  • You smell mold or mildew coming from the unit’s drain tube.
  • The unit’s drain trap is clogged. The line and trap can become clogged with algae and mold. When it gets especially bad, you may even note the odor of mold in your home.

If you need this type of AC repair at your home in The Colony, TX, remember that One House Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas can quickly troubleshoot the cause of your unit’s drainage issues. In fact, with routine maintenance, you may even be able to ward problems like this one off.

If you have these or other AC repair needs, contact One House Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas so we can quickly provide the AC service you need. Contact us to learn more about our HVAC solutions.

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