AC Repair | The Colony, TX

AC Repair | The Colony, TX

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Anybody who lives in The Colony, TX, will know just how hot it can get during the summer. On a sweltering day, the temperature will often climb above 100 degrees. The evening brings little respite and temperatures will remain above 70 degrees with humidity levels to match the temperatures, it is little wonder that air conditioners need to be on all the time. Because of all the hard work they do at this time they are more likely to break down and need an AC repair.

Once an air conditioner breaks down, life inside your home will start to get tough. Temperatures and humidity will rapidly rise, and you will need to open your windows to let air in. This will further reduce air quality. You must be able to find an AC repair company that has skilled, licensed, and insured technicians who are available 24/7 to quickly arrive at your home to fix the problem. You need One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, serving the local area.

How to Minimize the Need for an AC Repair

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas believes that the best way to ensure the safe running of your air conditioner is arranging a regular service. This is best done during a quieter period like early spring.

The many checks performed during the routine maintenance will make sure that each component is running efficiently so reducing your energy bills. After the service, you will be more confident that your unit will work properly and not need an AC repair during the summer.

Signs of Problems with Your Air Conditioner

Most problems that can occur with an air conditioner will be dealt with during service. But it is worth keeping an eye open for the following:

  • Frost on the evaporator coils
  • Reduced cooling effect
  • Humidity levels are increased
  • Increased energy bills
  • Water inside your air conditioner or on the floor around it

Ignoring these signs is likely to lead to an AC repair, but if you can take immediate action to fix it!

Frost on The Evaporator Coils

Warm air is extracted from your home by a fan and is then blown over the evaporator coils. The coolant within the coils then absorbs heat from the warm air, which is now cooled and blown back into your home. The evaporator coils need a constant supply of warm air blown over them to work properly or else frost and ice can start to form on them.

If this sign is ignored the evaporator coils could eventually freeze and you will need to turn the air conditioner off and allow them to thaw. Your air conditioner could be out of action for up to 24 hours. If the coils keep freezing it will finally break down and need an AC repair from One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas.

There are some things you can do to avoid the frost and ice forming. You can check the air filters to see if they are dirty. If they are then have us replace or clean them. Dirty air filters will restrict the warm air flowing over the evaporator coil. Replacing or cleaning the coil will also improve the air quality in your home by stopping any dirt particles or pollen.

You could listen to hear if the fan sounds strange, a faulty fan will also restrict the airflow over the coils. Coolant levels in the coil can also lead to frost and ice forming, there is little you can do about this, but a service will pick this up and the system will be recharged quickly by one of our experts.

Reduced or Weak Cooling Effect

Low coolant levels will mean less cooling effect from your air conditioner. With less coolant in the evaporator coils, they will not be able to absorb as much heat from the warm air. The air that has been blown back into your home will be less cool. The faulty fan and dirty air filter will also reduce the cooling effect.

Humidity Levels Are Increased

Warm air contains more moisture than cold air, If the air blown back into your home is warmer than you expect, it will contain more moisture and will feel more humid in The Colony, TX.

Increased Energy Bills

Any problem with one component in your air conditioner will impact the others. As the evaporator coil starts to freeze the other components will start to work harder to maintain the temperature that you have selected. A component that works harder will use more energy and drive up your energy costs. As the component works harder it will get hotter, increasing the chance that it will burn out and need an AC repair.

Water Inside Your Air Conditioner or on the Floor Around it

The water could be due to a loose water connection inside your air conditioner. Any water inside your unit could cause a short circuit, meaning you will need an AC repair. Another cause could be a blocked AC drain line. As heat is absorbed by the evaporator coil, water is deposited in a drain pan.

The water then flows outside your home through the AC drain line. Moss and algae could grow in the drain pan and AC drain line and block either. The water in the drain pan will overflow into the air conditioner and then onto the floor.

A blocked AC drain line could cause the air conditioner to shut down, so it may be worth checking outside to see if it is blocked by leaves or dirt.

Removing these could restart the air conditioner and save you from an unnecessary AC repair. Any moldy smell in your home could be due to the moss and algae in the drain pan or AC line.

A Trusted Air Conditioning Company

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas has been the people of The Colony, TX since 1988. We realize how important it is to offer a speedy repair service during the hot Texas summers and that is why we have technicians available 24/7 waiting for your call.