AC Repair Technician Breaks Down The Benefits Of A Whole-Home HVAC System Versus Window Units | Plano, TX

AC Repair Technician Breaks Down The Benefits Of A Whole-Home HVAC System Versus Window Units | Plano, TX

Are you a homeowner that has been making do with window air conditioning units for years? Then it might be time you upgrade to a central air conditioning system. Installing a central air conditioning system is convenient and increases your home’s value over time. Although the initial investment might seem daunting, once you have had it installed by an AC repair technician at your Plano, TX home, you will experience various other benefits. But if you aren’t still convinced, here are several benefits of installing one at your home.

It Cools Multiple Rooms Conveniently

Installing a central air conditioner means that all rooms at your home will be cooled at the same rate. Further, you will only adjust the temperatures once rather than walking from one room to the next, switching all the buttons on or off. However, temperature zoning isn’t possible with these air conditioning systems.

This means you won’t be able to control the temperatures of each room in your home. However, you can easily turn the fans on or off or close the vents. However, central air conditioning systems do a great job of ensuring that your home is cooled faster compared to window units. They also circulate the air more efficiently than window units. Therefore, your home won’t have random hot and cold spots. Have an AC repair and installation technician install a central air conditioning system to cool your home more efficiently.

Reduces the Level of Humidity

The other significant benefit of having an AC repair technician install a central air conditioner is that it will reduce the humidity levels throughout your home. A window or a standalone unit cannot keep up with the humidity levels, as well as a central air conditioning system. Dehumidifying indoor air improves its quality and helps create a healthier environment. It deters mold growth and reduces the contaminants in the air. However, you might also have to enlist an AC repair technician to install a whole-home dehumidifier depending on the season or climate of your area.

Clean Air

Besides reducing the humidity levels at your Plano, TX home, a central air conditioner will also improve the indoor air quality. In the long run, your home will have cleaner air and become more comfortable for your family. A whole home air conditioner powers your home by circulating the air it pulls from various rooms throughout your house. The air is pulled into the vents and passes through an air filter. The filter removes airborne particles such as hair, dust, pet dander, and other contaminants. However, homeowners are required to enlist an AC repair technician for routine maintenance and filter replacement. It is recommended that you replace the filters every 1-3 months to ensure that the unit’s efficiency doesn’t take a toll and gets clean air.

Lower Energy Utility Bills

With more energy-efficient ways of powering homes popping up, the average energy bill in the US has reduced. The decrease comes when homeowners switch from regular window units to a central air conditioning system. Because the power heating your home comes from a single source rather than multiple sources, it is easy to see why the energy utility bills might reduce.

Besides that, newer air conditioning systems are usually more energy efficient than older ones. Are your window units over ten years? If yes, then you should start considering a replacement. However, a central air conditioning system can serve your home for about 15 years if properly maintained. Hence, to ensure that your new unit doesn’t start requiring frequent repairs, enlist an AC repair technician for a timely inspection and servicing of the unit.

It Has a Sleeker Design

Lastly, central air conditioners have a sleeker design compared to individual window units. Installing them at your home means you’ll have an improved view from all the windows of your home. Further, more natural light will enter your indoor space, making it brighter and more comfortable. You can then buy drapes or treatments for all your windows where you had installed the air conditioning units.

It also means You or your children will have more space to move around at home. You also can place furniture in the space under and around the windows, which you gain back. You also won’t have to worry about the noises the window units make when you turn them on. Although central air conditioners make noise, they produce less noise than old window air conditioners. This is probably the biggest benefit of replacing the window units with central air conditioners. Hence, have an AC repair technician install one at your home to enjoy.

Less Maintenance

New air conditioning systems don’t need a lot of maintenance. Typically, they only need an annual check-up by an AC repair technician and routine servicing to keep them operational. In most cases, the company you hire to install the air conditioning system has a warranty with a tune-up plan.

However, if you are already past that stage, ask if the technician offers an annual maintenance plan and the charges per visit. You should have your air conditioning system inspected before the hot season kicks in to ensure that you aren’t stuck with problems in the future. The AC repair technician will clean the air ducts, filters, and other components, lubricate the mechanical parts, and inspect the entire unit to ensure everything is working properly.

Reputable Air Conditioner Repair Company

Although window units cool your Plano, TX home, they are slowly being phased out by the central air conditioners. Hence, if your home uses them, it might be about time you start considering having them replaced. One of the alternative options is a central air conditioning unit. As explained above, these cooling appliances have many benefits compared to the window units. Do you need your old window AC unit replaced? Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas for an installation of a central AC system and enjoy all these benefits.

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