AC Repair Service You Can Count On | Lewisville, TX

AC Repair Service You Can Count On | Lewisville, TX

Texans understand how brutal the summer heat can be. There’s no such thing as a summer without AC. Most people couldn’t survive the heat. A properly functioning AC system is a necessity for Texas homes and businesses. It’s the only way to beat the Texas heat. When your HVAC system starts to show signs of wear and tear or begins to function less effectively, it’s time to entrust the care of your HVAC system to a professional AC repair company. There’s no way around it. We believe our Lewisville, TX residents deserve nothing but the best when it comes to AC repair.

Customer Service You Can Count On

Our customers are a part of our family. Who wouldn’t want to take good care of their family? Our commitment to our customers starts the minute you call us. You’re met by a warm friendly customer service representative who will take note of your issues and send an AC repair technician to your house or business. We know that issues with your AC or HVAC system don’t wait until the morning to occur. These issues happen when they happen. You might experience an HVAC issue at 3 AM on a Sunday night, or on Christmas eve. It really doesn’t matter. However, regardless of when you have your issue, you can count on us being there.

Our emergency repair service is designed to dispatch licensed and skilled AC repair technicians to show up when you need us most, 24/7, 365 days a year. You don’t have to wait until daylight or the next business day. We’ll be there. Plus, our comprehensive menu of services will help to keep your HVAC system in tip-top shape. We are also a company that takes pride in the fact that we are licensed, bonded, and insured. In addition to our top-notch services, we take pride in being transparent to our customers.

Our Licensed and Certified HVAC Technicians

When it comes to AC systems, we take pride in our licensed and skilled technicians. We take pride in having a great team of technicians who’ve passed extensive background checks. Our technicians have seen a little bit of everything and have experience with a wide variety of different types of systems. Our technicians will show up at your home or business and thoroughly diagnose your issue. Perhaps you need a new part or an adjustment to your system. Our AC repair technicians can get the job done. Our technicians arrive at your home or business with the skills, cutting-edge technology, and tools needed to resolve your HVAC system issues. This is why our technicians are second to none. We take AC repair seriously, just as we take service, maintenance, and installation seriously.

When Your HVAC System Is Sick…

When your HVAC system is under the weather, you’ll definitely see signs. You may notice that your AC circulates warm air, or that the air is muggy and humid, despite the fact that the AC is on. Other signs of a sick HVAC system include poor air circulation, water leaks, and non-stop cycling. For example, your AC may seem to run all day long but the temperature may still be uncomfortable. You may also experience an AC that cools effectively yet never shuts off. All of these issues can point to any number of problems that include issues with your thermostat, worn parts, and more. However, most importantly, all of these issues should alert you to the fact that you need your air conditioner repaired. Something is wrong with your HVAC system and experienced AC repair technicians can get to the bottom of your issues.

What We Do…

Our comprehensive menu of services allows us to perform both preventative and reparative services. We are also skilled at new installations. In short, we do it all. We want to be able to meet your needs- all of them. This is why we encourage our customers to avoid neglecting their recommended service and maintenance schedule. We want to keep your HVAC system running well, even when nothing is wrong. Often, preventative measures allow us to catch issues before they become problems or before they become big problems. This is often a money-saving move as well. If we can replace a part or adjust a setting, we can often avoid having to perform costly repairs on your HVAC system.

Preventative steps may even prevent us from needing to install a new HVAC system. We want you to get as much life out of your HVAC system as you can. This requires following the recommended service and maintenance schedule as well as on-point AC repair. However, we also understand that sometimes a unit has exceeded its lifespan and it’s time for a new one. This is why we also offer new installations for HVAC systems that need to be replaced. Regardless of what type of service you need for your HVAC system, you can rest assured that we will get to the bottom of your problem and find the best solutions for you and your unique situation.

Our Standard Is Top Notch Repair, Service, and Maintenance

Our golden rule or standard is the best of the best in repair, service, and maintenance. We believe that our Lewisville, TX customers deserve this. After all, most of us wouldn’t dream of giving our families any less than the best. Our Lewisville, TX customers are a part of our family. If you’re having issues with your AC system, or simply need routine maintenance and service, give us a call. If you think your HVAC system may be on its last legs, call us. We can perform a new installation and restore your comfort during the hot summer months. From AC repair to new installations and many other services, we come prepared to do it all. Rain or shine, day or night, we show up and get the job done. Call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas to schedule your servicing today.

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