AC Repair: Is It A Good Idea To Buy Old Or Used Air Conditioners? | Irving, TX

AC Repair: Is It A Good Idea To Buy Old Or Used Air Conditioners? | Irving, TX

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Do you know that your air conditioner’s compressor can consume about 2,500 watts of energy per hour? However, over time, your AC’s compressor will start to lose its efficiency, especially when the unit isn’t properly maintained. Also, your entire cooling system’s efficiency will be affected and remember that when the AC is no longer that efficient, it translates to having higher energy bills. Eventually, you may also need AC repairs in Irving, TX.

To avoid this problem, we recommend that homeowners don’t consider buying old or used air conditioners and get rid of older systems, especially the not-so-efficient ones. It may be more cost-effective to buy a new air conditioner than pay for repairs. And, of course, you need to regularly maintain your air conditioners to avoid costly repairs down the road.

If you need help deciding what brand of air conditioner to purchase for your home, we suggest you contact one of our technicians in Irving, TX, for assistance. Our team of licensed technicians are familiar with all makes and models — let us know what type of AC you plan to purchase, and we can recommend the best brands.

Dangers of Keeping an Old Air Conditioner

How old is the air conditioner in your home? If you have very old ACs, we recommend that you contact an AC repair technician for an inspection. We can check if it’s still safe to keep your old air conditioner or if it’s better to buy a new one instead. However, we would suggest that you don’t keep an air conditioner way past its service life as it doesn’t only mean you’ll be paying higher energy bills, but it may also create hazards for your home. Below are the dangers of keeping an old air conditioner:

Outdated Refrigerants

You may need an AC repair technician in Irving, TX, sooner if you are running a very old air conditioner. If you’re using an R-22 refrigerant, toxic chemicals may leak into your living spaces. Keep in mind that R-22 refrigerants have already been phased out. If you still have this, we suggest that you contact us now so you can replace your old unit with a newer and a more energy-efficient air conditioner.

If you don’t know what type of refrigerant is in your air conditioner, contact one of our AC repair service technicians in Irving, TX. We can inspect your air conditioner and let you know if it’s still cost-effective to keep your old unit or if it’s better to get a completely new one.

Fire Hazards

All electronic equipment can create fire hazards, especially when not used properly or long past its service life. If you have an old conditioner, consider replacing that with a new one to avoid other issues down the road, especially fire hazards.

If you have already bought a used air conditioner and keep having issues with it, please consider purchasing a new one. You may also contact us directly to properly inspect your system and recommend a better solution.

Indoor Air Quality Dangers

Mold and bacteria can start building up in your air conditioners. And because it’s old, it may no longer be that efficient in removing the moisture. As a result, bacteria may spread to your living spaces. Although you can prevent that problem with regular maintenance, it’s always better to have a new air conditioning unit. It offers more benefits compared to older units.

The age of your cooling system is one of the factors why it’s time to get a replacement for your unit. Also, if you got AC repairs more than once this year, contact a technician for an inspection. You’re not supposed to get your AC repaired more than once a year. It may be better to get a replacement instead. For the replacement, consider getting an energy-efficient unit to conserve energy. It may be a little expensive, but you get to save money in the long run. For installation, please make sure that you only hire licensed AC repair service technicians to ensure that the unit is installed correctly.

How High Are Your Bills?

We’ve already mentioned that an inefficient air conditioner usually translates to higher energy bills. Your air conditioner will be a lot more expensive to run when it’s no longer efficient. Also, when the AC works harder, it leads to costly emergency heating and AC repairs. Consider replacing your older system with a new one to avoid higher utility bills.

If you decide to get a new unit, contact one of our AC service technicians for assistance. We can help you find a better unit and help you install your new air conditioner too.

Disadvantages of Buying Old Conditioners

It may be a good idea to buy pre-owned clothes or books, but when it comes to appliances like the air conditioner, we recommend that you always go with a new unit. You can avoid costly AC repairs with a high-efficient air conditioning system. Below are the reasons why it’s best to get a new unit instead:

Incorrect Unit Size

You should get the right air conditioner size for your home. It’s not best to get a smaller size to heat a larger home, or the unit will work harder and consume more energy. This translates to higher utility bills. It’s the same with larger units — you can’t have a large air conditioner to heat a smaller home, or it may damage the unit eventually. When you buy a used unit, you can’t be sure if you have the correct size. It’s always better to get help from a licensed AC repair technician for assistance. Our team of professionals can check your home to help us determine the right AC size.

At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, we want to make sure you’re not just comfortable, but you’re also getting the maximum benefit of your unit. You can save energy when you have the right AC unit size. Call us if you need assistance so we can help.

Older Units May Not Have a Warranty

One of the good things about buying new appliances is that it usually comes with several years of warranty. The warranty may cover some parts or labor, which means you get to save money in case you’re having some issues with your unit. With an old system, however, it may not always include the warranty. So if you’re having problems with it, you may have to pay for all of the AC repairs. And it can be expensive, depending on the type of problem you’re dealing with.

If you’re having issues with your AC, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our AC repair service technicians in Irving, TX, for assistance.

History of the AC

When buying an old air conditioner, it’s not sure if the old owner has maintained their cooling system well. You might end up paying for costly AC repairs with the older unit you’re buying. If you want to buy a used unit, try asking the owner if they performed regular AC maintenance of their unit. If possible, ask for receipt service appointments to ensure that the unit was properly maintained.

If you need further help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime. Our team of licensed and experienced AC repair service technicians are always available to help.

Signs You Need to Get AC Replacement

It’s uncomfortable and inconvenient when the AC starts malfunctioning and breaks down completely. It’s best to get help from a technician immediately to ensure that the unit is permanently fixed and in excellent shape. But how do you know you need to get your AC replaced? Below are some signs you need to look out for:

Age of Your System

You will need to replace your unit at some point because appliances don’t last forever. They also tend to become less efficient over time. And as mentioned earlier, you will get higher bills with a less efficient air conditioner.

When your air conditioner starts acting up, find out how long you have been using the system and contact a technician for an inspection. Our team can help you determine if it’s more cost-effective to keep the unit or get it replaced at the soonest possible time.

One of the reasons the AC malfunctions is how the unit was installed. Did you get professional installation? If not, the unit may not have been installed properly. Please ensure that you only hire licensed technicians in Irving, TX, for your new unit. Another reason could be the dirty filters; it doesn’t just affect the efficiency of your system. It can also lead to costly AC repairs.

Uneven Cooling

If you’re running the AC and yet your home is still hot, there could be a refrigerant leak. It’s best to contact a licensed and experienced AC repair service technician immediately for assistance. Please don’t wait for an emergency or when it damages the rest of the system components. Never postpone repairs, or it will only cost you more money. As soon as you suspect there is a problem, please get help right away.

Strange Sounds From the Unit

Window-type air conditioners are usually noisy, but they’re not supposed to be very loud that it distracts you. Split-type systems are also less noisy. If your air conditioner is unusually loud, there might be some problems with the system components. We suggest that you get help right away. Please get in touch with us right away so we can check the system, determine the root cause of the problem and provide you with cost-effective and permanent solutions.

How to Avoid AC Repairs and Costly Replacements

We all want our cooling systems to last longer and avoid costly repairs as much as possible. Thankfully, this is possible so long as you don’t neglect your system. Besides caring for your air conditioner, please ensure that you get it professionally serviced too. A technician can check if all the system components are in good condition during the appointment. He will inform you if there are issues that need to be addressed. It’s the best way to ensure that your air conditioner won’t suddenly shut down when you need it the most.

Also, please don’t forget to regularly replace the filters every two to three months. Ideally, you should check it every month and replace it when it’s dirty. You also need to replace it even when it’s not dirty after two to three months. Because remember, dirty filters can affect the efficiency of your system. Failure to get it replaced regularly only leads to malfunctions and costly repairs.

In addition, please also make sure that the outdoor unit is not surrounded by dirt or debris as that may obstruct airflow and affect the efficiency of your air conditioner. Your unit will only work harder and consume more energy. If you need more assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

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