10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before AC Repair Or Replacement | The Colony, TX

10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before AC Repair Or Replacement | The Colony, TX

Air conditioner breakdowns occur at the most inconvenient time of the year. Often during frigid winters or hot summers, old and faulty air conditioner units are pushed beyond their capacities. A properly working AC system is essential for your family’s health and comfort and can be achieved through regular maintenance services. You need to consult qualified AC repair technicians in The Colony, TX to inspect and advise whether to repair or replace the air conditioning system. Before deciding on the path to take, here are ten factors you need to consider:

How Old Is Your AC System?

According to a study conducted by the Department of Energy, the average lifespan of AC units in the USA, generally, is 15-20 years. Here the units are pushed beyond their operational capacity, which reduces their functional lifespan. The longevity of AC units depends on internal environmental conditions and other secondary factors. Other factors include how well the units are maintained, the quality of the system, and the installation process. The general rule stipulates that AC systems should be replaced after every ten years.

Does Your Current Air Conditioner Unit Meet Your Household Comfort Desires?

Before calling for AC repair, it is essential to ask yourself whether you are satisfied with your current unit’s performance. If you learn that your system has been struggling to evenly cool or heat your house, is unable to keep up with your comfort needs, and consumes much energy, it may be time to consider replacing the unit. Your system might be under or oversized, meaning you’ll be looking to replace them. Otherwise, you will keep having repetitive repairs.

Is Your Current AC Unit Well Maintained?

Proper AC unit maintenance impacts their reliability, efficiency, and operational lifespan. Most costly AC problems can be avoided by regularly inviting AC repair technicians to maintain the system. Some of the maintenance routines you need to carry out include the following:

  • Keeping your outdoor units free of plants and other debris.
  • Regularly changing the AC filters after every three months.
  • Calling a local AC repair technician for a yearly tune-up.

If you follow this maintenance routine consistently, your system will operate more efficiently and last longer.

How Expensive and Extensive Is the Repair Needed?

Is the required AC repair trivial, like replacing busted capacitors or replacing malfunctioning filters? In many instances, the cost of repairing the unit is low for you to consider replacing your current unit. If your unit is ten years or older, the repair cost may be close to 50% of the value of a new unit, and you should consider replacing the unit. The other factor to consider is how often you call an AC repair technician in The Colony, TX to patch up your system. Has your system been running effectively? If the repair incidences have been too many in a given time frame, buying a new one is a more cost-effective option.

How Efficient Is Your Current AC System?

Do you currently know your AC’s SEER rating? Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is a universal rating that indicates how proficiently your AC system functions. The higher the rating, the less energy your system consumes in a given period. Since 2015, it is recommended that you install an AC unit with a SEER rating of at least 13.5. This rating is expected to be increased to 15 by 2024. In addition, the efficiency rating of an AC system reduces with age. So, your old units may be using more energy, which is cost-ineffective and detrimental to the environment. Therefore, consider investing in a new AC unit.

What Refrigerant Is Your AC Unit Using?

Following scientific research, refrigerants such as R22, HCFC-22, or Freon were officially out of the market in 2020 due to their environmental effects. This makes the refrigerant harder to find in the market and expensive. Therefore, before you call for an AC repair, you must learn the type of refrigerant your system is running on. If you installed your unit before 2010, replace it with a new AC unit that uses Puron, also known as R410A, because it is eco-friendly.

Is Your Current System Matched?

Did you replace the indoor and outdoor units separately when installing your current AC unit? To many homeowners, this seems rational, especially if one operating unit is still functional. It is a step that can even save money on energy bills. However, replacing a single operating unit leads to a mismatched system, which can lead to reduced operating efficiency and reduced functional lifespan of the system. Therefore, replacing an AC unit with an incompatible system is advised.

Are There Rebates or Incentives Available?

For years, governments, power companies, and AC-producing companies have been offering incentives and rebates to customers upgrading their AC Units. Ask your repair professional about the existence of such a program and what you could do to enroll. These incentives can help you save money when purchasing new units.

Could You Benefit from the New Technology in the Markets Today?

In recent years we have witnessed enormous advancements in AC technologies. Depending on your comfort needs and budget, these technologies might be the right choice. For example, you would benefit from new technologies, such as the two-stage variable speed tech, that allows you to control humidity and temperature efficiently. The new technologies have introduced silent systems for people who prefer quieter homes.

How Long Do You Plan to Live in Your Current House?

Are you planning to relocate to a new The Colony, TX home soon? If so, replacing the existing heating and AC repair doesn’t make sense. Rather, AC repairs are the most rational option as long as they are not too expensive and extensive. However, if you are looking forward to selling your house, replacing an AC system can significantly increase your home’s value.

Considering these questions can help you make a well-guided decision. Contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas if you feel burdened.

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