Your Ultimate Guide To Emergency Heating And AC Repair Service | Dallas, TX

Your Ultimate Guide To Emergency Heating And AC Repair Service | Dallas, TX

The HVAC system plays a crucial role in the comfort of your home, especially in the summer, when the weather is sweltering hot in Texas. It ensures that you stay cool during the day and sleep comfortably at night. Since your HVAC system works day in and day out to maintain a comfortable temperature again, it will gradually wear, which affects its efficiency. Major AC issues start cropping up unexpectedly, and the next thing you know, your home feels like a furnace or freezer. And while you can’t always avoid an emergency heating and AC repair service in Dallas, TX, you can take steps to extend the lifespan of your AC. This comprehensive guide explores the benefits of having the number for an emergency heating and AC repair service and when to call a professional.

Benefits of Heating and AC Maintenance

While it sounds crazy, constant maintenance costs less than if you waited until an emergency heating and AC repair service was needed. You can check the unit yourself, but it’s best to enlist the help of a professional to do a thorough inspection and ensure everything is working correctly. Not convinced yet? Below are more benefits of emergency heating and AC repair service in Dallas, TX.

Save Money

Think of your HVAC as a car that you shouldn’t drive for 30,000 miles without an oil change. Doing so would be asking for trouble, and the same applies to regular HVAC maintenance. Proactive maintenance reduces the need for emergency heating and AC repair service by up to 95%.

Regular HVAC maintenance also saves on energy costs. It ensures that your system runs at almost peak efficiency. According to the US Department of Energy, this translates to 30% savings on your energy bill.

Buying a new HVAC system is a significant financial undertaking that you may not be ready for. And while most systems last for 10-15 years, some wear out too soon. A regular tune-up can help your heating and AC system reach the above milestone or even serve you for longer.

Some Dallas, TX HVAC manufacturers require proof of annual maintenance when requesting a repair under warranty. Some HVAC components are pretty expensive. As a result, investing in yearly maintenance can keep them under warranty and save you tons of money if something goes wrong.

Better Air Quality

The stagnant air and continued use of air conditioners cause indoor air quality to worsen during the summer months. The polluted air exposes you and your loved ones to various health problems, including respiratory issues, eye irritation, headaches, and cardiovascular disease. Signing up for an annual HVAC maintenance service can help protect your family.

All the air circulating in your home through the HVAC goes through the filter first. This component prevents dust from entering your house, and cleaning it regularly ensures cleaner air in your home.

HVAC maintenance also involves cleaning the air ducts, which contribute to poor indoor air quality when dust and debris accumulate over time. Only a professional emergency heating and AC repair service can do an excellent job of cleaning the ductwork.

Another aspect of HVAC maintenance that ensures better air quality is a thorough inspection of the unit. A certified technician will check for dirty and grimy coils, leaks, broken components, and other issues that can compromise indoor air quality.

Improved Comfort

You can rely on a well-maintained HVAC system to keep you comfortable year-round. This is because regular maintenance makes it easier for your unit to produce and distribute cool or warm air as required. It also reduces the likelihood that you’ll come home from a hot summer’s day to incredibly warm air.

For those who have a particular room that is either too warm during the summer or too cold in the winter, consider HVAC maintenance. Cleaning the ductwork and other preventative steps can improve the efficiency of the HVAC, causing it to cool and heat your home evenly.

Issues with the fan blade, compressor, and fan blower are the most common causes of strange noises and odors. Keeping them in shape through regular maintenance can keep the noises and smells at bay, thus improving your comfort. Similarly, it reduces the need for emergency heating and AC repair service.

Keep Your Home Safe

Without routine maintenance, your heating and AC system can compromise the safety of your home. For instance, carbon monoxide is a normal byproduct of furnaces. A properly sealed furnace system will eliminate these harmful gasses without ever entering the home. However, a small crack in the heat exchanger can cause carbon monoxide leaks and put your family at risk.

Preventative HVAC maintenance can safeguard against the risk of carbon dioxide. The service usually involves a carbon monoxide test to check for potential hazards. Our technicians will also talk to you about the benefits of investing in a carbon monoxide detector if you don’t have one.

Protect the Environment

Refrigerants are highly toxic to the environment. Older systems used R22 refrigerant, a chemical that’s damaging to the ozone layer and human health if inhaled. Newer systems use R410a, which is safer but still bad for animals, humans, and the environment.

Regardless of which refrigerant chemical your system uses, a leak can prove dangerous. This is particularly true because such chemicals are hard to detect. What’s more, a refrigerant problem can last a long time before realizing you need to contact an emergency heating and AC repair service. An annual inspection can ensure you catch problems early. It keeps the system from overworking and prevents a health risk to you and your family.

Peace of Mind

Investing in routine maintenance gives you peace of mind. It gives you the comfort of knowing that if the need for an emergency heating and AC repair service arises, you did everything you could to make the situation as stress-free as possible.

What Is Involved in HVAC Maintenance Service?

Barring any unforeseen issues, a standard HVAC maintenance service in Dallas, TX, includes the following.

Checking the Condition of Belts, Filters, and Pulleys

Continued wear and tear lead to the accumulation of dirt on filters. It also causes worn belts and pulleys. Leaving them in this condition is dangerous, especially as the summer approaches. Worn belts and pulleys can break when you turn on the AC and cause further damage, while dirty filters introduce contaminants to the HVAC unit. The technician may have to replace the filter if it’s too dark and clogged.

Clearing Drain Pans and Drainage Lines

Any standing water in the pans will attract mold, and the spores will eventually make their way into your home. Moreover, clogged drainage lines will overflow in the spring and cause a big mess. Clearing them is crucial to optimal indoor air quality and preventing water damage.

Checking Refrigerant Charge

A low refrigerant charge indicates a leak in the coils. Now is the time to find and fix the leak rather than wait for the summer when you need the unit in top shape. An experienced technician will carefully clean up the ice buildup and refill the refrigerant.

Cleaning the Ducts and Airways

If the ductwork is dirty, you’ll be contaminating your home throughout the summer. In the worst-case scenario, dirty ductwork can contribute to Sick Building Syndrome. Cleaning the ductwork of mold, dust, and debris is the best way to protect your family and avoid needing an emergency heating and AC repair service.

Checking Overal Condition of Equipment

Inspecting all components of your HVAC system can uncover small issues that can lead to breakdowns. It is a chance to replace any broken components and take care of the small repairs before they worsen and necessitate a costly emergency heating and AC repair service in the Dallas, TX summer.

Cleaning Condensate Lines, Condenser, and Evaporator Coils

Condensate lines and evaporator coils tend to get coated with moisture and dust or clogged with debris over time. This reduces the efficiency of your unit and, in extreme cases, causes a breakdown. It will only become harder to clean these components, so enlist the help of an HVAC maintenance service to handle the problem.

Tightening Any Loose Electrical Components

When you start up your HVAC unit, the last thing you need is a power issue. And while an emergency heating and AC repair service will take care of the issue, securing connections will prevent a potential problem.

Checking the Cooling Tower

If your unit has been running and not cooling your house efficiently, there might be a problem with the cooling tower. An HVAC maintenance service can help diagnose and repair any issues. But if it turns into an emergent problem call an emergency heating and AC repair service technician as soon as possible.

Checking the Blades and Blowers

Clean blades and blowers equal proper airflow when you turn on your heating and air conditioning system. They are an essential aspect of HVAC maintenance that boosts efficiency and reduces energy costs.

Checking the HVAC Controls

This is a task that should be performed by HVAC professionals because they have an extensive understanding of the components. They understand how the HVAC unit operates along with its start cycle and shut-off sequence. Calling in an emergency heating and AC repair service expert regularly to check on the controls will ensure that the unit operates at maximum efficiency.

Checking and Replacing the UV Lamp

The UV lamp helps control the buildup of bacteria and other contaminants in the heating and cooling system. Installing one is a job for professionals who understand that incompatibility with your unit can lead to air cleaner damage and cost you extra in emergency heating and AC repair services. The UV lamp also needs to be installed at the right location – over the coil, close to a power source, and away from the HVAC’s plastic filter.

How Much Should I Pay for HVAC Maintenance?

The cost of emergency heating and AC repair service can vary depending on the specific problem, unit type, and brand. However, most technicians change $50-$150 per hour. For annual HVAC maintenance, the cost falls between $70-$200. A great way to bring down the cost of repairs is to adhere to a yearly maintenance schedule, even when your unit is working as expected.

Age: The average lifespan of HVAC units is 10-15 years, but some have an estimated lifespan of up to 25 years. Like most appliances, HVAC systems deteriorate and become more problematic with age. This means a higher maintenance cost for older units as compared to newer models.

Efficiency and Size: Units that are more energy-efficient attract lower servicing costs. The same is true for smaller units, which don’t have as many components and are easier to repair.

Timing: There is an increased demand for functional HVAC units during the summer and winter. As a result, you can expect to pay higher rates for emergency heating and AC repair service if your unit malfunctions during these months.

Applied Force: Overworking your AC causes it to break down quickly. Moreover, running it while you aren’t at home raises your utility costs, increases the cost of repair, and shortens its lifespan.

When Should You Call an HVAC Maintenance Service?

You should enlist the help of a professional for HVAC maintenance at least twice a year. This not only keeps your energy costs down but also ensures continued comfort in your home. Routine maintenance offers an opportunity for a certified technician to detect problems early and fix them before further damage occurs.

The best time to request HVAC maintenance services is just before the warm months start or right after the summer ends. This ensures that your heating and AC system is ready for when you need it next and avoid needing to call an emergency heating and AC repair service.

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