Your Local AC Repair Company | Plano, TX

Your Local AC Repair Company | Plano, TX

Dallas and Plano, TX are hot places to live during the summer months. The mercury can rise past three digits with dusty, dry or wet, and muggy conditions. Air conditioning is not simply a luxury for residents in Plano, TX, it is a necessity! Heatstroke, dehydration, and other ailments associated with high temperatures can be compounded when mixed with a chronic health condition like asthma or COPD.

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas is the most efficient and affordable AC repair company throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The heating, vent system, and air conditioning (HVAC) experts are the cream of the crop because One Hour provides a comfortable working environment with competitive pay, room for advancement, and incentives for our employees to consistently refresh their knowledge in their field of expertise.

Signs You Need An AC Repair Company

If your air conditioner is 10 years or older, runs on Freon, or is devouring electricity at abnormally high rates it is time to discuss your options with an AC repair company. It may be that it is time for a new air conditioner. While this requires an upfront investment, a new air conditioner can save you money on electricity tariffs and more efficiently cool your home for significantly less money.

  • You need an AC Repair Company if your AC is making weird noises. Air conditioners make noise, which is normal. However, banging, knocking, or thumping may indicate that a fan is out of place and is damaging other parts of the unit.


  • Does the house feel warm no matter how low you set the air conditioner? If so, it is time to talk to One Hour, an AC repair company that specializes in protecting your environmental appliances from unnecessary damage.


  • An AC repair company like One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas offers a subscription service that maintains not just your air conditioner, but your entire HVAC system on a biannual or annual basis. Routine maintenance will protect your units from potential problems and excessive wear and tear. Plus, it will extend the life of your appliance.


  • Burning smells are a sure sign that it is time to contact a trustworthy air conditioner repair company like One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating of Dallas. This smell could be a red flag of a fire hazard and should be taken seriously. Please do not ignore burning scents or unusual smells like mold. It can be a danger to your health.


  • Short cycling is when your air conditioner does not fully complete the exhaust and distribution cycles of warm and cool air. This is problematic because if there is not enough warm air passing over the condenser coils then the coils may freeze. If the coils freeze it will take an experienced AC repair company to defrost these important components and your air conditioner will be out of order for up to 48 hours.


  • Bent fans occur when the air conditioner is struggling to meet the set temperatures. The machine is forced to work harder and this stress places strain on the fan blades. Bent fan blades restrict airflow and can harm the motor and condenser coils. You will definitely need an AC repair company to deal with broken or bent fan blades.

Customer Feedback

“I do not remember what happened first because the air conditioner was working well one day and then the next it started banging and the rooms were hot and a weird smell filled the house. I knew we needed an AC repair company in the worst way because we are both in our 60s and cannot handle the heat anymore. If it is over 70 degrees outside we have the air conditioner on full blast. The services offered by One Hour are exceptionally efficient and affordable. They are also quick to respond and keep their promises. I trust them with any HVAC issue and have been a loyal client for several years. I wouldn’t hire anyone else.”

Edward Harris, Plano, Texas

“You know not all HVAC companies have the same work ethic and integrity. I had a couple of less than fantastic experiences with a few HVAC companies in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. It made me cautious and suspicious that technicians were trying to swindle me. That was before I hired One Hour to carry out maintenance on my boiler. They were so fast and cheap. I actually called them a few weeks later to clean my vent network. I intend to have my air conditioner replaced later this spring, I have already set up the appointment with the One Hour team. I trust them to do a good job that will last.”

Stephanie Wells, Plano, Texas

“Last summer was really tough for our family. All of us got corona during the heat of July and the day our symptoms were at their worst, the air conditioner stopped working abruptly. We did not know what to do. We called several HVAC companies but they wanted us to wait until we weren’t contagious. We could not wait that long. We finally got a hold of One Hour who worked with us to safely complete the repairs. We disinfected the areas the technicians would be working in while wearing masks and we all stayed in our bedrooms and communicated with the technicians over our cell phones. They made a terrible situation so much better. Without one hour, we would have been much sicker than we were. We made it through the sickness in relative comfort. The people at One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating go above and beyond to help their clients. Few businesses show compassion, empathy, and care for the community like they do. If you find yourself struggling with any heating, vent system, or air conditioning problem contact the folks at One Hour for help! You will be glad you chose them. They are simply the best in Dallas, Texas, and beyond!

Charles Arthur-Nicholas Plinton, Dallas, Texas

For any of your Dallas, TX air conditioning and heating needs give One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas a call today!

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