Would You Benefit From Air Conditioning Service? | Frisco, TX

Would You Benefit From Air Conditioning Service? | Frisco, TX

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If you live in Frisco, TX there are two things that you cannot live without, BBQ and AC. After all, if you are going to turn up the heat with your version of TexMex, then you need something that is going to help you bring that heat back down. This is why you need to make sure that you take good care of your AC system because summer will be quite long without it. One of the best ways to ensure that your AC is up to the challenge of tackling another hot summer is by booking an annual air conditioning service.

It’s such a simple solution that a lot of people forget about it, but we are here to remind you not to if you don’t want to worry about long hot summers and unbearable temperatures. While air conditioning service may not be the first thing on your mind during these trying times, it will become your number one regret if your AC suddenly stops working so get ahead of the curve and have your AC serviced before you are boiling in your home regretting your choice to move into sunny, sunny Frisco.

Of course, if you have never had an air conditioning service before then you may be filled with questions, many of which with you probably questioning what AC service is and how it can benefit you. With that in mind, we will jump into a longer discussion of the benefits that come with air conditioning service and why it is something that you should consider if you haven’t yet. It only takes a few hours of your day once a year and can save you potentially thousands in repair bills so if that sounds appealing, then take five more minutes to find out why it’s the one thing your HVAC company will probably recommend.

What Is an Air Conditioning Service?

Before getting into more detail, the first thing to do is address what an AC service actually is. It is essentially an annual maintenance visit during which a trained HVAC technician will carefully inspect every component of your AC to see if any worn-down parts need preemptively changed. During the service, the technician will also clean all dust and debris out of your system which will help it operate much better and enhance its energy efficiency. This in turn can help improve the indoor air quality of your home.

In addition, during the air conditioning service, the technician will thoroughly lubricate all moving parts within your AC unit. This is an important part of the process since all parts need to be properly oiled to ensure they continue to function in tandem correctly and do not wear on each other. Oil reduces friction which reduces the aging rate of the components inside of your AC system saving you from repairs and helping to lengthen the lifespan of the unit as a whole.

Finally, this is a great way to get your unit ready for a new Frisco, TX summer or to put it away at the end of a long summer and autumn. Some HVAC companies offer maintenance programs that you can enroll your AC into while others simply offer an air conditioning service on-demand that you can book anytime. The service should include both your indoor and outdoor unit along with your thermostat and is something you only want to book with trained technicians as the AC system is intricate and you don’t want to risk any damage by allowing a non-trained technician to open it up.

How Often Do I Need AC Service?

There are varying opinions on this, but most HVAC companies recommend that you at least book an air conditioning service at least once per year. A once a year service ensures that your system is ready to tackle the hot Frisco, TX sun and keep your home cool for another summer. It is a great time to check your coolant levels, look for potential problems that might crop up, and solve them before they leave you stranded, and improve the quality of air in your home.

Some companies recommend that you book AC service twice a year with the objective of inspecting your unit at the start of the season and then before it is tucked away for the winter months. While the winter will not require you to use your AC, it is never a bad idea to have it serviced one last time so that when spring rolls around again things will be ready to go.

This also gives you some time to budget if the HVAC technician notices that you will need to proactively repair a few parts that may be wearing down. While you don’t need your system right away, you will have time to make the repairs on your own schedule instead of finding out at the beginning of the season when you don’t have much time to wait before your AC is in high demand again.

Oftentimes, if you choose to have air conditioning service twice a year you can get on a maintenance program with your local HVAC technician which will include a lot of other perks and discounts as well. It is something worth considering, but it is not something that is required in order to fit in your AC service. Even if you are not comfortable subscribing to a maintenance program, you should still make sure that you schedule your air conditioning servicing regardless.

What Are the Main Benefits of AC Service?

There are a lot of benefits that come with air conditioning service, which is why it comes so highly recommended by almost every HVAC technician in the company. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who would tell you that it is not necessary. In the same way that you need to change the oil in your car on a regular basis if you want to keep it running smoothly, you need to clean and lubricate your AC if you want it to produce continually reliable cool air to your Frisco, TX home.

So what are the main benefits of booking your AC service? Well to start, it has the potential to lengthen the lifespan of your AC unit by a few more years. When you consider the costs of replacing an AC unit, every single extra year you get out of it counts, and over time regular maintenance can stretch the lifespan of your units long enough that you end up saving on the costs of an entire unit.

Another great benefit is that you will avoid costly emergency repair, breakdowns, and have the option to repair things at your own pace. No one likes to wake up or come home to find a broken AC, and while an air conditioning service can not eliminate the fact that all machines can break down, it helps reduce the chances that yours will. Your AC is a delicate piece of machinery, and oftentimes there are signs of wear that are noticeable to a trained eye. During your AC service, the technician will be carefully looking for these signs and will write up a report at the end of your visit. While you are under no pressure to make these repairs, doing so will save you from a breakdown and allow you to budget and plan for when you fix your AC versus forcing it on you when there is no other choice. In addition, since most damages are cumulative, a prompt repair can save you from more expensive repairs down the road.

As part of the air conditioning service, the technician will also clean your unit thoroughly which will improve the air quality within your home. They will remove all dust and debris that they find along with any mold. They will also note if they see any signs of rodents or any other type of infestation so that you can then take proper action and call an exterminator. All of these things can impact the air that your family breathes on a regular basis, and you may be surprised to learn that rodent infestation is actually commonly discovered during AC cleaning allowing homeowners to get ahead of a problem before it gets out of hand.

When Should I Book My AC Service?

As highlighted above, it really doesn’t matter when you book your AC service so long as you schedule it at least once a year. A lot of companies will recommend the spring months because it is their off-season so it makes it easier to get an appointment, but most HVAC companies will be happy to schedule an air conditioning service based on whatever fits your schedule. If you have never had one, but have had your AC unit in your home for years then go ahead and schedule it right now so you can rest assured that it is done. Sometimes scheduling something while it is on your mind is better than waiting for that perfect time that will never come. Any schedule is better than on a schedule.

How Do I Know I Need an AC Service?

An air conditioning service is not meant to be a service call, so you don’t need to wait for signs of trouble to call and schedule it. Instead, it is meant to serve as a standard maintenance and inspection call that allows a technician to get a close look at your HVAC system and make recommendations based on its current condition while also cleaning out the system. There are not too many opportunities to clean your HVAC system since you cannot do it on your own, so you should take advantage of this low-cost service that allows you to reduce your utility bills and improve the indoor air quality of your home.

Therefore, instead of looking for signs you need air conditioning service just keep track of time and make a note on your calendar when a year has passed. A lot of people book their air conditioning service around an event or date that is easy to remember. Choosing the month you purchased your home or your birthday can make it easier to remember and check off the to-do list. If you have never had an air conditioning professional completed on your unit, then you already know you need one so go ahead and call and get on the schedule right now.

Who Should I Call for Air Conditioning Service?

A simple Google service will reveal hundreds of people that offer air conditioning service in Frisco, TX, but you don’t want just anyone to take apart your AC. Your AC is one of the most expensive appliances in your home and is one of the most needed given how dangerously hot the summers can get in the city. Therefore, don’t look for a handyman or the lowest price when you start searching for an air conditioning company. You need to look for experience, certifications, and licenses.

As a simple rule, you should always choose a NATE-certified technician to handle your air conditioning service. There is no wiggle room on this one because this service will impact the lifespan of your unit and is not something where saving a few dollars now will help you. In fact, it can cost you many more hundreds later. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating for DallasFrisco, TX is a certified HVAC company that offers AC service and many more related services. If you need to book an AC service, give us a call today and we will find a time that is convenient for you to come to take care of your yearly service.