Why Preparing Your Home For Air Conditioner Installation Is Important | Dallas, TX

Why Preparing Your Home For Air Conditioner Installation Is Important | Dallas, TX

Let’s face it. Texas is known for its fiery summer heat, and Dallas, TX is no exception. With temperatures hovering near 100 degrees, you are going to need a good air conditioner installation to make your home or business more comfortable for yourself, your family, and your customers and employees. Working in the heat not only shows a marked decrease in production, but can also cause tempers to flare, which leads to uncomfortable encounters. At home, an excessively hot room can be the cause of sleep disorders, discomfort, and even certain health problems, including heat stroke and dehydration. Because of this, the large majority of residents of Dallas rely on having a completely functional air conditioner to stave off the consequences of the hottest days of the year.

But, what happens when your air conditioner breaks down and refuses to continue working efficiently? Maybe your system is old and no longer worth the cost of repairs. It is at this point you will find yourself having to get a whole new air conditioner installation for your home to keep your family comfortable and away from the dangers of extended heat exposure.

While many people may think that getting a new air conditioner installation is as simple as choosing the one you want and letting the experts do the work, nothing can be farther from the truth. There is much more that needs to be done to prepare your home for the new air conditioner installation process. So, let’s go ahead and take a look at how you can get all your ducks in a row so your new air conditioner can be installed quickly, efficiently, and without any unexpected issues.

Fortunately, the steps you will have to follow don’t require a technical degree or special training, and can be divided into specific tasks that your whole family can pitch in to complete, turning a process that could be uncomfortable into one that is fun and enjoyable for your entire family. Being prepared also helps your air conditioner installation techs get the job done in a timelier manner, so you can be sure you will have that wonderful cool air flowing through your Dallas, TX home faster than you would if caught unprepared. So, let’s get started figuring this process out step by step.

Choosing the Perfect System for Your Needs

While choosing an air conditioner doesn’t mean you have to be an expert on how it works, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the systems currently on the market. It goes without saying that with an investment of this size, you want to make sure you get the perfect air conditioner installation for your home and family’s needs. Keeping your comfort and bank account in mind, we have compiled this short list of the most common types of air conditioner installations available, which should help you make the best choice for you. Let’s take a look.

Split Systems – This type of system is possibly the most commonly used in Dallas, TX and you have probably seen it many times before. It consists of two units, one that is placed outdoors, which is charged with cooling the air, and the other indoors, which distributes it throughout your home. These types of systems usually require the use of air ducts placed throughout your entire home’s structure.

Mini-Split Systems – These types of air conditioners don’t require the use of ducts and individual units are placed in the different rooms of your home. This helps you have a more efficient control of the temperature in each area they cover, specifically because they are independent of each other.

Geothermal Air Conditioners – These types of systems are especially convenient because they are tasked with both cooling and heating your home. In this case, the system works with pipes that are placed below the ground and which circulate some form of refrigerant, which can be water or any other appropriate type, tasked with transferring the heat from the air inside your home into the ground. When you require hot air in the winter, you only have to reverse the system, which will make it transfer the heat from the ground into your home.

Even though all of these air conditioner installations are highly efficient, the one you ultimately choose will depend on several factors, including the layout of your home, the cooling capacity you require, and the cost of operation, among others.

Getting Ready for Your New Installation

Now that you have chosen the type of air conditioner installation that best suits your needs, it’s time to get your home ready for the techs to do their job. Oftentimes, homeowners put off these preparations, resulting in a more complicated and extended procedure that could inconvenience you and your family for a much longer period of time. In order to simplify the process and have everything ready for your scheduled air conditioner installation date, here is a list of steps you should take in order to ensure your home is ready on time.

Make sure your ducts are clean and completely repaired – It is a proven fact that air conditioner ducts will accumulate scores of dust and grime over the years. In some cases, the ductwork may even be worn or torn, which can result in leaks. Talk to your air conditioner installation company to verify if they offer this service. If not, you should find a reputable contractor to have your ducts cleaned, repaired, and sealed.

Clear the area in which your new air conditioner installation will be placed – Over time, clutter and debris tend to accumulate in places you don’t even expect, and this includes the location in which your new air conditioner installation will be placed. Make sure you remove any obstacles that could impede the work of installing the air conditioner, and allow for plenty of room for the techs to move around as needed. By doing this simple task, you can ensure your property won’t be damaged and that your installation process is performed in a quicker manner than when the workers have to move your stuff themselves. This should be done for both the indoor and outdoor units in case of a split system, or in each room where you will be having a mini-split system installed. While you’re at it, make sure to measure the space to ensure your new air conditioner fits in the area you have designated for it.

Make sure you clear the way for the installers inside your home – No matter what type of air conditioner installation you have chosen for your home, keep in mind that the workers will have to work both indoors and outdoors to make sure everything is placed as it should. Once you have finished clearing the space outside your home, it’s time to clear a path for them indoors. If necessary, move any furniture, carpeting, and other obstacles that could possibly hinder the process. Doing this will also ensure that no damage is inflicted to your property, while preventing any possible accidents due to misplace items.

Make sure you check out your new air conditioner installation before the process begins- Mistakes can happen, so you should always make sure to check out your new air conditioner once it arrives at your Dallas, TX home and before the installation process begins to verify you have received the correct one. This will avoid any problems down the road. This is also a good time for the installer to answer any other questions you may have, so feel free to ask about any doubts that may have come up about performance, use, and any other instructions you should be aware of.

What You Can Expect From Your Installers

The day for your new air conditioner installation has finally arrived and the excitement is palpable, but are you aware of what will happen during the process? If your contractor has already told you what you should expect, the following list may help you stay on top of things as the installation proceeds. If not, here is what will happen at your home during the air conditioner installation process:

Step 1: Your Old Air Conditioner Will Be Removed – While this step is pretty straightforward, keep in mind that the installers may require access to your attic, basement, or any other areas in which your old air conditioning system may be located. So, they will turn off your home’s power and proceed to remove all of the coolant in your old unit. In some cases, they will require the help of a licensed professional as per EPA requirements, because this chemical can’t simply be released into the atmosphere because it is toxic and can contaminate the environment.

Once the coolant has been completely emptied from your old unit and removed from your property, the workers will proceed with the disassembly of your old unit and its removal from the premises.

Step 2: Any Necessary Adaptations or Repairs of Your Ducts Will Be Performed – It is not uncommon to require a few adaptations or modifications of your ductwork, especially when you are installing an upgrade to your old system. When this happens, the installation team will make the necessary changes and repairs, while the team leader starts working on the assembly of your new air conditioner installation. If any major problems arise at this point, the contractor will make sure to talk to you about them and the possible solutions.

Step 3: Complete the Installation – During this crucial step, the installer crew will finish the installation of your new system in accordance with the specifications offered by the manufacturer in order to ensure its optimal performance. Depending on the type of system you selected, the work may be carried out both inside and outside your home.

Step 4: Final Tests – After all the work of installing your new air conditioner has been finished, your installation team will perform all the necessary tests to ensure your system is working as expected. Some of these tests include vacuum and pressure verifications prior to loading the air conditioner with the required amount of coolant. During the testing phase, the technicians will perform a complete and thorough inspection of your new system to ensure everything has been connected appropriately. Finally, your system will be activated for the first time, and you can start enjoying the cool air that starts flowing into your home.

A Handy Checklist for You to Use as a Reference

Waiting for your new air conditioner to be installed can be an exciting time. Because of this, you may often forget to prepare for the day of the procedure, causing you to waste valuable time and risk having your property damaged. This short checklist should help you with the final walkthrough of your preparations on the day the installation will take place. Simply check off the items as you go and enjoy the expectation of the moment in which cool air starts coursing through your home once more.

  • Have you chosen the perfect air conditioner for your needs?
  • Have you made the area where your new unit will be installed accessible enough for the technicians?
  • Have you cleared any obstacles that may be in the way during the process both indoors and outside?
  • Take a moment to learn everything you can about your new air conditioning system and ask any questions you may have, including proper maintenance procedures to ensure you enjoy it at its peak performance for many years to come.
  • Ask any pertinent questions about any changes that may be made to your ductwork and the disposal of coolant and your old unit.
  • Sit back and enjoy!

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If a new air conditioner installation for your home in Dallas, TX is in your future, your best bet will always be to call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas for help. Our techs will be happy to walk you through the entire process of selection, ordering, and installation of your new unit so you can enjoy countless hours of cool air flowing through your home even when the heat rages outdoors. So, don’t hesitate, if you live in Dallas, TX and need a new air conditioner, give us a call today!

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