Why Do You Need To Hire A Licensed Technician For Air Conditioning Repair? | Frisco, TX

Why Do You Need To Hire A Licensed Technician For Air Conditioning Repair? | Frisco, TX

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An air conditioning unit can keep you cool and comfortable when the temperature starts rising. While summer only lasts for a couple of months, high temperatures may take a toll on your air conditioner. If you have an old or inefficient unit, chances are you may have to call a technician in Frisco, TX for air conditioning repair. But do you go for just any technician for your repairs? DIY enthusiasts may offer their services at a lower price, but there’s always a catch to this. You can avoid issues down the road when you hire qualified people to help you fix your AC. By qualified, we mean certified technicians.

Below are the reasons why it’s important to hire licensed and experienced technicians for air conditioning repairs.

An air conditioner is an expensive investment and also a great addition to your home. You would want to make sure that you only hire the most qualified person to do air conditioning repairs. A certified technician has years of training and practical experience dealing with different types of repairs. Also, they can’t have the license unless they are fully qualified to get the job done. Rigorous training plus experience make them experts in performing air conditioning repairs. Never make the mistake of hiring an unlicensed person to save money, as you might end up even paying for more when they make a mistake.


Certified technicians don’t only have the training and skill, but they are knowledgeable about the industry. If you have an older system and are planning to get a new one, your technician can help you make an informed decision on what unit to purchase. He will know the different types of air conditioners, what brands are the best, or how to properly maintain your system. While you don’t need to have extensive knowledge about how an air conditioner works, it helps to know the basics, and a certified technician can answer all or most of your questions about your cooling system.

You Have Peace of Mind

You need a trusted and reliable AC professional that you can contact anytime for air conditioning repairs. Unless the technician is from a well-established and trusted contractor, you can’t be certain that he won’t cut corners with repairs. With certified technicians, you get a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Our team of licensed and highly experienced technicians can guarantee our materials and labor for up to 2 years from the date you requested the appointment.

Certified Technicians Adhere to the Rules

Every state has specific laws on how contractors should repair or install air conditioning units. A certified technician would always adhere to the rules, or it may cost them their license.

They Are Insured

Fixing air conditioners can be dangerous, so it needs to be performed by a licensed technician only. If you hire an unqualified person with no insurance and get injured, you will have to pay for the medical expenses. With a certified technician, the insurance would be paying for it.

How to Choose the Best HVAC Technician

Now that you know why it’s important to choose a certified HVAC professional for air conditioning repair, the next step is in knowing how to select the most qualified technician or contractor. Ask the questions below to help you make a decision:

How long have they been in business?

While it’s not a guarantee that a contractor that has been in the industry for several years can consistently deliver what was promised, the number of years in business does indicate that they must have done something right. If they were able to operate for that long, that means that they have managed to keep loyal customers. Otherwise, they would have been out of business already.

And your customers are the best retention tool. If they like your service, these customers would always come back and recommend you to their friends and family members. Ask the contractor how many years they have been in business, or check the information on their website. It’s a good sign if they have been operating for a long time. Check their other qualifications before deciding that they’re the one.

Do they employ highly experienced and skilled technicians?

While you may never have this information, what you can do is read online reviews about a certain contractor. Or, if you know friends or family members who have used their services, consider asking them if they would highly recommend their services. Otherwise, try to check their website or social media profiles for past reviews. Better yet, check with the Better Business Bureau. Find out the type of complaints they get and whether or not they took the time to resolve all complaints. You’ll know that a contractor can be trusted when they have good customer service. Addressing problems is good customer service.

How do they treat their customers?

Try calling them or sending them an email asking about their services or any inquiry you may have. Observe how they respond to you — are they quick in responding? How polite and knowledgeable are they? Were they able to resolve your issue? As mentioned, good customer service is a good sign. If they are professional and quick, consider putting them on your shortlist.

What are the type of services they offer?

Before choosing a contractor, you must know the type of services that they offer. It’s best when you don’t just focus on air conditioning repair. Do they also provide installation and maintenance services? How about your heating system? Go for a contractor that offers a wide range of HVAC services such as Heating, Air Conditioning, Air Quality, Thermostats and Ductwork. It’s always good to have sort of a one-stop-shop for your HVAC services. The contractor has to offer it all, so you wouldn’t have to keep calling another contractor for a different service.

Do they offer emergency services?

This is an important thing to consider. As much as possible, go with a contractor that offers 24/7 emergency HVAC services. This is because you never know when you’ll need emergency services. And it helps to have a contact, in case you’ll need help in the middle of a freezing winter. Don’t worry; One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure that all customers get emergency services at any time of the day.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for your repairs or installations. We are fully equipped, and we offer a wide range of services.

DIY Dangers

To save money, some homeowners may attempt to do air conditioning repairs on their own without thinking about the risks involved. Please don’t compromise your and your family’s safety — always contact a licensed technician to help you with air conditioning repairs or installations.

Below are some of the dangers involved when you DIY repairs:


Air conditioners can make you safe and comfortable in your own homes, but it’s not always easy to do air conditioning repairs. Some of the things that could happen include poisoning, an explosion from handling natural gas, or electric shock. This is why only licensed professionals must perform repairs. Never attempt to do this on your own, especially when you rely heavily on DIY videos you found on YouTube. Some videos may be helpful, but if something goes wrong, you may not be able to undo your mistake. To avoid problems and more costly repairs down the road, please always hire a licensed technician in Frisco, TX, for air conditioning repairs.


It’s okay to change or replace your air filters, but when it comes to other tools and equipment used in air conditioning repair, it’s always best that a professional handles them for they are trained to use the tools or equipment properly — and you’re not. You could end up doing it all wrong, and that might lead to a catastrophic mistake that will cost you a fortune in repairs and replacements. To avoid problems, please only hire a licensed technician.

Warranty Void

Do you know that manufacturers require that homeowners get professional installation or repairs? Otherwise, your warranty will no longer be valid. Air conditioning repairs can be expensive, and without the warranty, they may even cost you more money. To avoid problems with your warranty, please only hire a licensed technician in Frisco, TX.

Lack of Tools and Parts

Licensed technicians are fully equipped. They have all the tools, equipment, and parts needed to perform air conditioning repairs or installations. You can’t just do it with a screwdriver or whatever tools you have at home. It’s important that you have the right tools when doing repairs, which is why you need to contact a licensed technician in Frisco, TX. Please reach to us for our HVAC truck is fully equipped. We have all the necessary tools to get the job done, big or small. Also, we’re always prepared, so if another problem comes up, our team would make sure to resolve it on the same day.

Longer Repair Time

Do you know why you should always hire a licensed technician for air conditioning repair? They don’t only have the training, experience and tools, certified technicians also work fast. If you haven’t fixed an AC before, it might take forever to permanently fix the issue. Also, you’re not certain that you can resolve it. For your peace of mind, certified contractors can give you a 100 percent guarantee on the parts, labor and craftsmanship. That’s up to two years for us.

As mentioned, what you can do on your own include changing the air filters or working on your home’s insulation. But with refrigerant leaks, malfunctioning fans, or dirty evaporator coils — please leave these to the professionals only. Contact a licensed technician in Frisco, TX, for air conditioning repair.

Higher Cost

Homeowners go with DIY air conditioning repairs to save money. What they don’t know is that it may even cost them more. This is because it requires a lot of expertise to permanently resolve issues with the air conditioner. You also need several tools for troubleshooting, diagnoses and repairs. Are you prepared to buy all of the tools? That will cost more money. It’s cost-effective to hire a licensed technician all the time.

It May Be Illegal

The EPA has strict laws about handling refrigerants as they can be dangerous. Only certified technicians must perform repairs. Consider checking the area and make sure that you don’t break the rules, or you may get in trouble. You can avoid more expenses and other problems down the road by calling a certified technician in Frisco, TX, for air conditioning repairs.

DIY repairs can be dangerous and may cost you more money down the road. Always hire a certified technician, and not handypersons either, as they don’t have insurance. When they get injured, you will have to shoulder the medical expenses, whereas, with licensed technicians, the insurance company takes care of everything.

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