Who To Call For An AC Repair | The Colony, TX

Who To Call For An AC Repair | The Colony, TX

Did you know that The Colony, TX has a humid subtropical climate? Of course, you did, this means mild winters and long hot humid summers. Summer temperatures can climb to over 100 degrees, which means that homeowners will use their air conditioners most of the time. If you have ever experienced a breakdown, you know how quickly conditions inside your home can become unbearable. For those who are looking after young children or older relatives’ life is going to get very stressful trying to find a reputable AC repair company, who can send somebody out quickly to fix the problem.

A quick search online will find many companies that claim to offer a quality AC repair service. But which company do you pick? A reputable AC repair company will offer a 24-hour emergency call-out service. It will also have highly trained NATE certified technicians who are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Many people are rightfully worried about letting a stranger come into their home to work on their air conditioner, and a company must run background checks and drug tests on their employees. Such an AC repair company is One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas.

The Most Common AC Repair Problems

We most often use our air conditioners during the period from late spring to the end of summer. It is not surprising that this is also the time they are most likely to break down, and because of this, it is often difficult to get hold of a technician to undertake any AC repair.

To reduce the chance of a breakdown, we at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas will always advise our customers to have their air conditioner regularly serviced. We also suggest that you timetable your service appointment before the summer heatwave begins. This will ensure that you have peace of mind from the risk of a breakdown.

This service is the best thing you can do for your unit. Our technician will perform many checks to ensure that your unit is running safely. After the service your air conditioner will be more energy-efficient, so your electricity bills will be lower.

Keeping alert for any potential problems is a good way to avoid the need for an emergency AC repair and the most common types of problems are:

Frost and Ice Forming on the Evaporator Coils

The warm air is extracted by a fan from your home and then blown over the evaporator coils. The coolant within the coils absorbs the heat from the warm air and the now cool air is blown back into your home. To work efficiently a constant supply of warm air needs to be blown over the coil, restricting the airflow will cause the evaporator coils to freeze over.

There are several causes of restricted airflow.

  • Dirty air filters – unless the air filters are cleaned or replaced regularly, they will reduce the volume of warm air been blown over the coils.


  • Coolant leak – Less coolant in the air conditioner will mean less cooling effect as less heat from the warm air will be absorbed. This increases the risk of coil freezing.


  • Dirty evaporator coil – if the coil has not been regularly cleaned a layer of dirt will form. This has an insulating effect and will reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the coolant.


  • Defective fan – a faulty fan will not be able to blow as much warm air over the coil.

Many of these problems will be dealt with during service. But some jobs like cleaning or replacing the air filters you can do yourself. Ignoring this problem will mean the evaporator coil will eventually freeze and you will need to turn the air conditioner off to allow it to thaw. A complete thaw may take up to 24 hours, not something you want to do on a hot summer’s day in The Colony, TX.

Low Coolant Levels

To work efficiently an air conditioner must have the right level of coolant within it. Without enough coolant less heat from the warm air will be absorbed, reducing the amount of cool air circulating your home. To compensate for the reduced cooling, the other components will work harder. Harder working components will use more energy and drive up your electricity bill. There is also more chance that a harder working unit will overheat and burn out.

Signs of a coolant leak include:

  • Hearing a hissing sound means that you probably have a coolant leak and need an AC repair.


  • Increased energy bills – harder working components will use more energy.


  • Less cool airless coolant will mean less cool air. The evaporator coil does not remove as much heat without enough coolant, so any recirculated air is warmer.


  • Humidity levels are higher – warmer air will carry more moisture than cooler air, so the warmer air blown back into your home will carry more moisture and make your home more humid.

A technician from One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas will need to locate and fix the leak and then recharge the air conditioner.

AC Drain Line Is Blocked

Any moisture removed from the warm air is collected in the drip pan and then flows outside through the AC drain line. Should the drain pan or AC drain line become blocked the AC unit could shut down. Early signs of this happening include:

  • Puddles of waters around the air conditioner – a blocked drip pan or drain line will mean the drip pan will fill up and overflow, into your air conditioner and onto your floor, increasing the humidity levels in your home.


  • The smell of mold – a common cause of blockage is if mold or algae is growing in the AC drain line and would explain any smell of mold. These need to be cleaned regularly.

Keeping The Colony, TX Cool and Safe

Having your air conditioner break down during a heatwave is going to be an extremely stressful experience. That is why One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas has a team available 24/7, ready to help. Should you need an AC Repair, then please call us straight away.