When To Call A Heating And AC Repair Company | Frisco, TX

When To Call A Heating And AC Repair Company | Frisco, TX

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No one wakes up in the morning and thanks, “Yay! I get to call a heating and AC repair company today.” Not even HVAC technicians. While we are glad to be able to help our Frisco, TX clients around the region, we don’t enjoy finding out that our neighbors and/or clients are experiencing issues either. Regardless, HVAC systems are heavy pieces of machinery and they need regular service and repair in order to last for their full lifetime. Preventative service is a great way to prevent a lot of sudden repairs, but since techs don’t have crystal balls we can’t promise that an annual service will eliminate the need to call a heating and AC repair company.

What we can promise is that a regularly maintained system will last longer than one that is not and that a system that is serviced will perform better and more efficiently. All of that said, sometimes things go wrong that are outside of anyone’s control. Concerned that one of those events may be happening right now? If you are debating whether or not it is time to call a heating and AC repair company in Frisco, TX you may want to read the following list. While this doesn’t cover every single thing that can happen, the following list is a quick guide to some of the most common reasons why you need to call a heating and AC repair company in Frisco, TX.

Your Heating Bills Seem Really High

To be fair, your heating bills probably seem higher than normal because of the cold snap that hit most of Texas that was unprecedented. Everyone will probably have a higher energy bill than usual, but if you have been slowly noticing your energy bills creep up during normal times this could be a sign that your HVAC system is not working properly. Whenever something starts to go south the first sign is usually an increase in your energy bills. This is because your system will slowly start losing its efficiency, which will force it to work harder which is what is running up your energy bills.

This problem is not isolated to your furnace. It can also happen to your AC system as well. As the summer comes into Frisco, TX you should watch your energy bills over the next couple of months. If you notice that your bills are higher than last summer and the rising energy costs aren’t the reason, there is a good chance that your AC also needs to be tuned up. This is one reason why an annual service visit from a heating and AC repair company is recommended to all customers. Annual service is a great way to have your system inspected from head to toe, cleaned, and fine-tuned so you can ensure you are getting the highest performance out of it. Paying once a year for a visit from a heating and AC repair company instead of multiple times to correct problems is always a win-win situation.

Odd Noises Are Coming Out of Your HVAC Vents

Another clear sign that it is time to call a heating and AC repair company in Frisco, TX is sounds and noises coming from your air vents. Simply put, you should never hear anything coming out of your vents except for maybe a silent swish as it turns on and air first comes out. Outside of that, the entire system when working properly should be relatively quiet. This means that any other sound you hear is a clear indication that it is time to call a heating and AC repair company.

Popping is a noise that may or may not indicate you need help from a heating and AC repair company. Sometimes it will sound like there is a popping noise coming from your ductwork because the cold metal ducts start to expand when the warm air from the furnace hits them. If this is the source of the popping you should only hear it for a second and it should be over. If you continue to hear a popping noise then it is time to call a heating and AC repair company to explore further.

Another common noise is banging or clanking that sounds like it is coming from the main HVAC system. Usually, this indicates that something is wrong near the motor or the blower. IN some instances this is a broken or loose component, but sometimes it can be much more serious. For this reason, if you hear banging sounds you should immediately turn off your HVAC system and call a heating and AC repair company. It is highly possible that something is disconnected or broken and if you continue to force your blower to work you will likely cause even more damage to your system possibly making it irreparable. Don’t wait until you need to replace your entire unit, call a heating and AC company now.

Another noise you don’t want to hear coming out of your HVAC system near the blower is a screeching noise. The good news is that in most instances this only indicates that you have a fan belt wearing out, which is easy enough to replace if you call an experienced heating and AC repair company in Frisco, TX. In some cases, it may also indicate that the motor is drying up and it needs to be lubricated again. This is not something that you probably have on hand as HVAC motors require their own special lubricant, so best to call a heating and AC repair company and let a professional handle a task. As a side note, this is the type of thing that is taken care of during an annual service call which is another good reason for considering an annual HVAC maintenance visit from a local heating and AC repair company.

A lot of HVAC customers also report a clicking noise coming from either inside or outside of their homes. Of course, the location of the clicking has a lot to do with what is wrong, but it is a safe bet to assume that you don’t want to hear clicking in any case. Clicking should never be coming from your AC system, so if you hear it during the summertime give your local Frisco, TX tech a call.

On the other hand, if the clicking is coming from the furnace during the winter it may be okay in some instances. For instance, it is normal for your furnace to click for a few minutes when it first kicks on at the beginning of summer. This should stop, however. If you continue to hear the clicking this could indicate that something is wrong with your ignition system. Even if your furnace does turn on if you hear clicking coming from it continually then it is time to have it checked out by a heating and AC repair company.

Do you suddenly hear a screaming or very high-pitched whistle coming from the basement? If this sound is coming from the AC then it is a clear sign that you have a dangerous system on your hands and need to get your AC to turn it off. Immediately switch the electrical power to the AC off. Some machines have a built-in safety that will kick them off before this occurs, but if your AC does not turn itself off make sure to manually cut off all electrical power and then call for heating and AC repair.

This is not a situation that you want to handle on your own. The screaming and/or whistle noise you are hearing indicates that your compressor is failing or potentially that the refrigerant pressure has reached dangerous levels. In rare cases, it could mean that there is a leak inside of your HVAC system, although generally, this will sound more like a hissing noise. All of these problems need to be looked at by an HVAC tech and the HVAC unit should not be used until it is resolved fully.

Your Thermostat Never Achieves the Temperature It Is Set At

Does it seem like your heat or AC cycles all day and no matter what the temperature in your home never matches the temperature you set your thermostat at? This is usually a situation that demands you call a heating and AC repair company to resolve. This generally happens for one of two reasons: broken thermostat or inefficient HVAC system.

If your HVAC system runs all day but cannot adequately cool or warm your home there is a chance that your thermostat is broken. This is something you can check on your own if you happen to have a separate thermometer on your own. Set it in the same location and after a few minutes see what the temperature on the thermostat reads, and then compare it to the separate thermometer. If the temperature is not within a degree of each other then the problem is probably your thermostat. At this point, you know you need to call a heating and AC repair company to have your thermostat replaced.

On the other hand, if you do this and your thermostat is correct, your HVAC system simply cannot cool or warm your home to set levels. At this point, the wisest thing you can do is call and schedule an HVAC tune-up service. As part of the tune-up service, the HVAC tech will look carefully at every component in your system, thoroughly clean it out, and lubricate it as needed. If they find anything wrong along the way they will write up a report and give it to you. Oftentimes the small repairs or worn-out pieces may be the issue that is ruining the efficiency of your HVAC system. Other times simply cleaning it out will be enough to improve its performance.

Sometimes, however, the tech will note that the system is old and starting to wear down. While an HVAC system is an expensive piece of machinery, it is important to understand that it is still a piece of machinery. Despite the best efforts of everyone eventually, an HVAC system will reach the end of its lifespan. Pieces wear and parts corrode. If this is the case, they may recommend that you replace your system and upgrade to a more efficient system. In the long term, this will save you money on energy bills, but it is an upfront cost. If your system is older it is important that you are aware this could be the outcome.

The Pilot Light on Your HVAC System Is Yellow

Your pilot light should always be blue, in fact, there is no reason for it to be any other color but blue. If you notice that it is yellow or orange, then there is something affecting its color. Sometimes rust that builds up over the burners can interfere with the eating process, but this can also be an indication that there has been a gas leak. Obviously, this can be a major concern so you don’t want to take a discolored pilot lightly.

In the case that you notice your pilot light is orange or yellow you need to immediately shut off your HVAC system from its electrical switch, and then call a heating and AC repair company to get to the bottom of the problem. If you happen to also smell a sulfuric or a skunky smell around your HVAC system then this is a surefire sign that you do in fact have a gas leak.

Gas leaks are not something to play around with. After switching the off switch on your HVAC system you need to gather your family members and exit the house. Once you are a safe distance away from your home call the local gas company or a fire station to have the problem closely examined. They will turn off your gas if it is a leak and advise you on who to call to fix the problem based on where it is stemming from.

Have you noticed any of the signs above in your Frisco, TX home? If you have then you probably know you need help from a heating and AC repair company. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas routinely helps people around the Frisco, TX area and will be glad to help you. We are always just one phone call away.