When Should You Get An AC Repair? | Irving, TX

When Should You Get An AC Repair? | Irving, TX

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When an air conditioner malfunctions, your home may get uncomfortable. It’s crucial that you get an AC repair in Irving, TX, right away so that a technician can inspect the unit and provide permanent solutions. But when should you call for repairs?

Age of the Air Conditioner

Like the rest of your appliances, air conditioners don’t last forever. You will need to replace them at some point. Over time, ACs also tend to lose their efficiency. They may no longer provide you with the same comfort level as when you recently bought the unit. Some homeowners may also get higher energy bills as the air conditioner is no longer that efficient. An efficient AC consumes more energy, and this results in getting higher utility bills every month.

When the AC malfunctions, find out how long you have been using the air conditioner. If you’ve only been using it for a few years and show signs of inefficiency, the problem could be with how the unit was installed. Perhaps it wasn’t correctly installed by the technician. Did you hire a licensed technician to help you install the unit? Another reason why the AC has malfunctioned is when you fail to replace the filters. Dirty filters can affect the efficiency of your cooling system, and it may even lead to costly AC repairs down the road. It’s essential to care for your system if you want the unit to last several years and if you want to avoid AC repairs that may cost you a fortune.

If, however, your air conditioner is more than ten years old, it may be time to get it replaced. It may be more cost-effective to buy a new replacement than keep paying for AC repairs. Contact a licensed technician in Irving, TX, for an inspection. Our technician can help you determine whether you need AC repair or a new unit completely.

Higher Utility Bills

Did you get an AC tune-up a month before you started using the air conditioner? You need to get your AC checked to ensure that it’s still in excellent shape and still highly efficient. As mentioned, inefficient AC units will consume more energy to provide you with the same level of comfort. You will only get higher utility bills if your unit is not energy-efficient.

Contact a technician in Irving, TX, for an inspection asap. Our technician will perform some diagnostics, find out why the unit is no longer that efficient, and present you with cost-effective solutions to ensure that your unit stays efficient.

When you start getting unusually higher bills since you started using the air conditioner, inspect your home’s insulation and make sure that your home isn’t completely sealed. Gaps and cracks in the windows and doors can cause your air conditioner to work harder. Homes that don’t have proper insulation can also affect the efficiency of your cooling system. Check your attic and basement, as these are areas where the cooled air escapes. If there are no issues, the problem could be the unit itself. But don’t worry, our licensed technicians are highly skilled in AC repair. Rest assured, we’ll find out what’s wrong with your system and whether or not you need AC repair or a new unit.

Uneven Cooling

Have you noticed that some areas of your home still feel warm even after lowering the temperature on your AC? There could be a leak in your air conditioner. We suggest that you contact a technician asap for AC repairs. Don’t wait until the issue damages other components of your system — get AC repair immediately, so the problem is permanently resolved.

Also, we suggest that you don’t postpone AC repairs. As much as possible, contact a licensed technician right away. You can avoid emergency repairs when you get help at the soonest possible time. Please reach out to us, for we have skilled and licensed technicians who will never cut corners when it comes to AC repairs. Rest assured; we’ll fix the issue on the same day. Your air conditioner will be good as new after we get it fixed.

Unusual Sounds from the AC

Don’t be alarmed when your window-type AC is noisy — that’s normal. Contact a technician in Irving, TX, only when the noise is unusually loud. The problem with a very noisy air conditioner is that there might be issues with some of its components. To avoid further damage, get in touch with a technician right away for an AC repair. Reliable and trusted technicians can inspect your air conditioner, determine the root cause of the problem and provide you with cost-effective solutions. When the AC is beyond repair, the technician may advise you to get a new one instead.

Should you decide to get a replacement unit, we suggest considering an energy-efficient AC to save energy and money. Then get in touch with us to help you install the unit.

Don’t Keep Very Old Units

Are you planning to get a replacement air conditioner for your home? As experts in heating and cooling, we suggest that homeowners get a brand new air conditioner. While getting a used AC has its advantages, especially when looking for a more affordable option, we’re afraid that it might have more bad news coming.

Also, please never keep an old air conditioner, especially when it’s way past its service life. Besides the higher energy bills and more AC repairs, there might be some dangers in keeping a very old air conditioner. Consider getting it replaced when the AC is more than 10 or 15 years, especially when it’s no longer that efficient.

Fire Hazards

All electronic appliances may create fire hazards, especially when not used properly or long beyond the service life. However, you don’t need to worry about this so long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using the air conditioner.

If you have an old system, please consider getting a new one instead to ensure it’s in excellent shape and avoid costly AC repairs.

The Dangers of R-22 Refrigerants

One of the dangers of keeping an old AC that’s long past its service life is that the unit may leak toxic chemicals due to the phased-out R-22 refrigerant. Old air conditioners may likely still have this kind of refrigerant, and we wouldn’t advise this. Instead, we suggest that you get a new one right away. Reach out to us so we can help you choose the best air conditioner for your home.

In addition to the refrigerant issue, bacteria and mold may have already built up on your old system, and it may no longer be that effective in removing the moisture. Over time, the bacteria may find their way into your living spaces. You can avoid this by getting a new unit instead.

Risks of Buying a Used Air Conditioner

Besides the costly AC repairs down the road, there are other dangers of buying an old air conditioner, especially when you don’t know how long the previous owner has been using the unit and if the air conditioner was maintained correctly or not. Below are the reasons why you shouldn’t buy a used AC.

No Warranty

Buying a brand new air conditioner comes with a warranty. Depending on the manufacturer, the warranty may cover parts and labor for a certain number of years. Getting a warranty is essential as it lets you save money if there are issues with the system down the road. Unfortunately, you don’t get a warranty when buying an old AC. If you need AC repairs, you may need to pay for a technician to help you repair the unit.

Always get a brand new unit to ensure that you get a manufacturer’s warranty. However, please make sure only to hire licensed technicians to install the unit. Poor installation also leads to other issues down the road. Also, you may not be able to keep your warranty if you hire an unlicensed technician to install your air conditioner.

Air Conditioner’s History

One of the disadvantages of buying an old air conditioner is that you don’t know whether the previous owner does AC tune-ups or regular maintenance with the unit. Unless he shows you receipts of appointments from licensed technicians, you’ll never know if the unit is efficient or not. For all you know, the air conditioner could be in really bad shape, and it may break down when you least expect it.

As much as possible, get a brand new unit. You may be able to find a manufacturer or an HVAC company willing to offer you financing options so that you won’t have to pay it one time.

With a new unit that’s properly installed by reliable and trusted technicians, you’ll know that the air conditioner won’t suddenly break down in the middle of a very hot day. A good AC also lets you avoid costly AC repairs in Irving, TX.

Incorrect Size

Do you know that it’s essential to know the right size of the air conditioner? You can’t just buy an AC because you like the features. The size is one of the factors you need to consider because a small size won’t be suitable for bigger rooms. You will only end up paying higher bills when you get an incorrectly sized AC.

You may end up with the wrong size when you buy an old and used air conditioner. We suggest that you get help from a technician who can check your home, including the insulation, and recommend the right air conditioner size suitable for your home.

How High Are Your Energy Bills?

How much did you pay for your cooling system? When it’s unusually high, it could be because the unit is no longer that efficient. It’s costly to run an inefficient unit as it’s going to consume more energy. Another issue is that it may suddenly break down. You would want to avoid AC repairs as much as possible by ensuring that you have a highly efficient unit.

If you’re getting a new one, contact us so we can give you recommendations. Our team of experts are knowledgeable about air conditioners. We can also advise you whether you should get a window type, split type of AC, or central air conditioners. Most importantly, we can help you buy the right size of your AC.

Hire Licensed Technicians for Repairs

At some point, we may have to call technicians for air conditioning repairs. Please make sure that you only contact qualified people for it. Hiring the wrong people could end up to even more costly repairs down the road.

We are your go-to HVAC company when it comes to repairs. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating is fully equipped and operates 24/7 to ensure you’re getting the emergency services you need. Our technicians are fully licensed and highly skilled to tackle any repair jobs. Whether you’re having issues with your refrigerant or your air conditioning unit won’t turn on, our team of experts can help you fix it.

In addition, we offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Also, we never cut corners for repairs, and we only use high-quality tools to fix your air conditioner. Because we work incredibly hard, rest assured that you’ll be completely delighted with our service.

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