When It’s Time For An Air Conditioning Repair | Frisco, TX

When It’s Time For An Air Conditioning Repair | Frisco, TX

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Homeowner’s in Frisco, TX, can often have a difficult time identifying when it’s time to arrange an air conditioning repair. Air conditioning problems aren’t as easy as plumbing issues to identify if you don’t have the right type of training. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to seek AC repair services only when it’s late and the air conditioning system has suffered extensive damage.

Those who are able to recognize the early signs of an issue, they tend to need a quick and inexpensive air conditioning repair. To be fair, HVAC specialists are called on a daily basis around Frisco, TX, to deal with issues that can be carried easily and quickly restore order to the house’s air conditioning system. As early repair services are relatively minor, the overall cost remains low allowing you to have a fully working air conditioning system without emptying your pocket. As a result, when you are able to detect issues while they are still minor, you get a better chance of quickly fixing the issue by arranging an air conditioning repair. Your HVAC specialists can also get the chance to maintain the overall condition of the air flowing system and point out any issues that may cause damage in the near future.

Undergoing frequent air conditioning repair guarantees that your system will last longer and provide a higher quality service. Apart from temperature, air conditioning units are responsible for the correct flow of air inside the house. A well-working, efficient unit will provide a better quality of air which in turn can positively affect and improve your everyday life. If you do long-term activities such as working from home or you like to exercise indoors, it’s important to have a well-functioning air conditioning system, capable of providing a good amount of filtered, fresh air.

Air conditioning units have a lifespan of their own and relying on your air quality for an improved in-house comfort makes it easy to identify some significant signs that point to the need to arrange a service right away. Things like funny odors, water leaks, and strange noises or units that cease to flow air, are all telltale signs that the time to arrange the next air conditioning repair has come. The last thing you want during a humid and cold winter day is for your air conditioning unit to stop working. The best tip to prevent a total air conditioning breakdown is to educate yourself and learn how to recognize the signs that you need an HVAC specialist to visit your property. In the next lines of this article, you will become familiar with all the minor and major things that can happen when your air conditioning unit starts to fail.

Insufficient Air Flow

Have you noticed that the air coming out of the vents is less than usual? An air conditioner with a poor amount of airflow will take more time to regulate the desired temperature inside the house. In addition, the unit will work overtime and increase the energy bill in an effort to try and keep your house warm during the winter. There are a few reasons behind a bad airflow and all require an air conditioning repair before the flow is restored.

For example, a common reason lies within the air conditioner’s blower unit. If the blower is malfunctioning, the air conditioner won’t be able to provide a proper amount of air in the house, thus resulting in poor airflow. Another reason might be that the evaporator unit has frozen coils. When the evaporator is frozen, the accumulated ice will limit the amount of air passing through the coils and the air ducts of the unit.

Finally, the air filter inside the air conditioner could be clogged. As air flows through, dust and debris particles may become trapped in the filter’s body and disrupt the amount of air intake.

The best way to deal with poor airflow is to arrange with an HVAC tech to carry out an air conditioning repair. That way you stand a better chance of detecting minor issues before they manifest into something more serious.

Moisture Marks and Leaks Around The Unit

Homeowners in Frisco, TX, that use air conditioners as a means of regulating the temperature and filtering the air inside the house, know that water and moisture leaks aren’t a good sign. There should never be signs of moisture inside or outside the unit. When you notice water leaks and moisture developing, it’s essential to arrange an air conditioning repair as moisture may be harmful for your health.

With cases of moisture and leaks, the problem might originate from a malfunctioning condenser pump. You can try and test the pump by pouring some water into the condenser pan. If the water is pumped out, the condenser pump is working correctly but if the water puddles, then you may need a replacement one. In some other cases, the condenser motor might be the problem, in which case, an HVAC tech must carry out an air conditioning repair for the unit to be restored.

It’s also a wise idea to check the drain line hose for signs of clogging and rust as it can be as simple as that and a simple repair can restore the equilibrium. Also, an aged air filter can contribute to moisture marks appearing around the unit. If the airflow is clogged, the air reaching the evaporator coils will be reduced and as a result, it will freeze. When this excess water melts, it will leak back down to the drain pan and cause a water puddle as the pan isn’t designed to keep all this excessive water.

Sometimes, a refrigerant leak may happen. If you have pets or small children, it’s crucial to restrict any exposure as refrigerant liquids are highly toxic and harmful to health. A modern or recently acquired air conditioning unit can easily be fixed by an HVAC tech who will apply sealant and refill the refrigerant. However, if you have an older system, you may require type R-22 refrigerants to restore order. This type has been deemed even more harmful and regulations are in place to phase out and eventually stop the use of R-22 completely. In this case, air conditioning repairs can be difficult as the refrigerant won’t be easy to find and it will cost a lot. In such a case, you should ask your HVAC technician about the options available to completely restore the air conditioner with a modern and more efficient unit.

Weird Sounds

HVAC specialists in Fort Worth, TX, are called on a daily basis to deal with noisy air conditioners. When the unit is functioning as expected, you shouldn’t hear any high-level noises, especially during the start up. That’s why it’s necessary to arrange for an air conditioning repair as soon as you start hearing strange sounds originating from your air conditioner.

An experienced HVAC specialist can take the system apart to pinpoint what is causing such a sound and fix the issue.

Rattling and buzzing sounds may start coming from the inside of the air conditioner. This likely suggests that a part has come loose or broke apart. If you ignore this problem for a long time, the broken part may slip into a part of the unit where it isn’t supposed to be and cause even greater damage. In which case, if you notice any grinding or whistling sounds, it’s important to arrange for an emergency air conditioning repair as the problem is way more serious.

Frequent Cycling

Have you noticed that the air conditioner is turning on and off a lot? This may mean that electrical damage has occurred within the electronic control unit of the air conditioning system. A wire or a connection node may have become loose and prohibit the air conditioner from working properly.

Air conditioners are designed in modules, thus making repair and replacement procedures easy and quick for an experienced HVAC tech. When a circuit board or a microcontroller is damaged, your service provider will need to order this part from the manufacturer but if you own a famous brand air conditioning unit, chances are that all authorized service providers will have these parts easily available.

Bad Odours

Whenever you switch the air conditioner on, have you noticed the presence of musty odors in the room? If the answer is yes, it’s time to arrange for a professional to carry out an air conditioning repair in order to tackle the problem. It is highly likely that you have neglected to clean the air conditioning unit as frequently as necessary. Because the air that flows through the unit is rich in humidity, it’s the perfect environment for mold and other bacteria to develop. The wood-alike smell is likely originating from such microbes.

The HVAC specialists always recommend calling for an air conditioning repair and even if deemed necessary pest control as something might be living or hiding inside the air conditioning unit.

It’s essential to do an air conditioning repair immediately as these bacteria can easily begin to incapacitate many different subsystems inside the air conditioner. You also risk a total breakdown as a whole. It’s also worth remembering that the spores will be flowing directly inside the air supply of your home. This can be harmful and cause a lot of issues for people with respiratory conditions or allergies. Especially people with asthma issues will have a difficult time inside the property.

Having a crystal clear supply of fresh air inside the house is absolutely crucial for your health. Depending on the type of organisms living in your air conditioning unit, you will begin to experience a wide variety of physical symptoms such as fatigue or even chest pains and headaches which can all be avoided simply by carrying out frequent air conditioning repair appointments.

Faulty Thermostat

Thermostats are difficult components to diagnose if they are working properly or not. Especially if you are not using your air conditioner on a constant basis. Most of the time, homeowners in Frisco, TX, only start noticing that there’s a problem with the thermostat on very cold winter days or very hot summer days when the dependence of the household on the air conditioning unit is much greater than any other days. When a breakdown occurs during an extreme weather event, it’s usually too late to get an air conditioning repair on time.

One of the things that many households don’t understand is that the location of the actual thermostat may also be the reason why it’s not functioning properly. If your thermostat is located underneath a draughty patch of the house without direct sunlight, it may not work as efficiently, or quickly, as required from the air conditioning unit to compensate.

Imagine the thermostat as the “eyes” of the air conditioning unit. There are many reasons why the unit may not be working as expected but it could be worn down or damaged by aging or moisture. If your air conditioner is old, it’s essential to consider a replacement unit instead of air conditioning repair.

Invest In Yourself

A household with functioning air conditioner units can stay comfortable all year round, no matter the weather extremes lying outside. HVAC systems are robust and cost-effective options that come with a lot of benefits for modern properties. From regulating the humidity, to keep the temperature at a comfortable level during the day, it’s a comfort that all homeowners in Frisco TX appreciate. However, it’s essential to keep air conditioning repair appointments in check and always arrange for an HVAC specialist to inspect your unit for any signs of damage. Give us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas a call today and get in touch with the best HVAC specialists in Frisco, TX.