What You Should Consider Before Scheduling Your New Air Conditioner Installation | Dallas, TX

What You Should Consider Before Scheduling Your New Air Conditioner Installation | Dallas, TX

Air conditioners were once considered luxuries in some parts of the world. However, they are necessary today, especially during the humid, hot Dallas, TX summers. After a long day at work, the only thing that some people look forward to is unwinding in their homes. Imagine looking forward to going home to the hot and humid indoor air. Nobody looks forward to such a thing. This informs the importance of an air conditioner in most homes. The homeowners without an air conditioning unit are counting the days until they can have an air conditioner installation service.

If you already have an air conditioner installed, you might not worry about the air conditioner. However, you shouldn’t let your guard down. The air conditioner is also prone to damage like most other electrical appliances. The unit is also subject to aging and breaking down. The last thing you want is to have an air conditioner malfunctioning mid-summer and wait for hours before an air conditioner installation technician arrives.  

To ensure that you take good care of the unit, you must find a unit that efficiently cools your home. Finding a suitable unit might prove an arduous task. However, to end up with the wrong air conditioning unit is worse. Hence, ensure that you make a worthwhile investment by having an air conditioner installation technician advise you on the right air conditioner size. Below are some of the things that the professional might advise you to consider;


How big is your apartment or home? This is because the floor size of the room in which you want to install the air conditioner is essential. It informs how much capacity the air conditioner should have. If you purchase an air conditioning unit that is too small for your indoor space, your home will not be efficiently cooled. Because the unit will be straining to efficiently and sufficiently cool your home, it will be wearing out prematurely. 

On the other hand, purchasing a wrongly sized air conditioner will cool your indoor space quickly, even before removing the humidity. This means that it will experience what is called short cycling. This means that the various components of the air conditioning unit will experience damage. Therefore, you will need air conditioner repair services more frequently, not to forget that you’ll have poor quality air. You are also paying a higher electricity bill because it uses more energy. 

The only surefire way of ensuring that you choose the right sized air conditioner is to consult your air conditioner installation technician. They will advise you on the sizing of the AC and help you purchase a suitable unit that can cool your home efficiently. Remember, purchasing and installing an air conditioner is a sizable investment. Hence, you should spare no effort in ensuring you do not end up with the wrong unit.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the other thing to consider before purchasing an air conditioner. You must purchase an energy-efficient unit. Although these units will cost you more initially, they will save you money down the line because they use less energy. Air conditioning units that aren’t energy efficient will cost you more money in repairs, have higher electricity bills, and are also not eco-friendly.

Air conditioning units that aren’t energy efficient might be using harmful refrigerants that will negatively impact the environment. So, why buy an energy-efficient unit? Any professional AC installation technician in Dallas, TX, will tell you they have a lot of benefits besides being eco-friendly. Below are some of the benefits of installing an energy-efficient air conditioner.

They Are Energy-Saving

Whenever installing a new air conditioner or electrical appliance, for that matter, you should ensure that it is energy efficient. If you are wondering which air conditioner installation will save you on energy utility bills next time, you should install an energy-efficient one. This can be noted from the Energy Star certification label on the appliance.

So, if your air conditioner is aged and you are planning a new air conditioner installation, then consider replacing it with an energy-efficient one. Energy efficiency has many benefits, the most prominent being that you’ll pay less in energy utility bills. Hence, ask the vendor about the air conditioner’s SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) to know how efficient the unit is. The higher the SEER and EER rating, the higher the energy efficiency.

Saves Money

If a unit is energy efficient, it won’t use much energy. This means that the operational costs will be lower. Since the more energy a unit uses, the more the operational cost, this sounds pretty obvious. The air conditioner or HVAC system is among the leading electricity consumers at your Dallas, TX, home. Hence, installing an energy-efficient air conditioner could save you a fortune. The EPA estimates that you could save up to 25% of the energy by having energy-efficient appliances. Hence, although the initial cost of purchasing the unit might be high, you’ll save more on electricity bills. The unit gives you more at a lower cost. Hence, if you’re considering an AC installation, you should use an energy-efficient unit.

It Is Eco-Friendly

The more energy used, the more the impact on the environment. American households are among the leading electricity consumers in the world. With global warming, you can help by using energy-efficient appliances. If you are an environmentally conscious homeowner, you should use an energy-efficient air conditioner. If your air conditioner is old, it is likely to use R-22 Freon, a harmful refrigerant. 

Such units have a large carbon footprint and pose a significant environmental danger. When you install an energy-efficient AC, you will reduce your carbon footprint. The new air conditioning units run on eco-friendly, newer refrigerants called R410 and R32. Whenever you enlist an air conditioner installation technician in Dallas, TX, ensure that you inquire about the refrigerant your new air conditioner uses.

Better Temperature Control

The newer air conditioners have an energy-efficient method of controlling your home temperatures. They feature programmable thermostats that you can set to maintain more comfortable and desirable temperatures. These ACs also have an option to time how you use them. Hence, you don’t have to worry about getting up at night to turn them off. They also allow temperature zoning, meaning you can cool some places more than others based on your preferences.

If there’s a place where you don’t want to cool much more than others, you can program the air conditioner accordingly. Hence, you won’t waste energy cooling your entire home! Some energy-efficient air conditioners have a companion app that can be installed on your smartphone to remotely control and monitor indoor temperatures. Hence, next time, have an efficient air conditioner installation for all these benefits.

Reduces Noise

If your air conditioner is aged, you are most likely familiar with the funny noises the unit produces. You might even have become used to it. However, those are signs that something is amiss within the unit. The newer and more efficient units are designed to run silently or with less noise. Hence, you’ll have great relaxation at night. But if you plan to replace the unit, ask the air conditioner installation technician to replace it with an energy-efficient unit.

They Last Longer

Air conditioners are designed to last for years with proper care and maintenance. However, some occurrences might significantly reduce an air conditioner’s service life. The newer air conditioners have monitoring applications and also feature self-diagnostics. Hence should something go wrong such as overheating, the unit will immediately notify you. Hence, rather than having an air conditioner installation technician come to your home every few months to inspect the unit, have them install an efficient one that will last for decades.


The other thing to consider before purchasing an air conditioner is the price. Regarding the price, include things such as air conditioner installation costs and transportation costs. You also can consider the operational costs in this case. Hence purchase an energy-efficient unit that is within your budget. An energy-efficient unit will have a higher initial purchasing cost but lower operational costs.

Hence, you should know the tradeoff: the long-term benefits of an energy-efficient unit or the short-term benefits of purchasing a unit that isn’t energy efficient cheaply. If price isn’t an issue, purchase a high-quality, energy-efficient unit that will last longer. Cheaper units will cool your indoor space but have high operational costs. They also need more maintenance. These are some factors to consider before you call a technician for an air conditioner installation. Hence, draw up a budget before you go shopping.

Air Quality

Have you just entered a new home and want an air conditioner to cool it and ensure more comfort? Then you also have to consider the quality of air a unit can produce. Air conditioners with better vents and filters will clean the air sufficiently and better than those without. Hence, purchase an air conditioner with better filters if you want high-quality and fresh-feeling air. Consider the weather in your locality whenever you think about air conditioner installation. The last thing you want is an air conditioner that cannot remove the humidity from the indoor air. The comfort of your Dallas, TX, home is directly proportional to the air quality the air conditioner provides.


In the outdoor unit, the air conditioner might be exposed to direct sunlight, which might result in various complications. Hence, ensure that the unit is installed where it is shielded from exposure to sunlight, debris, and tree leaves. With passing time, it might be damaged by the weather. You can also place a plank to create a shade for the outdoor unit if you cannot find a safe spot.

If the outdoor and indoor units aren’t properly working, the air conditioner won’t work either. The air conditioner is exposed to a lot of rain or sunlight. This will result in damage to the ducts and filters. They also might be filled with debris, tampering with the cooling of the air conditioner. Rather than experience all this, enlist for an air conditioner installation service.


Are you the type of person that doesn’t care much about maintenance? Then you should talk about regular maintenance and inspections with the technicians for an air conditioner installation. Regular maintenance and servicing of the air conditioner ensure that you won’t need frequent or emergency repairs. This is because any developing issues are caught by the air conditioner installation or repair technician in Dallas, TX before they become full-blown.

The professional can help you install an AC unit that needs less maintenance. You can also create a plan where they will be coming after an agreed period for inspections and maintenance service of the air conditioner. The professionals can also give you tips and tricks on caring for the air conditioner. In any way you look at it, routine air conditioner maintenance is critical. During the maintenance visit, the professional will clean the air ducts, check the refrigerant levels, inspect the unit for leaks, examine the evaporator coils for freezing, and inspect the compressor, among other services. They will fix any issue they find.

Cooling Speed

How fast does the unit cool your indoor space? Ensure that you choose a unit with an adjustable thermostat. The convenience of an air conditioner with a thermostat is that you can maintain a uniform temperature throughout the house. This means you don’t have to worry about your home becoming too warm or cold if you leave it unmonitored. The thermostat ensures that the temperatures are maintained at a level comfortable for a homeowner. Ensure that despite your locality’s weather conditions, the air conditioner installation has been done to ensure optimal cooling.

Professional AC Installation Services

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