Simple and Easy Air Conditioner Installation | Dallas, TX

Simple and Easy Air Conditioner Installation | Dallas, TX

Discovering that your AC system is not working as you expect it to is never a good find in Dallas, TX. However, it doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it likely was the minute you found out. Air conditioner installation can be a simple, hassle-free process if you work with the right company and know what to expect going into the situation. Like most things, knowledge is certainly power when it comes to installation.

If it is an emergency air conditioner installation versus a planned installation, there are a few things that you need to be aware of because there may be a waiting period, and you need to be prepared for what will happen if you cannot live in your home during the hot, hot summer. Generally, there is a waiting period because the new AC needs to be ordered, which can take some time. Understanding what exactly goes into choosing a new unit can be helpful during that time period.

Even if you have an air conditioner installation that is not an emergency, it is still helpful to know what the process looks like so you know what to expect. Most people feel better about having a major installation done in their house when they understand the costs and variables that decide which is the correct unit. There are many different considerations for choosing a new air conditioning unit, which is why it is not recommended that any homeowner attempt to do this independently.

How to Choose a New Unit

The first step of a new air conditioner installation in Dallas, TX, involves choosing a new AC unit. This can be hard to do on your own, and since it will impact the air quality in your home for the next decade or two is something that needs to be carefully considered. This is the number reason why people should opt to work with a professional HVAC company as mentioned earlier. The type of unit that is installed will heavily play a role in the actual lifespan of your new AC. If you buy a unit that is either overpowered or underpowered, you will end up paying either higher energy costs or never achieving the quality of air that you want in your home. Both are situations that we seek to avoid.

In addition, it is important to remember that the actual number one factor that influences the lifespan of an AC unit is its installation. If an air conditioner is not installed properly, it will not reach its full lifespan, which given the cost of a new AC unit is not something that you ever want to deal with. If you are facing a new air conditioner installation then you no doubt want to get the most out of your investment. The best way to do this is by working with a company that can provide you with a solid installation plan. Allowing them to choose the right unit and then install it is the best way to protect the investment.

At this point you are probably wondering what factors go into choosing a new unit. The very first thing you need to consider is the actual square footage of your home. This is extremely important because it helps determine the actual power and air output that will be required to adequately cool your entire home. Then you need to take a look at the actual layout of your home and the layout of your air vents. Some homes are particularly hard to cool or heat because the ductwork is old or oddly constructed. This plays a role in the type of power that is necessary to efficiently cool your home.

On that note, another factor to consider when choosing a new AC unit for an air conditioner installation is the overall energy efficiency rating. It is almost a safe bet that any AC you choose is going to have a better energy efficiency rating than the one that is currently in your Dallas, TX, home. This is because a lot of advances have been made over the last decade when it comes to AC units. In fact, this is true for almost all appliances in your home. If you replace any appliance in your home that is over a decade old you can rest assured you will save money on energy bills.

This is where balance and budget start to play a role in the AC unit that you choose for your air conditioner unit. At this point, you need to consider how much you are willing to pay for increased energy efficiency and how much you can afford at this time. Most homeowners find that a mid-range option is the best fit for their homes. You can talk about these parameters with a professional air conditioner installation company to figure out what is going to work best at your home. You can also discuss what the costs of air conditioner installation are actually going to be since you need to figure that into what you are budgeting for the repair as well.

Keep in mind that the cost of your AC unit is only one of the costs that are responsible for taking care of. Paying for your AC unit alone will not do you much good if you are then unable to pay for the installation costs. This is one reason why talking with a professional is so helpful, because you will get a detailed estimate and understand all of the costs individually. A lot of people think that buying direct from an HVAC company is more expensive than from a home department store because they forget that installation has been figured into their final bill. Once you take out installation the costs actually usually look very similar, and depending on the HVAC company that you work with, sometimes they can even end up to be less. This is because some HVAC companies have agreements with manufacturers that allow them to get certain off-market products that are designed for retail use and are better than what is featured on store shelves.

What Does the Timeline Look Like?

The timeline for air conditioner installation in Dallas, TX, can vary based on several factors. The first and most influential factor is out of your control and the HVAC company: the time it takes for the AC unit to ship to your home. In most cases, it is best to minimize shipping in order to reduce the chances of damage in shipping. Therefore, AC units are usually shipped directly to the home prior to the air conditioner installation. Nothing can begin or get scheduled until the AC unit is actually scheduled to be delivered.

While most of the time, this takes one to two weeks, it can vary based on the supply and the manufacturer. Like most things, there are supply chain issues; sometimes, this process can be slowed down. This is one reason why air conditioner installation is best when scheduled preemptively instead of in an emergency breakdown. While there are times when you cannot avoid it and have no clues that your AC unit is on its way out, if you are aware your unit is older and have been warned that a replacement is in your future, it is best to plan ahead so you can make it through the waiting period.

Waiting for the new AC unit is only one factor in the timeline; the other factor is the schedule of the HVAC company that you are working with. It is no secret that AC is a big deal in Dallas, TX, so if you need to buy a new air conditioner during the summer months, you have to expect a delay in getting an HVAC company that can finish the installation. While an emergency should precede simple repairs, most HVAC companies get extremely busy in the summer months, so you have to account for that when planning your air conditioner installation.

If you are proactively going to book an air conditioner installation, it is best to call and get the ball moving on your replacement as quickly as possible so that you have a few months to wait. It won’t seem as bad to wait for everyone’s schedules to work out if you have an active AC unit that is still working. Additionally, the earlier you can start talking, the more flexibility you will have regarding your own schedule. If you need it urgently done, you will need to take the date you are offered, but if you have some time to work with, you can choose a date that is good for the company and you.

How Long Does New AC Installation Take?

The size of the new air conditioner installation and the location of the AC unit will determine the length of the installation. In general, you can expect it to take eight hours or so, but sometimes it takes even longer depending on whether or not the old unit needs to be removed and if any unexpected things pop up along the way. Depending on the time of year and how heavily your AC unit needs to be used, sometimes the HVAC company will come out a day or two before and remove the old AC unit before the new unit arrives. If your old unit has quit working and is not of any use to you, they will remove it ahead of time most of the time to help streamline the process.

Other factors that might impact the air conditioner installation of your new AC include whether or not the installation is actually really new. If you don’t have a current AC unit and this will be a new air conditioner installation literally, then it will likely take longer since the hole for placement and ductwork will need to be made into the walls of your home in order to hook the outdoor unit to the indoor unit. In addition, a flat surface will need to be created for your outdoor unit to sit on. It is extremely important that this is level to help enhance the lifespan and efficiency of your unit.

Finally, sometimes unexpected things can pop up that will push your air conditioner installation into a longer timeframe. This is why most of the time, HVAC companies will tell you to expect to be home the entire day for the installation. With any luck, the air conditioner installation will not take 8-12 hours, but if that slot of time is reserved, then you can rest assured it will be done.

What Can I Do to Prepare for an AC Installation?

While planning for a new air conditioner installation in Dallas, TX, can feel stressful, as a homeowner, there is not too much you need to worry about doing to prepare for the installation crew. You will want to ensure that you are home so that you can let the HVAC technicians in and you will also want to clean a four-foot pathway around your indoor and outdoor unit so that the crew has room to work. The more awkward the work area is the longer it will take to complete the installation. By moving storage boxes or anything that might be around your unit, you make it easier for the team to get tools and the new unit components back and forth.

In addition, keep in mind that you want to keep your driveway area clean and your outdoor unit clear of debris. If you can leave your car in the street so the AC company can drive up and have easy access to your Dallas, TX, home, this can also help speed up the length of time it takes. If you are ready to schedule a new AC installation, contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas today.

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