What To Remember When Choosing An AC Repair Company | Lewisville, TX

What To Remember When Choosing An AC Repair Company | Lewisville, TX

Everywhere you go, the residents seem to insist on how the weather is unpredictable. In the Texas heat, air conditioners aren’t quite a luxury but more of a necessity. The summers are scorching, making ACs crucial to keep your home cool which is a relief from the humidity outside. Like all equipment, ACs tend to malfunction and need AC repair to function properly.

While there are likely many AC repair companies in Lewisville, TX, you cannot simply hand over your AC unit to just anyone. You need a professional and reliable AC service provider who you can trust and is adept with the task at hand. However, figuring out the right company for your unit repair can be challenging.

In this piece, we help you figure out how to choose the right AC repair company.

Experience and Expertise

An AC repair company that has been in the industry for a long time is likely to deliver great service compared to a novice technician or company. They have been handling issues such as the one you are facing for years and can better repair your AC efficiently compared to a younger company. An AC company that has been in business for years is also likely to be more organized and know how to treat its clients, making your experience a better one.

Guarantees on Service

Receiving great service is always a wonderful experience. However, it is a bonus when you find an AC company that guarantees or offers warranties for its services. Air conditioning is a complex business, and without careful attention, a lot could go wrong. A company that confidently guarantees their services means they are sure about the quality of their services. If something were to go wrong, they wouldn’t put the responsibility on you.

Quality Technicians and Proper Equipment

The phrase ‘a company is only as good as their employees’ has never been more true for AC companies. A company that invests in its employees and technicians is a company that wants the best for its customers. When considering AC companies, look for an indication that the technicians are NATE certified. Companies that also offer their employees an opportunity to learn regularly are a better option. Select a company that chooses to spend resources and time investing in its technicians.

A well-trained AC repair technician without the proper equipment can’t quite do much. With technology ever-evolving, ACs are now developed in various makes and models. Techs need to be well equipped with the latest technology to handle any AC irrespective of the model or make.

Service Hours

Since ACs are crucial aspects of the livability of your home, an eight to five service doesn’t quite help during emergencies. AC breakdowns are unpredictable, and you never know when you will need a professional. As such, it is best to find an AC company that offers 24/7 service. The air conditioning company should always be available when you need it. This includes all hours of the day, weekends, and holidays. Some companies may offer 24/7 emergency services but charge extra for the repair work done outside normal work hours. For this reason, when looking for an AC company, ensure you ask them upfront whether their emergency service has a larger price tag.


Be careful of AC repair companies whose service costs seem too good to be true. You get what you pay for, and cheap could be expensive in the long run. However, this doesn’t mean the cost of repairing your AC should be exorbitant either. Try companies such as One Hour Conditioning that offer free estimates for repairs so that you don’t pay just to have the problem assessed. Some companies even offer service specials that give you discounts to better help you get quality services more affordably. Also, always get a written quote rather than a verbal quote.


You can tell a company’s approach and commitment to the profession by how they treat their customers. A professional AC company will have trained techs who know how to deal with customer issues. A professional will be polite and professional, listen calmly, show transparency in their procedures and prices. A great way to determine a company’s professionalism is through customer reviews and testimonials.

Quality of Spare Parts

The quality of spare parts is crucial in the longevity of the repairs carried out. Check if the company uses original parts. It is easy to opt for cheaper counterfeit parts to save money, but this decision could just as easily backfire, causing even more repairs sooner than you expected. Poor quality parts are also likely to affect the performance of your AC.

Safety Precautions

This is another key consideration when determining if an AC company is right for you. It is important to ensure the AC repair companies practice the safety precaution measures prescribed by the government in Texas concerning safety and health. Are the technicians dressed in proper attire to maintain safety and hygiene? Is the company concerned about their employee’s well-being? Don’t hesitate to inquire about all this from the AC company.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

A quick peek at what former or current customers have to say about a business may save you a lot of disappointment. Check if the ACC repair business has reviews online. Customers who’ve had a good experience with a service are likely to leave a review on the business website. If a business has no reviews whatsoever, they are either pretty new or have crappy services.

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