What To Consider When Choosing An AC Unit & Reasons To Avoid DIY Air Conditioner Installation | Irving, TX

What To Consider When Choosing An AC Unit & Reasons To Avoid DIY Air Conditioner Installation | Irving, TX

Summer in Irving, TX, is characterized by oppressive and hot weather. Sometimes, the temperatures around can reach over 97 degrees Fahrenheit. To ensure that your family is comfortable in such hostile environments, you need to install a functional air conditioner.

Hence, if the air conditioner is irreparably damaged, you must ensure you replace it before summer sets in. Similarly, if you’re building a new house, you need to enlist the services of an AC technician for air conditioner installation. However, some homeowners feel like saving some money and installing the air conditioner themselves.

Unfortunately, most homeowners haven’t done much air conditioner shopping. Probably you’ve purchased a portable AC or a Windows, but buying a central AC unit is on a whole new level. However, it is still critical you ensure that you get the right AC for your home.

Although finding the right AC and installing it properly isn’t an easy job, you can make the process easier by enlisting the services of a professional air conditioner installation can make the process seamless, efficient, and effective. In this article, you’ll find the things to consider when purchasing an air conditioner and the reasons never to try DIY AC installation.

What to Consider When Choosing an Air Conditioner

AC Sizing

The cooling capabilities of an air conditioner are highly dependent on its size. Although you want an air conditioner that is powerful enough to cool your interiors, you do not want to spend lots of money purchasing a too large Unit that might make you lose some money. A too-large AC unit has short heating and cooling cycles that could harm the unit.

Various things determine the sizing of an AC unit. Therefore, you should leave that to your air conditioner installation professional. A professional will consider the different things and take time to assess how properly your home is insulated and the kind of cooling power necessary to keep your indoor temperatures consistent.

Remember that if you have a small AC, it will cost you less in most cases. However, it might strain to cool your home and result in frequent malfunctions due to the straining. Therefore, the unit must coincide with the space being cooled. Ensure you consult an AC installation technician on the proper sizing of the water heater and install it at your home.

Types of ACs

What type of air conditioner do you want? Air conditioners are of various types, with each requiring a unique air conditioner installation process. Therefore, you must choose an AC that works for your home. If you want an AC system that can effectively cool your home, you’d probably do well with a central air conditioning system.

These AC units are connected to the home through ducts where the cool air passes through. Central air conditioning is among the most popular types. It also is the most involved when it comes to installation since the technician must install the air ducts throughout your house.

For renters, getting something that doesn’t need to be installed is generally better. Portable air conditioners might provide the required cooling power for Irving, TX smaller apartments or homes that don’t have complicated installation and are pretty affordable.

A window air conditioner is among the most common and straightforward options. These ACs are mounted on your window for simple air conditioner installation. The drawback to window air conditioners is that they do not offer enough cooling power.

SEER Ratings

Efficiency should be among your key considerations when you are trying to look for the perfect AC unit. An air conditioner’s energy efficiency is described or measured using the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. SEER ratings explain how well the air conditioner converts electrical power to cool the air. A higher SEER rating indicates that the AC will have higher efficiency.

With air conditioner installation, the SEER rating is among the essential factors to consider. Although most modern AC units have a SEER rating above 13, you will get more efficiency to consider a higher SEER rating.

Remember that there might be diminishing returns when you consider SEER rating. For instance, although an air conditioner with a 21 SEER rating will save you a fortune on cooling bills, it has high upfront unit costs that might not be worth the savings you’ll accrue in the future.


A warranty that comes with your air conditioner is one of the things that most customers forget to consider with an air conditioner installation. Although the warranties can differ from one unit, any trustworthy manufacturer extends a warranty on its air conditioners.

You must know the kind of warranty you’ll be getting when you purchase an air conditioner. This includes the warranty duration and specifics of what is covered and if the warranty services are free. It would be best to have a warranty that lasts for a more extended period, covering the AC repairs to ensure you don’t incur the repair expenses.

If you are unsure what to look for in an AC warranty, you can always seek help from an air conditioner installation professional in Irving, TX. They will help you find an AC having a good warranty.

Additional Features

Beyond finding an adequately sized and efficient air conditioner with a good warranty, you should also consider several other things. One of the primary things to consider with air conditioner installation is the unit’s noise. If you’ve ever had an old air conditioner, you may have an idea of how loud these units can be. Therefore, if noise is among your concerns, ensure you purchase an air conditioner with specific features to reduce noise.

Another excellent feature of an air conditioner is the filter indicator lights. Some AC units gave a small LED light that turns on when the filters are dirty or need changing. Some of the lights even alternate between red, yellow, and green to ensure that you know when the filter is becoming dirty before you have to replace it. This is a vital feature to consider when choosing a new AC and having a technician install an air conditioner in your home.

Why DIY AC Installation Is a Bad Idea

After purchasing the selecting the air conditioner, you should look for a reliable and licensed AC company for installation. Unfortunately, some homeowners choose to install the unit themselves, as mentioned above. There are various reasons why this is a terrible idea, as you shall see below. Hire a licensed air conditioner installation professional to install the unit in your home.

It Is a Dangerous Undertaking

Air conditioner installation is among the most physically demanding activities. However, besides getting you tired, the job might leave you and the family with severe injuries. For instance, a DIY AC installation job might expose you to the risk of getting into contact with toxic chemicals. Installing an AC might also involve dealing with electrical parts that might expose you to the dangers of electrical shock or even electrocution.

Fortunately, you don’t have to install the air conditioner. You can pass that risk to another person, a technician experienced in HVAC services near you in Irving, TX, to complete the job on your behalf. These technicians are adequately trained on air conditioner installation, including handling the electrical components and chemicals like freon.

They also have specialized tools and protective gear that they use on the job. After all, these professionals have medical insurance covers, ensuring that you are shielded from any liability or footing the medical bill should the technician be injured when performing the job.

You May Damage the New Air Conditioner

An AC is a pretty sensitive appliance, meaning that it needs careful handling. Unfortunately, unless you are trained in HVAC handling and operations, you most likely lack the knowledge on safe handling of the air conditioner. Hence, some of the air conditioner’s components might end up getting damaged if you decide to do the air conditioner installation yourself.

This, unfortunately, means that you’ll begin to repair your AC when it’s still new. To avoid such eventualities, you must ensure that an experienced HVAC installation and repair services provider conducts the AC installation job. The experts carry out such tasks daily, meaning that they understand what they have to do to ensure that the AC is safely installed without any damage.

The AC Might Not Function Properly

An air conditioner’s cost worries most of the Irving, TX homeowners. Everybody wants the air condition appliance to ensure sufficient comfort at their home at minimal possible costs. However, an air conditioner’s efficiency depends on how well the unit was installed and serviced.

Hence, if your air conditioner isn’t installed correctly, it might not run efficiently in its lifespan, meaning that you’ll spend more than required on energy. Besides the air conditioner running inefficiently, you’ll need to repair it, which will cost you more frequently.

Furthermore, if the air conditioner installation isn’t properly, it’ll wear out faster, meaning that you’ll be forced to replace it sooner before it achieves its lifespan. Ensure that the installation is performed by an expert who knows their way around an air conditioner and knows what should be done to get optimal performance.

You Could Void the Unit’s Warranty

As mentioned above, air conditioners don’t come cheap. Hence, they can with some warranties attached. A warranty is a document used by the AC manufacturer to express their confidence in its quality. Through that document, the product manufacturer commits to undertaking any repairs, paying for the repair, or replacing the entire air conditioning unit should it develop issues during a specified period.

However, it would help if you remembered that any warranty comes with pre-conditions. For example, an air conditioner warranty may require that a certified HVAC service conduct any air conditioner installation, repair, or maintenance.

In such a case, attempting to install the AC yourself would void the warranty effectively. For the warranty to remain valid so that you can benefit from its privileges, you must adhere to the terms and conditions by ensuring that a licensed professional perform the unit’s installation.

DIY AC Installation Might Prove Expensive

The only reason to attempt a DIY HVAC job is to save some money, and most people do it hoping so. However, the truth of the matter is that if you choose to install the air conditioner yourself, you could also end up incurring heavy financial losses. For example, by picking the wrongly sized air conditioner for your home and not fixing it properly, you will have to spend more on electricity throughout the air conditioning unit’s service life.

Additionally, the air conditioning system might end up working harder than required, meaning that it wears out quickly and needs to be frequently repaired. This forces you to replace the air conditioner sooner before the lapse of its service life. During a DIY air conditioner installation, you might also damage some parts, meaning that they need a replacement, and you will ultimately have to call an AC installation technician.

Besides installing the unit, they will have to repair it first, which will charge you more. All this doesn’t consider the fact that you might cause a fire when installing the unit, resulting in catastrophic property and home damage, including personal injuries. The restoration, replacement, and medical costs might prove costly.

Hiring experienced air conditioner installation services is the best solution to avoiding the above expenses. These technicians have the necessary experience and skills to ensure that the AC installation is completed without any hiccup. They might also optimize your unit to ensure a smooth operation and save you some money down the line.

Professional Air Conditioner Installation In Irving, TX

Choosing and purchasing an air conditioner is a complex process involving different considerations. The above factors are vital at ensuring that you choose the suitable unit for your home. However, after you select the unit, you have to enlist the services of a licensed professional in air conditioning installation services. While some people resort to DIY AC installation, there are many reasons why this is a terrible idea, as listed above.

Many things could go amiss during an air conditioner installation, especially if you decide to do it yourself. Therefore, enlist the help of a professional service like One Hour Air conditioning & Heating of Dallas to take care of the air conditioner installation in your Irving, TX home. Call us now for a free consultation.

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