Warm, Cool, And Always Comfortable — An AC Repair Company That Wants You To Feel Good At Home | Dallas, TX

Warm, Cool, And Always Comfortable — An AC Repair Company That Wants You To Feel Good At Home | Dallas, TX

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We Can Make a Big Difference in Your Comfort, Not Just Your Home’s Temperature

At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, TX, we’re an AC repair company that thinks about how our clients live. We want to make sure that the systems we install, maintain, and repair provide quality air that gives families and their visitors reason to relax and stay a while, enjoy time together, and keep active indoors. It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to make it happen, along with the right equipment and technologies. Our systems are about much more than heating and cooling.

Temperature Control

Home climate control systems work to manage the temperature, and sometimes the humidity, in your home. Your AC repair company can provide ways to improve your temperature control. Factors like the location and type of thermostats, the way the heating and cooling is distributed, and the frequency of heating and cooling cycles all contribute to how stable your home’s temperature is. When the system operates too frequently or when it doesn’t heat and cool your home evenly, you’ll feel uncomfortable as you move around or even as you sit and feel periodic changes as the system blows more air.

Air Flow

Depending on your duct size, fan pressure, and system capacity, you can have a climate control system that gently adjusts your home’s temperature, or frequent gusts of warm or cool air that not only change the way you feel, but can even scatter the papers you’re working on. Air flow is an important consideration in system design, and some people can be quite sensitive to it. As your AC repair company, we can help you organize your air ducts in places like your bedroom and study to make sure you can relax and enjoy yourself while the system keeps you comfortable.

System Design

Not every home climate system is optimal for the way the home is used, and some may have been upgraded and adapted over time so that their operation is unbalanced. Even unexpected factors like a piece of furniture blocking a vent or a bedroom repurposed as a study can change the way the system needs to be designed. As your AC repair company we look at what your needs are today, and how your system operates, and provide ideas to increase your comfort and efficiency. In many cases, some simple changes can provide remarkable improvements in your daily Dallas, TX life at home.


The moisture in the air affects how our bodies feel, even when the temperature is right where we want it. Dry cold air is very different from dry moist air, and of course humid summer heat makes the point for us — it can get much more miserable when the moisture increases. Your AC repair company can install both humidifier and dehumidifier equipment on your system to manage your home’s moisture level year-round, guided by special thermostats that sense humidity in targeted living areas.

Air Quality and Filtering

People are becoming more sensitive to the quality of the air that they breathe these days, and the effect that it has on their lungs. This can be especially important for seniors and those with respiratory conditions. The standard filtration that comes with your heating and AC system provides some removal of dust and other particles from the air, and your AC repair company can help you maintain the filter so that it works effectively. We can also install a high-quality HEPA air filter to provide the kind of air filtration often used in hospitals and other sensitive areas. This can help remove much smaller particles from the air, preventing airborne allergens from moving around the house, and keeping particles transporting viruses and other contaminants from remaining in the air.

Pathogen Control

In addition to effective filtration including HEPA systems, many homeowners are using specialized UV light treatment as part of their home climate system to neutralize contaminants in the air. This effect has been in use in public locations like restaurants, restrooms, and doctor’s offices, as well as laboratories and other controlled environments. If you have family members who are especially vulnerable, or have frequent visitors to your home, UV light treatment installed in your system by your AC repair company can provide helpful protection.

Duct Cleaning

A simple but often-overlooked maintenance item that makes a big difference in air quality is duct cleaning by your AC repair company. The high volume of air that travels through your ducts can bring with it dust and other particles that settle and accumulate on the duct intake out and outlet surfaces, providing a place for contaminants such as mold and bacteria to grow. Material lining your ducts can also break loose and be blown through your system, providing an unexpected source of illness and allergy that could be challenging to locate when someone is making frequent visits to the doctor. As ducts become particularly dirty and obstructed, your system’s efficiency can even suffer considerably.

Zoned Systems

If you have an older system, chances are you are using one set of ducts to deliver air to the entire house, making it a challenge to reach the comfort level you desire. A single thermostat setting in the living room isn’t going to make the bedroom temperatures right, for example. With a few modifications by our AC repair company, we can divide your heating and cooling into zones, where each one is managed by a local thermostat. Your bedroom, living room, and family room can all be set to the right temperature, and you’ll find it’s usually easier on your comfort system and utility bill as well.

Intelligent Thermostats

Another innovation that helps you manage your home’s temperature is intelligent thermostats, from ones that simply work on a timer to set different target temperatures for day and night, to those that learn what you prefer, and adapt accordingly. Your Dallas, TX AC repair company can replace your standard thermostat with an intelligent one during a regular maintenance visit, or drop by and upgrade your thermostat while you discuss other cost savings and comfort improvement options.

Smart System Control

Even beyond intelligent thermostats are today’s smart thermostats that work in connection with your smart home gear to help you save on energy costs and adapt your comfort system to your lifestyle. Your AC repair company can provide installation services for these thermostats. Systems can even include automated shade operation and information about sunny and cloudy days that will affect your indoor temperature and keep your home temperature adjusted based on all these factors. For some homeowners, it’s fascinating but for everyone, it just makes life at home a bit better. For seniors this can be especially helpful, as remote controls and voice control keep people from having to find the thermostat to make a change.

Sufficient Capacity Makes a Comfort and Cost Difference

One reason that homes can be less comfortable, with temperature variations and frequent gusts of air from the environmental systems, is the inability of the equipment to do its job easily. A limited-capacity heater or cooling system, as your AC repair company will tell you, has to cycle much more often to do the work that a properly sized system can do with ease. Efficiency isn’t just a matter of a limited rating for the system. As you may have experienced with your car, a small engine often has to work harder to get you around town and up hills. The same goes for air conditioning systems that can’t deal effectively with sweltering summer heat, or are slow to warm you up on those especially cold winter days. When you’re thinking about upgrading, not only can you benefit from increased efficiency in newer models, but you can also make sure that your system’s capacity is right to provide you with just the right amount of heating and cooling no matter what the Dallas, TX weather brings.

Upgrading Systems

If you’re getting frequent visits from your AC repair company for heater or AC unit servicing, it may be time to consider upgrading rather than putting more of your resources into parts and labor. In fact, with seasonal incentives and the efficiency of newer models and advanced technology, you can wind up with a pretty good bottom line for the upgrade. This is also a great time to consider zoned system modifications, upgrades in your thermostats, and other changes that will help your system do a better job for you. We’re glad to talk with you about the various types of heating and cooling technology, too, and help you navigate your options rather than just providing a drop-in replacement that might not be your best choice. As your preferred AC repair company we’ve got the answers, and the right systems to keep you and your family comfortable.


We’re not just your AC repair company, we’re also your AC maintenance company. There are a lot of things we do to make sure that your system’s mechanical components, heating and cooling sources, and control systems are operating properly. They all add up to keeping your system running smoothly at peak demand, and being ready to respond when the season starts. As your AC repair company, we know what tends to go wrong, so we follow both the manufacturer’s plan for your equipment and our own experience to make sure you’re getting the best service.

Avoiding Mid-Season Repairs

Calling the AC repair company in mid-summer can be an anxious experience. When it gets hot and miserable out, that seems to be when systems break down the most and waiting times increase. We want you as our year-round customer, handling your comfort systems with planned maintenance and wise advice, but if something happens and your party is getting too hot, seniors are too miserable, or your family’s hot and grumpy, give us a call and remember our name! We’re the AC repair company to trust. The same goes in winter, though happily here we don’t get much deep-freeze, we still want you to be nice and warm, comfortable through the winter.

Systems for One or Two Rooms

Not everyone has an existing whole-house AC system, but sometimes it’s necessary to have a cool space for sleeping, to care for seniors and children, or for a home office, among other purposes. We can install systems that provide simple cooling for one or two rooms without the hassle of window-based AC units. Using outdoor AC equipment and through-wall or narrow-duct distribution, they can be an easily installed option. These can also be helpful to allow you to keep those rooms cooler on a separate AC system, independent of the rest of the house for a variety of reasons.

Ductless Systems

Another option for limited AC coverage is ductless systems, which we at your AC repair company can provide quickly and effectively. Usually consisting of a wall-mounted unit with a compressor outside, these can be perfect for additions and in-law apartments. The cost is reasonable, and the comfort is wonderful.

The Joy of Hotel-Quality Air

If you’re used to ancient, drafty air conditioning and heating systems that do nothing for the humidity and frequently vary in temperature and air quality, we can help you move into modern times in your current home. Let us configure a total comfort system today.

All This and 24/7 Emergency Service, Too

Call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas to repair, maintain, install, and upgrade your comfort systems so you can relax and enjoy your home year-round. Our technicians have the experience and a great supply of parts to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and our team can make suggestions and help you create a heating and AC system that you’ll really enjoy. We know it’s about making everyone comfortable, and we dedicate ourselves to doing it right. Give us a call and get to know us.