Understanding Types Of Central Air Systems That An AC Repair Company May Install At Your Home | Lewisville, TX

Understanding Types Of Central Air Systems That An AC Repair Company May Install At Your Home | Lewisville, TX

The modernization of technology has touched every industry, and the commercial and residential heating and air conditioning sector isn’t left behind. The developments have increased demand for highly advanced and energy-efficient central AC units. Thus, choosing the correct central air conditioning system is critical as it can help you maximize your running and initial costs while improving your comfort levels. AC installation is crucial in your business or homeowner’s journey to ensure comfort in your property or setting. Hence, you should consult your AC repair company on the pros and cons of central Air systems and ask them about the existing types.

What Are the Various Types of Central Air Systems?

Central air systems can be categorized into several classes, as explained below. Remember, every type of system has its merits and demerits.

Split Air Conditioning Systems

If you visit most homes, most of the installed air conditioning systems belong to this category. If your property also has a furnace, you will find a split air conditioning system most efficient for cooling your home. But you might be asking yourself, why split? The split air conditioning systems feature an evaporator coil split from the compressor and condenser. These evaporator coils absorb the heat and moisture from the air. At the same time, the condenser and compressor push the conditioned air via the air ducts at your home. In many split air conditioners, the compressor and condensing coil are in the outdoor unit, and the evaporator is installed inside your home. The AC repair company can install the unit in the crawl space, basement, or cabinet.

A Simple Installation Process

Split AC units require less labor and installation time than other systems. Ductworks are, at times, optional. The professional from your technician only has to install a connector between the outdoor and the indoor unit that only needs an opening of about 3 In. in diameter. After that, all that is required is accessing the electrical connections and a place for connecting the unit.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Many other central air systems lose lots of energy through the air ducts. Leaks in the air ducts can result in a loss of about 30% in the cooling energy. If the ducts are not insulated, that also is a factor that results in AC energy efficiency issues. Eliminating the need for air ducts means that the issues above don’t affect a split system. Hence, installing an AC repair company at your home could save you a fortune in energy utility bills.

They Blend Seamlessly with Your Décor

One of the largest benefits of installing a split system air conditioner is its flexible indoor installation. They can be wall-mounted or hung from a ceiling. There even are floor-mounted split air conditioners. Additionally, most of them offer sophisticated and elegant, aesthetically appealing jackets. If you have an AC repair company install a mini split, you can realize they are less obtrusive compared to the window units.

Increased Security

Unlike window air conditioning units, split system AC units are more security friendly. Since with a window system, you have to leave your unit open; intruders might enter your home. On the other hand, the technician only has to drill a small hole to insert the wiring connection and tubing between the indoor and outdoor unit.


Have you noticed that you are having an uneven heating or cooling issue in your home? You can eradicate this problem by leveraging the zoning capabilities of a split system. by having an AC repair company install such a system. You can divide your home into different zones for more effective cooling.

Packaged Units

Packaged air conditioning units are usually used in commercial settings. In these units, the evaporator, compressor, and condenser are all in a single unit rather than installing one outdoors and the other indoors. The AC repair company installs the entire package unit on a concrete system near you or on the roof for commercial properties. When operating, the packaged systems pull the air from your home, cool it, and return it to your air ducts. The systems may include heating coils, meaning you don’t have to install a separate heating unit.


  • Because the design of this unit brings both cooling and heating units and their components in a single cabinet, having an AC repair company install them at your home results in a significant space-saving advantage, especially if you have a compact home.
  • Package HVAC units are highly energy efficient, although it is recommended that you choose one that is ENERGY STAR rated for maximum efficiency.

When an AC repair company installs a hybrid package HVAC unit, you must determine whether a switch from the furnace to the heat pump is required. The system automatically does that for you by choosing a fuel source with the most efficiency based on outside temperatures, resulting in savings on home energy bills.

Ductless Mini-Splits

Installing a ductless mini-split might prove beneficial in homes that don’t have air ducts or rooms that aren’t connected to the main HVAC system. These units have an indoor air handling unit and an outdoor compressor. They both work similarly to a traditional AC unit. However, these units run via a small hole in a wall with the blowers attached. Hence, they don’t run via ductwork. The AC unit pulls the air from a room, moves it over a refrigerant for cooling, and blows it back into your home. Although ductless mini-splits are highly effective, they only cool your home where they’re installed. Do you need to institute zoning in your home? Liaise with an AC repair company to install these units; they are highly effective.

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