Top Signs You Need Heating And AC Repair | Irving, TX

Top Signs You Need Heating And AC Repair | Irving, TX

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Remember when you were a kid and you used to wait for the heater to pop on during a cold winter day just so you could hover over a heating vent and indulge in the warm stream of air? When you were young it probably seemed like the hot airflow was magic, but as an adult, you know that your HVAC system is responsible for it. While it still may seem a bit like magic that your home can cool and heat with just adjustments at the thermostat, the truth is that HVAC systems are much more complex than that, which is why proper heating and AC repair in Irving, TX is so important.

In reality, HVAC systems are very complex and intricate systems that depend heavily on moving pieces doing exactly what they are supposed to do. If one component starts to wear down it can impact the entire heating or cooling process and eventually cause the entire system to shut down. Anyone who has experienced this during a hot Irving, TX summer knows just how frustrating finding heating and AC repair can be. However, if you learn to appreciate the complexity of your system you won’t have to deal with a breakdown.

That is because HVAC systems are essentially just fancy machines at the end of the day, and if you take care of yours the same way you would any other expensive machine in your life you can prevent a lot of problems in the future. Proper heating and AC repair is the key to extending the lifespan of your unit and its energy-efficiency and is actually within your grasp. One regular maintenance visit every year is all it takes to keep your HVAC system on track, and compared to the costs of unexpected heating and AC repair is a very affordable task to schedule.

The same way that you wouldn’t dare drive your car for 13 years without having it serviced, you shouldn’t blindly expect your HVAC system to just perform because you purchased it new at some point. There are many components that need to be lubricated, replaced, and cleaned on a regular basis if you want it to last, and similar to a car, you can burn out the engine if you expect too much out of it. Just like a car, it is also a very expensive mistake to make since replacement costs are so high.

With that in mind, if you want to truly streamline your budget and get the most worth out of your HVAC system, it may be time to consider an annual servicing and/or heating and AC repair. Your HVAC system might even be sending you signs that it needs some attention now, but do you know how to listen to them? If you don’t ordinarily give much thought to your HVAC system, now is the time. Spring is a great time to make basic repairs and book a service visit if you have any worries.

The following list is designed to help you decide if you need heating and AC repair right now or not. If you notice any of the signs on this list then it is probably a good idea to call your local HVAC tech in Irving, TX. If you don’t, then file away this list so that you can refer to it later if something starts to seem off about your heating and cooling system. Keep in mind that even if you don’t notice any of these signs, your home HVAC system should be serviced at least once a year, so if you haven’t had anyone in your home to take a look at it now is still a good time to call your local HVAC technician.

You Just Bought a New HVAC System

A lot of people mistakenly think that because they have purchased a new HVAC system they no longer need to worry about booking an annual service call, however, this can be a very costly mistake. The problem is that most HVAC systems require you have your system serviced at least once a year in order to keep the warranty valid. Therefore, if you skip your annual heating and AC repair service call, you could void your warranty.

Given how much you paid for your HVAC system this can be a very large problem if the system does malfunction or shut down within its first few years. You won’t have the option to return the system or use the manufacturer warranty to fix it properly for no fee. Instead, you could be staring down the very hefty replacement costs just a few years after buying a new HVAC system. Calling to schedule an annual visit is a much better choice than rolling the dice on your warranty.

Airflow Seems Compromised or Deceased

While your home may still be heating or cooling, does it seem like the air coming out of your vents is just not as forceful as it used to be? This can be a sign that you need to schedule heating and AC repair in Irving, TX. While your kids may be the first ones to notice this given they are probably the ones that stand on the vents all day, you also likely have an idea of how much airflow usually travels out of your vents. If you start to notice a sudden drop you have a problem that requires immediate heating and AC repair attention.

The problem with decreased airflow is multi-fold. Not only does it indicate that something is clogged or a component in your machine is not working properly, but it also probably means that your HVAC system is working harder than ever to cool and heat your home. More wear and tear means that your system will likely break down sooner than later, and that is once again not a situation that you want to find yourself in. The good news is that it is a situation you can avoid if you call for heating and AC repair the minute you notice this problem.

In most cases, decreased airflow indicates that either the air filter is clogged and needs to be changed, a component is wearing down, or your entire system needs to be cleaned. Therefore, you can address this by booking a heating and AC repair visit or scheduling an annual cleaning. Either will work since at the end of the annual service the HVAC technician will tell you what heating and AC repair recommendations they would make which should include dealing with the decreased airflow.

Before calling however you can change your air filter on your own to see if that helps. A lot of homeowners don’t understand how important changing the air filters on their HVAC systems is. It is usually recommended that you change the air filter in your HVAC system at least once every season. Doing so will help improve the health of your HVAC system and also its efficiency and should only take you five minutes to do. A good way to remember is to change your air filters around the same time that you get the oil changed in your car.

You Notice Your HVAC System Is Constantly Cycling

Another sign that there are problems brewing within your HVAC system is if you notice your system is cycling constantly. It is normal for your system to turn on and off throughout the day as it assesses that the temperature needs to be controlled. Each time it turns on and off is known as a cycle. When an HVAC system is working efficiently the cycles are even and spaced out throughout the day. If you start to notice irregular cycles or constant cycling within minutes of each other this is a sign that you need to call for heating and AC repair in Irving, TX.

Cycling can be caused by a thermostat that is incorrectly assessing the temperature in your home and forcing your system to continue to blow even though your home is at the right temperature. It can also be caused if your system is wearing down and is not efficiently working anymore. In this case, your system will start to work twice as hard in order to reach the same temperatures that it used to be able to.

Either situation is bad because the end result will be higher energy bills and more wear and tear on your system. Therefore, you will be paying more upfront and possibly more down the road since you will have to replace your HVAC system sooner instead of later. Get to the bottom of the issue quickly by calling for heating and AC repair before the problem compiles and becomes a larger issue. Once again, you don’t want to deal with a sudden breakdown in the middle of summer, and you don’t have to if you listen to what your HVAC system is trying to tell you.

There Are Odd Odors Coming Up Your Ductwork

Sometimes you don’t have to listen to your HVAC system to know there is a problem, you just have to pay attention to the smells that are coming out of your air vents. Any smell is a sign that something is wrong because there should never be any smell coming from your vents. Alarming smells are sulfur-like smells, electric smells, and/or musty smells.

Sulfur and electric smells are immediate concerns because they indicate that your system is malfunctioning. An electric smell can mean that something is wrong with your wiring or there is a spark within our system. Mice can eat through electrical wires causing the burning smell or something else can go wrong within your system that you cannot see. For this reason, if you notice an electrical smell the first thing you need to do is immediately turn off your HVAC system and call for heating and AC repair in Irving, TX. This could lead to a potential fire hazard so it is not something that you want to ignore.

A sulfur smell can indicate that you have a gas leak coming from your HVAC system which is also very concerning. If possible make sure that you turn off your HVAC system to potentially stop the leak and call for heating and AC repair. If the smell is very notable you need to leave your home and then call for heating and AC repair because it could be very dangerous. Natural gas is scented so that you can smell if there is a gas leak because it is very dangerous and can even be deadly. You don’t want to stay in a home where there is a gas leak until it has been properly investigated by a professional. If you can’t get a hold of an HVAC technician you should call your gas company or fire department.

Your HVAC System Is Making Noises

Finally, if your HVAC system is making any odd noises then you need to call for heating and AC repair. Ideally, your system will not make any noises, but if there is a problem brewing inside you may start to notice weird banging noises, squealing noises, screeching noises, or other odd noises. These noises will not go away on their own and if you don’t address them they will eventually lead to your system shutting down.

A lot of people attempt to ignore odd noises with the hope that they will eventually work themselves out, but this rarely actually happens. What does happen is that even more damage occurs and you find yourself needing emergency heating and AC repair. Therefore, if you have noticed any of these signs you should call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas so we can help get your HVAC system back on track.