Time To Repair Your Air Conditioning System: Top Signs You May Need An Air Conditioning Repair | Frisco, TX

Time To Repair Your Air Conditioning System: Top Signs You May Need An Air Conditioning Repair | Frisco, TX

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The summer season is the time when most air conditioning systems are put to constant use, leading to broken ACs in some households. Problems related to air conditioners tend to happen at the most inconvenient time, like on a hot and sunny Sunday afternoon when relaxing with your family.

Postponing your air conditioning repair is a recipe for disaster. You may assume that just because your AC is still running, contacting a professional is not necessary. However, ignoring your repair needs increases the chances of a complete breakdown of your AC, especially when you most need its services.

Having a well-functioning air conditioning system creates comfort for your family and their overall health. This can be achieved by a simple and occasional air conditioning repair and maintenance. Most competent repair and maintenance companies in Frisco, TX, recommend carrying out essential AC servicing more than twice a year. This guarantees a smooth running of your AC for an entire year. However, if the repairs become more and more within a short period, maybe it is time to replace your AC altogether.

Most high-quality ACs are created to withstand difficult conditions, but sometimes these machines can counter technical problems. In most times, your AC will give you a signal that it needs a repair or replacement. You just have to be keen and listen. Thereafter, consult a reputable air conditioning repair and maintenance company.

Is your AC acting funny? Here are the top signs that it needs a repair service.

Blowing Warm Air

This is probably the top sign that you need to fix your AC. No one realistically buys an AC to keep their home warm. The main purpose of an AC is to keep your family cool and comfortable in hot and muggy weather.

During summer, the rising temperatures may lead you to assume that your AC is just functioning properly and trying to struggle with the high temperatures. However, the warm air produced from the AC could be a sign of compressor or condenser issues, low refrigeration, or duct leakage.

Fortunately, such problems can be easily fixed when working with a certified air conditioning repair and service company. Contact us today to solve your problems with our trained repair technicians.

Slow Response Rate

When you adjust the temperature on a thermostat, the air conditioner should correspond by firing up within approximately 30 seconds. If the AC takes more than this time to respond to the changes in temperature, there is an underlying problem that needs to be checked.

A slow response rate by the AC could result from an issue with the thermostat or the thermostat’s sensors. The AC’s thermostat could have faulty or insufficient wiring, while the sensors may be covered with excess dirt.

Either way, it is advisable to consult the services of a certified air conditioning repair technician within Frisco, TX. The technician will carefully assess the issue and make the necessary repairs. Call us today for exceptional air conditioning repair services.

Insufficient Airflow

Uneven cooling, which results from insufficient airflow, is whereby some spots in your room are cool while some parts are still warm. Poor airflow is a clear indication that your AC is not functioning properly or a blockage preventing air circulation through your home’s ductwork.

If you experience this problem more often, we recommend purchasing an energy-recovery ventilator. It will boost your AC by swapping your bad air with fresh air whenever the system cycles. Additionally, you can set your AC to receive the proper airflow and cooling power in places you need them the most.

If you encounter insufficient airflow by your AC it is probably time to contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas. We will recommend to you the best actions to take. Our air conditioning repair technicians will see to it that the uneven cooling issues are solved.

Water Leaks

The AC system is designed to remain dry at all times, lest it begins hosting molds and mildews. If you can see water leaks, puddles, or freezes in your AC unit, it is time to call an air conditioning repair professional.

The leaked fluid is known as a refrigerant and is very crucial in the operation of your AC. If it continues to leak out, the AC will ultimately stop creating cold water altogether.

Moisture accumulations in the AC are mainly caused by condensation line blockage. The line is responsible for eliminating condensation that builds up as the AC cools your home. When it leaks or becomes blocked, the extra condensation may freeze into the coils, puddle to the ground, or leak out.

Moisture leaks could also be caused by a Freon leak, which could cause harm to pets and humans.

The great news is that water leak issues can be easily solved through a quick fix by technicians from a reliable air conditioning repair company. We understand your needs and offer our services to anyone in Frisco, TX, within the shortest turnaround time.

Bad Smells

An AC is not supposed to produce any foul smell that may make you sick; it should instead keep you relaxed and content. If your AC produces a bad smell, an underlying problem needs to be immediately addressed before the condition gets worse.

Foul smells from an AC are usually caused by several reasons but mainly result from mold growth. Molds typically rely on moisture to grow, thus if your AC has some moisture, molds are bound to form, and they could grow on your duct system too.

Other reasons for the AC’s funny odor are dirty cooling oils, pest infiltrations, burned insulation wires, and clogged condensate drains.

To get rid of this problem, contact a certified air conditioning repair and service company. A professional HVAC technician will repair the AC immediately, keeping away nasty smells and saving you great future costs.

Strange Sounds

It is a no-brainer that the AC is not always silent; it wasn’t designed to be so. Releasing the regular low-level noise is common for ACs whenever they are in operation, thanks to the operating condenser fan. However, some unusual sounds should get you worried, and think of contacting an air conditioning repair company.

Several strange sounds could come from your AC, any of which could be an indication that it needs a repair. The majority of these sounds usually come from the outdoor unit as it runs.

The following are some of the common sounds and what they might indicate for your AC.

  • A gurgling or bubbling noise: This implies that your condensate drain line is gurgling. If this is the only problem your AC encounters, it will probably not create additional issues. However, the gurgling may also indicate a refrigerant leak which will most likely cause more significant problems. Contact an air conditioning repair technician immediately if you notice a gurgling or bubbling sound to avoid greater troubles.


  • Screaming or high pitched hissing: Such sound possibly comes from your AC’s compressor. It could indicate a high-pressure build-up in your normally disastrous system. Your AC should have a safety shut-off switch that automatically shuts down the system in case of such occurrences. Nonetheless, if your system continues to function, switch it off until our air conditioning repair technician arrives.


  • Squealing sound from the indoor unit: A squealing sound normally indicates a hitch with the AC’s fan belt. The sound will always come and go, making you believe that it is just a minor issue. Yet, if the belt is damaged, it will eventually break, leaving you without an AC system. Therefore, if you hear any squealing sound, it is better to attend to it sooner than later. Call us today if you live to fix this sound problem before it creates more significant issues.


  • Clicking from the outdoor unit while the AC runs: A click as the AC runs could imply a small obstruction in the outdoor unit’s fan. Ensure that you examine the fan and take out anything within it that may be striking it while it rotates.


  • Clicking from the outdoor unit but the AC won’t operate: The sound could indicate a technical hitch in one or more areas of the AC’s components.


  • Banging or clanging sound from the outdoor unit: This noise probably specifies that the AC’s outdoor unit fan is striking an object. There could be a more significant hindrance, or the mount’s fan may have loosened. If this is the case, the jiggling is causing the fan to hit the protective cage around it.


  • Metal on metal screeching: This sound is released mainly from the AC’s outdoor unit. The metal-on-metal sound typically occurs when the fan motor bearings go out on the outdoor unit. When you hear this sound, it is better to contact an air conditioning repair technician instantly. The repair will presumably involve replacing the entire fan.

High Electricity Bills

Let’s assume that your AC is the highest consumer of electricity in your home. Despite running it for the same amount every day, your electricity cost is way higher than the previous season’s. This could be a clear indication that you need an air conditioning repair service.

Even though it is common for electricity bills to fluctuate a few dollars every month in Frisco, TX, an exceedingly high increase is not the norm. Such surges indicate the AC is probably not functioning properly and is overworking as it cools the house. The AC could be burning out the mechanical elements because of running for a longer period.

Whenever you notice an incredibly high increase in electricity bills in your home, call an air conditioning repair company to get your AC repaired.

Thermostat Problems

A thermostat is the brain of an AC system since it tells which components will operate and for how long. It continually measures and reevaluates instructions for every component.

Sometimes the problem does not stem from the AC itself but the thermostat. For example, if you realize that your AC does not turn on or will only run for a short period before it turns off, the thermostat could be the issue. In some cases, it is even impossible to achieve your desired degree of temperature due to a faulty thermostat.

Luckily, a knowledgeable and experienced technician from a reputable air conditioning repair company will repair or replace the thermostat to ensure that your AC operates smoothly again.

High Humidity Levels

Humidity levels in Frisco, TX, during summer, are expectedly high. However, increased humidity in the house that creates a persistent sticky feeling could indicate an issue with your PC.

If you realize that your AC no longer lowers the humidity in your home, it is probably time to contact an air conditioning repair company. Early checkups of the AC will reduce the chances of mold and mildew growth that do well in humid places. Humidity may also cause serious health effects to you and your family.

The Age of Your AC

The final sign that your system requires repair from an air conditioning repair company is its age. Generally, AC units have an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years. Those close to reaching these ages will likely require constant repair and maintenance, which could be due to the usual wear and tear.

If your AC unit has surpassed 1o years of operation, you should consider purchasing a new one. The costs of repairing an old unit are relatively high, but a new AC will work even more effectively. Proper functioning of ACs will save you the hustle of several repairs and more money.

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