The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioning Service And Repairs | Dallas, TX

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioning Service And Repairs | Dallas, TX

There are a lot of things to love about living in Texas. The weather is fairly mild, and for the most part, you don’t have to worry about intense winter storms like in other areas of the country. The city is home to a great football team, and as everyone knows, everything is bigger in Texas. However, there is one side to living in Dallas, TX, that you have to think about, and that is air conditioning service. While the city may not experience harsh winters, it does get very hot during the summer months making proper AC a very important part of daily life.

Unfortunately, if you don’t take good care of your AC, the winter heat can quickly seep into your home, and you will discover just how unbearable life can be without AC. In fact, it is akin to not having heat in the middle of winter in other seasonal locations. It is simply not possible to live safely without AC, which is why it is essential that you keep up with regular air conditioning service to ensure your AC is always ready to flip on and cool your home on demand.

Oddly enough, one thing we have found is that people who move into Dallas, TX often don’t really have a good idea of how often or how necessary proper air conditioning service is. In reality, anyone with an AC in their home should look into an annual air conditioning service, but in areas with more seasonal weather, the occasional use of an AC allows it to last longer without accumulating wear and tear. It’s still a good idea to book an air conditioning service, but it’s not an absolute requirement. That, however, is not the same for those who live in Texas.

In Texas, your AC will likely run more than any other appliance in your home. It is responsible for battling intense temperatures outdoors, and for a good two to three months at least, it will never have the chance to power down and take a break. That is a lot of wear and tear and a lot of time for dust and debris to accumulate inside of your system. With that in mind, it is easier to see just how important a regular air conditioning service is if you want to avoid a costly and unexpected breakdown.

Since you know it will be a harsh summer, it is a good idea to book an air conditioning service at the beginning of the season to ensure that everything is in great shape before you become dependent on your AC. This helps you avoid an emergency situation down the line and allows you to budget for future repairs if the serviceperson points out that a repair or replacement part is necessary. It is always better to be able to plan for a repair and fit it into your budget versus finding out you need a repair when your AC is no longer functional.

With that in mind, let’s take a minute to investigate some of the top questions we hear about air conditioning service in Dallas, TX. We will cover everything from how often you should book an air conditioning service and what you should expect when the HVAC technicians show up at your home for your AC service call. If you have ever had a question about how to keep your AC running smoothly throughout the long Texan summer, then this is an article you should bookmark so you can refer to it later when more questions come up.

How Often Should You Book an AC Service?

How often you should book an AC service depends heavily on how often you use your AC service. Given the large demands of your air conditioning system in Dallas, TX, you should plan to service your AC at least twice a year. At the very least, you need to make sure you book at least one HVAC service to keep your warranty valid.

Many people don’t realize that the warranty that comes with their HVAC system requires at least an annual servicing. That means that you need to book that HVAC servicing at least once, or you will void your warranty. This means even if your HVAC system is brand new you need to make sure to keep up with air conditioning service. Keep in mind that even a new unit will build up a large amount of wear and tear within one summer in Dallas, TX.

What Is the Best Time of Year for an AC Service?

There are different schools of thought when it comes to the best time of the year for an air conditioning service, but in reality, the best time is the time you remember to do it. We always tell our customers that the best time of year to book an AC service is before the summer season warms up and then once again at the end of the season. However, once again, the best time of year is the time that you get it done. If the timing doesn’t work out right for you at the beginning or the end of the summer, just make sure to get on the schedule and get it done.

What Happens During an AC Service?

If this is the first time that you have booked an air conditioning service, you might wonder what happens during the service call. While the process may vary slightly based on the preference of the AC company you call, for the most part, there is a standard list of things that you can expect to occur during your home AC service.

There are three objectives to an air conditioning service: clean, inspect, and improve efficiency. In fact, some of the biggest benefits of keeping up with your AC service is a more efficient system that produces cleaner air. Therefore, everything that happens during your AC service is designed to help meet those goals.

The very first thing that the HVAC technician will do is inspect and clean your AC system. They will thoroughly clean any debris and built-up dust that they find as they clean out both the indoor and outdoor units. The outdoor unit can easily attract debris such as sticks, rocks, and even sometimes nests if animals have taken up residence there during the winter months. They will remove all of this while also checking out the coils and the rest of the system.

Your inside unit can also build up quite a high amount of debris and dust if it hasn’t been cleaned for a while or if you have a home with pets or young children since this tends to affect the amount of dust in the air. If you don’t know how to change your air filter and it looks loaded with dust and debris, this is a good time to ask for help. While changing the air filter is not part of the AC service, if you have a second filter ready the technician will usually have no problem showing you how to do it.

While the technician is cleaning both units, they will be actively inspecting the components to ensure that everything is in great shape and capable of lasting for another season. If they notice parts that are starting to wear down or are already broken, they will make a note and then mention it to you at the end of the AC servicing. Parts that are worn down are likely impacting other components and forcing them to work harder which in turn will result in more wear and tear. Therefore, it is to your benefit to take their recommendations to heart and consider making the repairs or replacement if possible during or soon after the service call.

Are You Obligated to Repair Things During an AC Service?

One of the main reasons that people put off booking an air conditioning service is that they are afraid that the call will get more expensive if things need to be repaired. While some minor repairs can be made during an AC service, most of the time at the end of the service call the company will give you a written report.

The option to make minor repairs is for your convenience so that you don’t need to have the HVAC repair team come back out to your home, but you are not obligated to make any repairs. Once the air conditioning service is completed the technician will go over a written report that details any worn parts they noticed or any parts that are already broken. They will then give you a list of costs and you are welcome to schedule the repair at any time that works for you.

Many people actually appreciate the upfront warning about parts that are worn down or broken because this allows them to schedule the repair at a time that fits their schedule and budget. The advance warning on components that are wearing down allows you to budget for future repairs and gives you a head’s up that your AC system is wearing down and will need to be replaced within the next couple of years. Once again, you are not obligated at any time to make any of the repairs that the team points out to you.

Do You Need to Do Anything Before Scheduling an AC Service?

The HVAC company you call for your air conditioning service will take care of everything that needs to be done during your service. The only thing that you need to worry about is scheduling the appointment and then ensuring you are home to let the HVAC technician into your home.

That said, it can be helpful and will expedite the length of the air conditioning service if you ensure there is adequate working room for the technician that comes to your home. In general, it is a good rule of thumb to clear a four-foot radius around your indoor and outdoor unit if possible. This gives the technician plenty of room to clean and inspect and also protects your property from any damage throughout the AC service.

If your outdoor AC unit is near the driveway then it is useful to remove all balls, bicycles or any other debris that may be laying in your driveway to reduce the risk of any incidents. If possible, it is also helpful to park in the street or a neighborhood so that the HVAC technician can easily access their tools throughout the service.

Inside the home you should move any property or storage boxes that may be around your AC unit out of the way so the technician can easily access it. Remember that they will also need to check the main air vents in your home, so adjusting furniture or removing debris on the first floor will also help. They will also need to check your thermostat, so clearing a pathway to your thermostat is also helpful.

Who Should You Call for an AC Service?

Are you ready to book an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX but unsure of who you should call? The only person you should ever allow to clean and inspect your HVAC system is a certified HVAC technician. Your HVAC system is without a doubt one of the most expensive appliances in your home, so you don’t want to allow just anyone to touch it.

If you need an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX, give One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas a call. We will be happy to send out a highly experienced and certified HVAC technician to your home to inspect and clean your HVAC system. Give us a call today.

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