Taking Care Of Your Heating And AC Repair Before It Happens | Richardson, TX

Taking Care Of Your Heating And AC Repair Before It Happens | Richardson, TX

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The best way to make sure that you don’t get stuck paying a lot of money for heating and AC repair is to take care of problems long before they actually happen. You want to make sure that you’re taking good care of your HVAC system so that you don’t have to worry about the problems that usually come along with running these systems through the summer and the winter in Richardson, TX. But just what are you doing that you shouldn’t be?

What You Should Stop Doing

There are actually a number of things that you’re probably doing without really even thinking about it, but these things are causing problems for your HVAC system in general. So, we’re going to take a look at what they are and how they can increase your costs when it comes to heating and AC repair. That way, you can start taking steps to change the way that you run your home. And you’ll be surprised how much more comfortable it is, no matter the time of year.

Turning Up the Heat

When the weather gets cold you probably have a set temperature on your thermostat for when the heat is supposed to kick on. But sometimes that temperature might not feel as comfortable as you want. So, because you’re cold, you turn it up a little more. For most people, the idea is that turning up the heat will help you get warm faster, but that’s not actually what’s happening at all. Rather, your heater is going to be working a whole lot harder because now it has to get your entire house up to that higher temperature rather than the original one. When the heater has to work harder you’re more likely to need heating and AC repair.

The best thing that you can do is let your heater do what it’s supposed to do. If you find that the temperature you had previously set isn’t working for you then turn it up and set it to consistently stay at that new temperature. Or look for ways to supplement the heat with a space heater or a fireplace. Turning up the heat sporadically, however, is definitely not going to help you and it’s only going to cost you more money in the long run. You’ll pay more for energy bills and for heating and AC repair in Richardson, TX as well.

Ignoring the Cracks

How old is your home? Chances are if it’s getting a little old you may have cracks around the windows and doors. Even newer homes might have cracks and areas where there isn’t as good of a seal as there should be. While you may not notice this much it’s definitely costing you money in your energy bills. That’s because your heat is escaping through those cracks and cold air is getting in. And remember that the harder your HVAC system needs to work the more likely you are to need heating and AC repair.

Even small cracks can cost you a lot of money if you’re not paying enough attention to them. You could find yourself with a lot of energy leakage and even if you’re not feeling the difference you’ll see it on your energy bills. The bigger the cracks or the more of them that you have the worse it’s going to be. So take a close look around, especially at any doors and windows around the house, and check for gaps or cracks that could be letting out your warm air and costing you in heating and AC repair.

Replacing Your Heater

Okay, getting a new heater if your old one isn’t working right is great, because it’s going to improve efficiency. But if you’re using something in place of your heater it’s not going to do so good. For example, using a space heater or a fireplace instead of your heater is actually going to be inefficient and cost you a whole lot more. If you decide to use these in conjunction with your heater they can help you save a little money and create slightly warmer areas for your comfort, but make sure you’re careful about how you’re using them for safety reasons.

Don’t be afraid of firing up that fireplace or bringing in a space heater for a small area when you’re feeling just a little bit chilly. But make sure that you’re still keeping the furnace the same way that it normally is. That’s how you’re going to keep the entire house at the right temperature. Trusting either of these smaller units to heat the entire house is definitely not a good idea and when you do turn on your furnace it will need to work a whole lot harder to catch up, which means potential for heating and AC repair needs.

Closing Off the House

You might think that closing off rooms you’re not using would be a good thing, but it’s actually not so good for your HVAC system or cutting down on heating and AC repair. When you close off rooms by shutting the door or even closing the vents you’re actually making your system work even harder because it’s still trying to heat the entire house, but it’s harder to do when the room is closed up. And then you end up with even more heating and AC repair.

If you’re not using a room or area of the house you still should keep all of the vents open and the doors as well. This allows the heat to get into that space and allows your heater to work a little more effectively and efficiently. You’re going to notice a big difference and you’ll be comfortable if you do have to venture into that part of the house for any reason. It’s going to be a benefit overall, even if it seems like a waste of money and it can help you reduce your needs for heating and AC repair.

Heating All Day

You have likely heard that it’s best to ‘set it and forget it’ when it comes to your thermostat and for the most part that’s true. But the truth is that should only be when you’re at home. If you’re going to be gone for a long period of time each day it’s a good idea to turn the thermostat down (or up in the summer) a few degrees at least. This helps your system to run a little less, which means fewer heating and AC repairs for you.

When you set the temperature a little lower you’re going to save on energy costs as well. Then, when you’re going to be home you can set the temperature to something that you’re comfortable with and leave it at that. If you’re going to be in and out of the house all day, however, you’re better off leaving the temperature at one level (whether that’s higher or lower) than you are setting a schedule that will continuously go up and down whenever you enter or leave the house. Staying as consistent as possible is going to reduce the need for all that heating and AC repair.

Do You need to Replace Your Heating and AC System?

There are actually plenty of things that you might notice that indicate your heating and air conditioning system just aren’t working the way that they should. We’re going to take a look at some of the things that might indicate you need heating and AC repair (either because of one of the reasons we mentioned above or others) or even a full replacement. After all, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a system that just doesn’t work for your Richardson, TX home.

It’s Getting Old

As your system gets older it’s definitely not going to work as well as it did before. Even with regular maintenance and continuous care you’re going to find that it’s just not able to do everything that you want it to do. It’s going to slowly start to wear out and no matter how much you work at it you’re going to find yourself unable to keep it working the way you want it to. Talking with a professional will let you know if your heating and AC repair costs are starting to outweigh the benefits of keeping an old system.

Expensive Bills

If you’ve noticed that your energy bills continue to go up and up no matter what you do then chances are it’s time to start looking at heating and AC repair. You shouldn’t be paying excessive amounts for your energy bills and your bills shouldn’t be changing dramatically unless you have a definitive reason (additional people in the home, unseasonably warm or cold temperatures, etc.). If you notice an increase in the bills then talk with a professional to find out more about what it could mean and what you should do to cut your bills down again.

Excessive Dust

If you’re finding a whole lot of dust or pet dander in your home it’s not because you haven’t cleaned in a while (or at least it’s probably not because of that). You HVAC system should actually help to filter some of these things, but if it’s not working properly you may notice an increase in different types of debris scattered throughout your house. The filter is the first place to check, as a clogged or dirty filter could be the main problem. But also call a professional in heating and AC repair to see if there’s something else wrong.

Uneven Heating

Your heating and cooling system should work equally well throughout your entire house. That means all of the rooms in your home should feel the same when the heater or air conditioning unit kicks off. If some of the rooms in your home feel cooler and others feel warmer that’s a sign that there’s something wrong. You definitely want to call a professional in heating and AC repair to find out more about what’s going on and what you should do about it. After all, your home isn’t going to be very comfortable that way.

Constant Repairs

If you find yourself fixing your heating and AC frequently then chances are there’s something going on with the system. You don’t want to spend all your time and money on repairs, but older systems or those that have some serious problems are going to do exactly that. Instead, find out what your heating and AC repair team can do for you and get your system working again in no time. That’s how you’re going to cut down on costs overall and keep using your Richardson, TX heating and AC unit.

Strange Noises/Smells

If your HVAC system seems to smell or if you notice that there are strange sounds coming from it you want to take a closer look. Just about any sound that you notice isn’t going to be normal and could mean problems with your system. Get these things checked out with a heating and AC repair team as soon as possible. That’s how you’re going to get back to using your HVAC system more regularly, and the way that you’re used to, and it’s how you’re going to cut down on additional expenses over time, from even more heating and AC repair bills.

When you’re in need of heating and AC repair make sure you know who to call. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas will be able to help you in no time. All you have to do is give us a call and we can schedule an appointment to get someone over to take a look at your system. You’re definitely going to be happy with the end result and we’re going to be happy to help. You shouldn’t have to deal with a faulty HVAC system. Instead, make sure that you’re getting all the repairs you need to keep your Richardson, TX home a whole lot more comfortable.