Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair | Dallas, TX

Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair | Dallas, TX

In Dallas, TX, there are a few things that you do not put off. One of the top things is your air conditioner repair because he will pay dearly come summertime if your AC is not functioning the way it should be. You may pay the energy cost, or you will just pay by baking inside of your home until it gets unbearable and you have to book a hotel room. With that in mind, it is extremely important that you keep up with your AC repair schedule and have someone out to your home as soon as there’s an indication of any problem.

While we understand that calling an HVAC technician is never on the top of anyone’s to-do list; it is a very important task that must get done on a timely basis. The great thing about air conditioning repair is that the more you are on top of it, the less it will usually cost you. AC repair is usually cumulative, meaning that the more you wait, the more damage will occur. This is why almost any HVAC technician will tell you never to wait and see if a problem goes away when you can simply call and get it fixed immediately.

Another great option for keeping ahead of your AC repairs is booking an air-conditioning repair and service visit at least once a year. Most of all recommend that you book a visit at the beginning of the season so that you can make sure that your system is ready to go, and then again at the end of the season so that you can tuck it away safely for the next year. However, in all honesty, there is no bad time to book an air conditioning repair service. If it’s been a while since somebody’s been out to look at your AC system, then now is a perfectly acceptable time to go ahead and let someone come out and take a look.

An air conditioning repair service is an excellent way to protect your investment and also prepare you for future warm weather. To start, if you are a new homeowner, then this is a great way to gain some insight into the overall health of your AC system. As part of the service HVAC technician will give you a detailed report talking about the condition of your overall system and its estimated lifespan. While this is never a guarantee, it is an educated overview of how your AC system works at a given time.

Even if you are the only one who has ever owned your home, this inside can also be useful because, most of the time, people don’t think about the overall functioning of their AC systems the way that an air conditioning repair technician will. Every single person can appreciate the chance to plan ahead and budget for a replacement system versus being caught off guard by an emergency situation when the old system dies. Planning ahead is often the best way to prevent yourself from ending up stranded in the heat.

However, this is just one of the many benefits of working with an AC repair company and booking an air conditioning repair service message. During the visit, the HVAC technician will remove all done and debris that they find within your system. This is done for both your outdoor and indoor units. You may be surprised what accumulates in an indoor AC unit since rodents, and other small pests may make a nest inside during the winter months. The outdoor unit can be exposed to the same problems, and a lot of sticks, debris, or rocks can get trapped inside of your outdoor unit cage, which later can cause problems with your fan and potentially bend items out of place if you start it unknowingly.

In addition to protecting your system from unknown potential damage, an air conditioning repair service also helps you lower your energy cost because all of that dirt and debris will make your system less effective. When you remove it you reduce the chances that your air filter will clog up, and air will easily pass through your system and into your home. The results will likely be reduced energy bills which will help offset the original price of your air conditioning repair service.

Another part of an air conditioning repair service visit that will help reduce your energy bills is the full lubrication of all components. And most of the time, the needs of your AC system go ignored, but as part of an air conditioning repair service, the HVAC technician will take a close look at the inside of your machine and lubricate any moving parts. This is important because it reduces friction inside the machine, which in turn reduces the chance that any of your components will rub and break each other off. In addition, pieces that move slowly and easily consume less energy which also helps reduce the amount you can expect to pay on your energy bills each month.

You also might be surprised to learn that as part of the air conditioning repairs, the technician will be looking up for signs of rust inside your machine. Rust is the death of almost every machine, so the best thing you can do is identify it and remove a part before the rest spreads to the other components. This is one of the most helpful parts of a regular AC repair and is the number one reason why this is considered a proactive way to keep your system running for as long as it can. AC systems that are regularly serviced in Dallas, TX often have a much longer lifespan when the same units are compared to houses where they do not book an annual service. Therefore maximize the worth of your investment and ensure that you keep up with your service.

Of course, keeping up with service alone is not enough to ensure that your system never breaks down. At the end of the day, an AC system is still just a machine, and things can go wrong that cannot be predicted. That is why you need to know the signs that you need an air conditioning repair to act quickly and get to the bottom of any future repairs before they become major. The following is not a comprehensive list of everything that can go wrong with your AC system. However, it doesn’t include some of the major things to look out for so that you can get prompt repair and enjoy cool air all summer without any disruption in your Dallas, TX home.

The most beneficial thing we can tell you is always to trust your gut feeling. If you have a reason to be concerned about the health of your AC system, then call and book an air conditioning repair visit. You will never regret having your machine tuned if it turns out that all it needed was some lubrication. However, if you wake up in the middle of the night and find you have no AC and your home is over 100 degrees, you will regret not making the call earlier. In Dallas, TX waiting is simply not a risk that you can take.

Warm Air from Your AC

One of the main problems that you may notice right away if you need air conditioning repair is that warm air is coming out of your events. This traditionally happens if there is no refrigerant in your AC system or occasionally if you have a problem with the thermostat. If your thermostat is not working correctly it will be unable to do so, which may be why you notice that the temperature is warm within your home even though the system is blowing.

It may also be useful to consider checking to see if the fan is on or if you have the cooling setting on. This is especially something that happens during the start of the season in Dallas, TX because people forget that they need to turn the cooling function on. That is a best-case scenario and if that is the only issue, you will not need air conditioning repair. However, if the setting is on cool and only warm air is blowing out, you will need to call a professional to quickly get to the bottom of the issue and restore cool air to your home.

Decreased Airflow from Vents

Another problem that will require air conditioner repair is if you notice that your vans are not blowing out the same level of air that they used to. This can indicate there is something blocking the vent and is usually an issue if you notice the problem is confined to one vent in your home. In this case, you should talk to your AC repair company about having a duct cleaning service performed. If there’s something blocking the vent, they can remove it, which will restore the proper airflow into your home.

However, if you notice that there’s decreased airflow throughout your home then this points to an issue with your compressor or a zoning issue that might require a separate installation in order to correct. The good news is that a professional air conditioning repair company can take care of both situations, but they will need to come out and assess what is going on and then get back to you about the cost. As an aside, this could also be an indication that something is wrong with your fan motor or with your compressor, which is just another reason why you need to have a professional sort out the real problem.

The Thermostat Is Not Working

Similar to our above issue with the warm air blowing, if your thermostat is not working, then your AC system is not going to work accurately. The thermostat is somewhat like the brain of your AC system, so if it is not telling your AC system how to properly cycle to cool down your home then it will be unable to effectively cool your home. Sometimes all you need to do is replace the batteries in your thermostat, but if that doesn’t change the problem, you will need a professional air conditioning repair company to come out and see if the issue is within your thermostat or within the electrical wiring that extends from your thermostat down to the AC system.

Odd Odors in Your Air Vents

Another major concern is any auto repairs that are floating out of your air vents. One odd odor might be the smell of musty old mold, which, believe it or not, may actually be hiding inside your air vents. All it takes is a small amount of moisture from anything, such as a spilled coffee near a vent, to just a tiny bit of a trickling leak in a pipe. Not only is it uncomfortable to smell, but it is extremely unhealthy to breathe continually so you want to have an air duct cleaning service come into your home and clean out your ducts if you suspect mold.

Other potentially dangerous smells include anything that is a burning smell or anything that is gassy. A burning smell might indicate a problem with the electrical wiring within your HVAC company and requires emergency air conditioning repair. A gassy small is equally concerning since this can also indicate an issue within your AC system. Your AC system is hooked up to your furnace, which is hooked up to natural gas, so if you catch the odor of rotten eggs, you need to turn off your HVAC system and call for emergency air conditioning repair right away in your Dallas, TX home.

Odd Sounds from Your AC Unit

Finally, there’s no good sound to hear coming from your AC unit. In fact, all sounds indicate that something has gone wrong with your unit And needs to be addressed immediately. Don’t wait to see if the sound goes away. You need to seek help and get to the bottom of the issue before your system completely breaks down. Any Dallas, TX, air conditioning repair company should be able to handle diagnosing and fixing suspicious sounds in your system.

If you need help with your AC, call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, and we will get to the root of the problem right away.

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