Signs It’s Time For A New AC Unit: Schedule Your Air Conditioner Installation Service | Dallas, TX

Signs It’s Time For A New AC Unit: Schedule Your Air Conditioner Installation Service | Dallas, TX

If you are a resident of Dallas, TX, you could agree that an air conditioner plays a vital role in our daily lives. This is particularly true in summer when the weather in Texas becomes scorching hot. Although you might rarely think about your AC, the unit works hard to keep the indoor air at a comfortable range regardless of how the weather outside gets. However, just like any electrical appliance, your AC won’t last forever.

The air conditioner might serve you for like 10-15 years with proper maintenance. Hence, regardless of what you do, a time will come when you will have to replace the unit. Towards the expiry of your unit’s service life, the air conditioner starts developing problems that indicate it is time to have an air conditioner installation company replace it.

Hence, working with a professional air conditioner installation technician can quickly know when the repeated repairs have become less sustainable. Therefore, you need a new unit installed at your home. Below are several indicators or issues that could prompt a homeowner to consider having an air conditioner installation service at their home.

Inadequate Air Flow

Inadequate airflow is among the most common clear signs of failing the air conditioner. Your home won’t get adequately cooled if you cannot feel sufficient cool air flowing through the vents. Common causes of insufficient airflow include clogged air filters, dirty evaporator coils, or malfunctioning blow fun. Whatever underlying issues causing the problems may be, you should enlist the help of a professional air conditioner installation technician in Dallas, TX, to promptly diagnose the issue.

HVAC technicians deal with such AC issues daily, and they’ve got the required technical know-how and experience to determine what should be done to resolve your problem in the best or most efficient way. Based on how severe the underlying cause of the issue is and how old the air conditioner is, the HVAC repair technician may try repairing the unit.

But if the problem is beyond repair or too frequent and expensive to repair, your HVAC technicians may advise you to have an air conditioner installation service for a new unit. This is especially when the unit is approaching or long past its service life.

More Frequent AC Repairs

As already mentioned, your air conditioner isn’t designed to last for eternity. Like any other electrical appliance, the unit will experience wear and tear, which will need occasional repairs now and then. However, so long as you keep your air conditioner properly maintained, you will only need to make a few calls to repair the unit, meaning you’ll save a lot on such costs.

Hence, something is out of place if your air conditioner keeps malfunctioning and requires frequent repairs every month or week. The problem can arise because of aging, incorrect installation, and poor maintenance. Whatever the cause of the frequent AC breakdowns, the problem might impact your psychological well-being. Routine air conditioner breakdowns result in serious inconveniences, and the replacements or repairs might prove costly.

To resolve the issue decisively, you might consider having a new air conditioner installation. So long as the new air conditioner installation is completed properly and the appliance is well maintained or serviced, the AC will function optimally, so you won’t have to worry about the air conditioner breaking down frequently.

High Humidity Inside Your House

It can be extremely uncomfortable if your Dallas, TX home experiences high humidity. Fortunately, the air conditioner can also help reduce the humidity and ensure your house is cool. If you’ve noticed your air conditioning unit working hard with the moisture remaining high, you might be staring at a major AC failure.

Among the main reasons your AC might not be removing the excess humidity from your home include incorrect thermostat setting, leaky ducts, or clogged evaporator coils. Your air conditioner’s size can also affect performance by regulating indoor humidity.

For example, if the air conditioner is too large for your house, it might cool your home quickly but fail in removing the excess humidity. However, regardless of what is causing your air conditioner not to remove the excess humidity, you can rely upon your professional HVAC repair expert to inspect the unit, make an accurate diagnosis, and effectively resolve the issue.

If the problem can’t be solved through a simple repair, the professional might advise you to have a new air conditioner installation service. A reliable and reputable air conditioner installation service can guide you whenever you decide it is time to replace the air conditioner because of humidity issues. They will ensure that you buy the right air conditioner based on how large or small your home is.

Age of the Air Conditioner

As already mentioned above, even the air conditioner manufacturers don’t design the units to last forever. Hence, the unit comes with the same expiry date. Air conditioners have a service life of about 10-15 years. If you have used the air conditioner for over a decade, you might need to consider installing a new air conditioner.

If you continue using your old air conditioner to ensure your Dallas, TX home is comfortable, you might live the next few years worried that the unit might break down when most needed. The air conditioner might have outlived its lifespan and is always in danger of springing irreparable issues. Hence, to ensure you have some peace of mind, you should have a new air conditioner installation service before your current unit’s expiry date.

If you don’t know whenever your air conditioner is installed, a reliable and professional HVAC technician can help you by checking the unit’s serial number to determine its manufacturing date. The professional might also assess the state of your air conditioner and the vital parts and accordingly advise you.

A Rise in Electricity Bills

Your air conditioner is among the devices that use a significant amount of electrical energy at your home. However, the electrical power that the unit needs to keep your home comfortable must be consistent year in, year out. Hence, if you notice a sudden or unexplained rise in your home’s electrical bills, the AC is likely losing its efficiency.

However, note that the air conditioner will lose its energy efficiency as it grows old. But with proper care and maintenance, you can ensure your air conditioner runs optimally throughout its lifespan. Hence, if you’ve been taking good care and maintaining the AC and have noticed a sharp rise in electrical energy consumption, your air conditioner might be facing a significant failure.

In such an occurrence, you should call a professional HVAC repair expert to inspect your air conditioner and determine the cause of the underlying issue. If the air conditioning unit is over ten years old, you might have to seek the help of an air conditioner installation to replace it with a new one. This ensures you minimize energy consumption at your home, saving you in energy utility bills in the long run.

The Air Conditioner Uses R-22 Refrigerant

The air conditioning unit uses a refrigerant to cool the indoor air at your Dallas, TX home. Various models and brands of air conditioning units use different kinds of refrigerant oils to work. One of the most common refrigerants used by various air conditioners in the past was the R-22 refrigerant. Hence, if your home uses an older AC model, it is highly likely to use the R-22 refrigerant.

However, the Federal government banned the manufacturing and importation of R-22 within the US several years ago. Research proved that R-22 refrigerant oil is harmful to the environment and damages or harms the ozone layer. Hence, though it isn’t illegal to go on using an air conditioner running on R-22 refrigerant, consider a new air conditioner installation to ensure you protect the environment.

Further, the R-22 refrigerant isn’t available within the US, and its importation is already banned. If your AC’s refrigerant oil drops, refilling it to ensure your air is adequately cooled will be impossible or near impossible. To avoid such frustrations, seek the assistance of an air conditioner installation to replace the existing unit with a compliant one.

Unusual Air Conditioning Unit Noise

Unlike some electrical appliances, the air conditioner isn’t designed to operate entirely silently. If you’ve used your unit for several months or even years, you must have noted its natural sound, and that shouldn’t be a cause for worry whenever you hear the same. However, if the air conditioner suddenly starts to make an unusual noise, you might face a severe air conditioner malfunctioning.

For example, if the unit produces a gurgling sound, it might mean that its refrigerant is leaking. The AC requires immediate addressing by a professional and reliable air conditioner installation expert in such a case. If you notice a metal screeching noise, this might mean that the motor’s bearings are damaged. A hissing sound could signify a compressor problem.

But unless you’re a professional, experienced HVAC expert in Dallas, TX, you’ll find it hard to link the unusual air conditioner sound with a particular issue. Therefore, enlist the help of an expert HVAC technician to inspect the unit and diagnose the underlying issue resulting in the sound. They will also develop a cost-effective and prompt solution to the problem. If the air conditioner noise results from a malfunctioning compressor, you may need to consider having a professional offer an air conditioner installation service.

If You Face an Expensive Repair(s)

Like other electrical appliances, your air conditioning unit will also run into occasional issues. Hence, you must accept you will have to occasionally pay for its repairs and component replacements for the various issues. But depending on the age of the air conditioner, some repairs might be way expensive, meaning they aren’t worth the cost.

For example, if the AC is broken and the compressor requires to be replaced, it may not be economical to spend your money on such an expensive repair. This is particularly true if your air conditioning unit requires a replacement soon. The AC compressors are pretty costly, and committing your money to such a repair won’t solve air conditioner issues related to aging.

Hence, whenever faced with such a situation, having a technician come over for an air conditioner installation might prove more financially sound or better than replacing the compressor.

The AC Blows Warm Air

The AC should essentially cool your home. Therefore, if the unit is blowing warm rather than cool air, you might be facing a significant AC failure. The air conditioner may blow warm air because of several reasons. For example, refrigerant oil levels might be low because of leakage; the air conditioning might start blowing out warm air.

If the condenser has debris and dirt covering it, the AC might fail to release the heat absorbed from the indoor air, eventually blowing our warm hair into your home. The other main reasons your AC could be blowing warm air are; a faulty compressor, a faulty thermostat, clogged filters, among other issues.

Hence, whenever you notice your AC is blowing in warm air, ensure you immediately contact a professional HVAC technician to inspect it and diagnose the cause of the underlying issue. The professional will then use their experience to fix the issue efficiently.

If a compressor failure causes the problem, you might have to consider a new air conditioner installation. This is informed that attempts to repair the compressor are unlikely to succeed, and replacing the entire unit might be expensive and economically unsound, especially if it is relatively old.

Air Conditioner Services In Dallas, TX

Like other electrical appliances, your air conditioner might run into occasional issues. Although a repair technician can quickly fix some, others are expensive even to consider repairing. This especially happens if the unit is old. Whenever you experience such an issue, seeking an air conditioner installation service to replace the unit is the only viable way to ensure you continue having comfort in your home. Call us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas if you need air conditioner installation.

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