Should You Get Air Duct Cleaning Service? | Richardson, TX

Should You Get Air Duct Cleaning Service? | Richardson, TX

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A dirty air duct is one of the possible sources of pollutants found in your homes. However, you need to also keep in mind that these pollutants may also come from both indoors and outdoor sources such as smoking, cooking, and cleaning. If one of your household members begins experiencing allergies or other problems related to your indoor air quality, then you may want to consider an air duct cleaning service in Richardson, TX.

What Is Air Duct Cleaning?

Air duct cleaning is the process of cleaning your entire heating and cooling system, including the registers and the ducts, the heat exchangers, grilles and diffusers, coils and condensate drains, and the supply and return air ducts. All of the HVAC components should be clean to ensure that the problem will not recur in the future.

There are industry standards for properly cleaning the ducts, and it’s essential that the technician is aware of these. You can avoid problems and other issues when you always hire a reliable and experienced technician for air duct cleaning service.

How to Determine You Need Air Duct Cleaning Service

Over time, your air ducts will accumulate dust and other particles that may find their way into your home environment. It seems logical that you get an air duct cleaning service to ensure that your air ducts are properly maintained. While it’s not necessary to have air duct cleaning all the time, you need to contact a professional to have your furnace or fireplace serviced to make sure that they are functioning properly. Do this before each season to protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning.

You also need to get an air duct cleaning service in Richardson, TX, when:

When There Is Visible Mold Growth

Check the hard surfaces and the other components of your HVAC system for signs of mold. If you see them, contact a professional for air duct cleaning immediately so they can help you get rid of the mold. Keep in mind that you may not have access to some components of your system, and only a technician can help you determine if mold exists in them. So get help from a reliable technician immediately.

Also, there may be times when you think there is mold when it’s just something else. If you’re not sure, then contact a professional for a thorough inspection of your HVAC system. Get air duct cleaning immediately when you get a confirmation that there is mold present in your system.

Calling a professional for air duct cleaning is necessary to prevent mold growth. Avoid calling an inexperienced technician who may not be able to effectively remove the mold. They will only recur when not properly eliminated. If you have insulation in your air ducts, they may also be removed so the technician can properly clean them.

When Clogged With Dust

When you don’t properly maintain your ducts, dirt, and dust may build up, and these particles will find their way into your home immediately. It’s not going to help household members who have allergies or other respiratory issues. If you think that the ducts are clogged with dust, get help immediately. Call a technician for an air duct cleaning service.

If there is a need to clean the ducts, do it right away. And make sure that you hire an air duct cleaning service from a reliable technician. When the ducts are not cleaned properly, the problem is likely to recur in the future, and the symptoms may even worsen, or it will be more costly for you.

When the Air Ducts Are Infested With Rodents

Rodents are always bad news in a home, especially when they are present in the ductwork. That’s a big sign that you need to call for help immediately. Don’t wait until it is difficult to get rid of the rodents or insects living in the ducts. Get an air duct cleaning as soon as possible and make sure that the service is from a reliable technician.

Why You Need Professional Installation of Your Air Ducts

Remember, installing a heating and cooling system can be costly, especially when you have a large home and heating or cooling several rooms. This is why professional installation becomes essential. Why? When the system isn’t properly installed and maintained, your duct will be contaminated with pollen, dust, dirt and other debris. When there is moisture present in them, you will be facing an even bigger problem: mold.

You don’t want mold growth in your home as it can eventually destroy your home’s foundation and even lead to serious health problems.

Also, all of your heating and cooling system components need to be cleaned, or there will be a re-contamination that will even cost you more money.

Ensure that you only get help from a reliable technician for air duct cleaning service.

How to Check if the Technician Did Well Cleaning the Air Duct and your Entire Heating and Cooling System

You may use this checklist to help you determine if the technician did what he had to do.

In general, you need to check if the technician cleaned all the components of your heating system, including the attic and crawl spaces. Consider asking the technician if he was able to clean everything. You can avoid problems when you always hire reliable provide for air duct cleaning service in your area.

For the heating, check if the surface of the heat exchanger is clean. For the cooling components, get a flashlight and point a flashlight into the coils and observe if light shines through to the other side. You’ll know if the coils are clean when the light shines through. Check for the fins too, and whether or not they are better shaped. They should not be bent, and the drain pans should be completely rained.

Did you check the blower? They should be clean and free of debris and oil. You shouldn’t see dust or debris in the blowers. Apart from the blowers, the technician should also clean the Plenums; they should be free of any debris or dust.

You also need to check the fiberglass, the metal ducts, access doors, air vents, and the entire system’s operation. They should function properly right after cleaning the ducts and the whole heating and cooling system.

Ensure that you only hire a reliable technician or air duct cleaning service.

How to Properly Inspect the Ducts

You are using your heating and cooling system year-round, and the more you use them, the more dust and dirt build up inside the ductwork. Before calling for an air duct cleaning service in Richardson, TX, you may want to consider inspecting the air ducts to see if you need an air duct cleaning service.

Remember, if you haven’t tried doing this, we recommend contacting a professional instead. A technician can help you determine whether you need air duct cleaning service or not.

Here are a few things you can do to help you determine if you need an air duct cleaning service:

  1. Check your vents and registers while your HVAC system is running. When there is excessive dust and debris, you may have dirty ductwork. Get air duct cleaning service in Richardson, TX, right away.
  2. For a thorough inspection, consider contacting a professional. If you know what you’re doing, you can take out your screwdriver and flash camera and then check the vent registers. Remember that these are located on the lower part of the wall. Do this only when you’re confident about your skill and when you’re certain that you won’t damage your home. Otherwise, get professional help instead.
  3. Do you see dead insects and rodents in the ductwork? You may have rodent contamination. You definitely will need an air duct service in Richardson, TX, for this.
  4. If there is an excessive buildup of debris, mold, and dust, you definitely should get an air duct cleaning service immediately to avoid further problems.

When you decide to get a professional air duct cleaning service from a reliable company like One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, then you shouldn’t have to worry about your ductwork for a few years. However, you need to also properly seal your air ducts to prevent moisture from entering. Take time to do this or get professional help. Otherwise, your system will work harder, and you will get higher utility bills every month.

Preventing Duct Contamination

It can be costly to get an air duct cleaning service, especially when your air ducts are contaminated with rodents and excessive dust. There are ways to prevent these from happening. See our tips below.

Get the Best Air Filter for Your HVAC

There are a variety of air filters that you can use for your home. Some of them are disposable and washable. HEPA filters and UV Light filters are quite effective in trapping even the tiniest of particles. They are ideal for those homeowners living with family members suffering from allergies and other respiratory problems. As much as possible, ask a technician to recommend the best air filter to buy for your home.

Change the Filters Regularly

The filters need to be replaced every two to three months or as necessary. You will need to change them frequently, especially when they become clogged with dust and dirt. When cleaning and replacing filters, ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid problems.

Clean Your Home

Always vacuum and clean your home regularly. Use a high-efficiency vacuum cleaner to eliminate dust and other particles in your home. If you have in-duct humidification equipment, make sure to maintain that as recommended by the manufacturers.

Preventing Mold Growth in the Ductwork

One of the most effective ways to control moisture in the duct system is the proper installation of your ductwork. When it’s not installed correctly, moisture can enter through leaks. Mold can grow when there’s moisture present in the ductwork. Thankfully, you can do something about this:

Repair Leaks

To prevent mold growth and water damage in your home, make sure that you never ignore even the tiniest leak problem in the ductwork. Don’t think that the problem will resolve itself; it will not unless you do something about it. Call a technician right away so they can repair any leak in your ductwork.

Check the Cooling Coils

Apart from cleaning your heating and cooling system, you need to also periodically check the components, including the cooling coils. Because they remove water from the air, they can be a source of moisture contamination in your HVAC system. Make sure that you also check the condensate drain pans. There should not be any standing water as that will lead to having wet cooling coils.

Seal and Insulate the Ductwork

Proper sealing and insulation of your ductwork play a significant role in the prevention of mold growth. Make sure that the crawl spaces and the attics are sealed to prevent moisture. You also need to insulate the heating and cooling system to prevent water condensation.

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Remember that cleaning your air ducts can significantly improve the indoor air quality of your home. Your HVAC system won’t have to work hard to give you the same comfort level that you’re used to. As a result, it will use less energy, and you save more money on your utility bills every month.

Do you need an air duct cleaning service in Richardson, TX? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are available at your earliest convenience, and we ensure professional duct cleaning service on every appointment. Contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas today!