Seven Benefits Of Duct Cleaning Service | Lewisville, TX

Seven Benefits Of Duct Cleaning Service | Lewisville, TX

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Fall is here, and it’s time to get your home’s ducts clean and in great working order so you can breathe easier in the wintertime. Now is the best time to clean your ducts, removing dust, pollen, debris, pet hair, dander, and other substances from your home’s heating and air conditioning ducts.

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Today, we’re talking about seven ways that unclean air ducts can impact the health of your family and pets and why it’s essential to book duct cleaning service from One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas.

Do My Air Ducts Need Cleaning?

If you can’t remember the last time you had duct cleaning service, it’s probably time to schedule your appointment. Left ignored, dirty ducts can create an unhealthy environment in your home. Common health problems that arise from dirty air ducts include nasal congestion and aggravation of allergies, general lethargy, coughing and wheezing, and other effects similar to those experienced by people who live in areas with heavy air pollution.

There are several key signs that you need your home’s air ducts cleaned:

  • Mold growth inside of the air ducts
  • Small pests like mice or insects nesting in the air ducts
  • Dust and debris accumulating in your house, or ductwork that’s clogged with these substances

How Do Dirty Air Ducts Affect My Health?

There’s a lot of adverse effects of dirty air ducts. When you’re breathing inside your house, you’re breathing in all the indoor pollutants in the home and your ducts.

Decreased cleanliness in your home

When you skip air duct cleaning service, the overall cleanliness of your home gets worse. Dust accumulates faster, which can cause people with allergies and other chronic pulmonary diseases t have worsening of their symptoms. However, keeping your air ducts clean boosts your indoor air quality and helps everyone in the home breathe easier.

Medical research even indicates that people who have COPD and other lung diseases may see their health improved when they are living in a home with regular duct cleaning.

Dirty ducts aggravate allergies

Even people who don’t have allergies may develop them if they live in a home with dirty ductwork. For people who already suffer from seasonal or chronic allergies, living in a house with dirty ducts can significantly worsen their symptoms, and those with allergy-induced asthma may find it very hard to breathe.

When you neglect your duct cleaning service, you end up having bacteria and allergens circulating over and over again inside your home. Everyone inside is more likely to become sick, and people with allergies are constantly exposed to these allergens. Small children, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems are most likely to be affected.

Dirty air ducts cause “sick building syndrome”

Do you want to know what sick building syndrome is? It’s a term used to describe a building where all the indoor air pollutants – dust, pet hair and dander, pollen, and other allergens – are blown around and distributed throughout the building, getting everyone inside sicker. It’s used to describe both single-family homes and larger multi-family homes, like apartment buildings, that may share the ductwork.

Over time, these allergens accumulate in the air ducts, getting recycled over and over in ever more increasing amounts. This indoor air pollution builds up in the building, and the overall quality gets progressively worse. Eventually, people who are breathing this in regularly may end up with severe respiratory disease.

Speed up the aging process

Do you ever feel sluggish or tired, and you can’t pinpoint why? It may be the effects of breathing in contaminated air! Dirty air ducts speed up the aging process since the contaminants in the air can cause damage to your lungs, making it harder for your cells to get eh oxygen you need. When you don’t have a regular duct cleaning service, indoor air pollution also ages the skin, drying it out and causing surface damage.

Rodents and other pests love dirty ducts

When you don’t schedule an annual duct cleaning service, you’re also missing out on having regular inspections of your home’s air ducts by a professional. Typical duct cleaning service includes checking all the ducts, not just to make sure they’re clean and that all the connections are solid. Your HVAC tech will also note whether or not you have pests in your air ducts, and then you can call an exterminator right away!

However, if you don’t have duct inspections, these rodents get a chance to make your home their home. The dander and waste from the rodents can aggravate allergies for people in the house. Plus, rodents carry diseases, which makes everyone sick, too. They may even get bolder, coming to your living spaces, damaging your home, and eating your food.

Dirty ducts make your home smell bad

Mold and mildew are very common in your home’s ducts. You can usually tell when you have mold or mildew and need duct cleaning service because your home has a musty odor, or you smell something that smells like wet newspapers. It can be less noticeable if you get used to it over time, but all the while, the mold is damaging your lungs.

Impedes the functioning of your furnace

The dirt and debris that accumulate in your air ducts cycle through your HVAC appliances, too. When gunk builds up in the system, it causes more friction, which can wear parts out quicker or cause them to break. Accumulated grime makes the unit work less efficiently, so you can’t get your home fully hot or fully cold. Plus, the HVAC appliance is working harder, which can make it break down faster.

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