Replace A Failing AC Capacitor With An AC Repair Company | Plano, TX

Replace A Failing AC Capacitor With An AC Repair Company | Plano, TX

When the hot season starts approaching, homeowners scramble to have their air conditioning systems inspected and tuned to ensure that they can cool their homes over the hot season. When summer finally comes, most issues tend to worsen. Your home is suddenly too hot, with everyone sweating, making it uncomfortable. The humidity levels are oppressive, impacting your upholstery, curtains, and other items.

You might even freak out when summer is finally here, and your air conditioning system isn’t working properly after you just had it inspected and repaired by an AC repair company. However, there are several reasons for such an occurrence. First, you might have hired an inexperienced air conditioning service provider that was unable to diagnose all the underlying problems. Alternatively, there might have been an electrical problem that caused a power surge that might have tripped the breaker. The other alternative that is mostly overlooked is a damaged AC capacitor.

In this post, you’ll learn of the ways of telling that the capacitor on your air conditioning system isn’t properly working. Knowing the signs means you can call an air conditioning repair technician for a repair. Do you prefer repairing or fixing things yourself? That will not work with your air conditioner. DIY AC works are highly advised against. Below are some of the signs that your air conditioning system’s capacitor is failing

Main Signs That the AC Capacitor Is Failing

Although there are home activities that you can handle yourself, repairing the air conditioner, especially capacitor problems, should be left to a reputable AC repair company. Of course, you may repair it if you are trained and experienced in air conditioning repairs. This is because a capacitor is an electrical unit that requires working with specialized tools and needs special handling.

But how can you tell if the capacitor installed on your air conditioning system is faulty or failing? This section will explain several signs to look out for. Should you notice either, turn off your Air conditioning system and immediately call a reliable AC repair company. Below are the signs that it is finally time to replace the air conditioning unit’s capacitor:

A Burning Smell from Your Air Conditioner’s Outdoor Unit

The last thing you want to encounter (if you even would) from your air conditioning system is a burning smell. This signifies that some electrical components are overheating or burning within the unit. Whenever you notice such, you should call an AC repair company to have your unit inspected and the cause diagnosed. Should the professional determine that the capacitor is to blame, they will replace it. You should note that, unlike some other electrical elements, capacitor repairs are rarely done.

If the motor in your air conditioning unit overheats, you will also get a burning smell. The bearings on the motor will wear out with time because of exposure to friction. If the AC repair company determines this to be the cause of the problem, they will affect some fixes, including the lubrication of the bearings, to resolve the problem temporarily. However, if the cause of the burning smell is a damaged capacitor, the technician only has one option, replacing it.

The Air Conditioning Does Not Immediately Turn On

Imagine turning on an air conditioning system on a hot summer day, only for it to take some time before starting. Wouldn’t that be frustrating and annoying? The main function of an AC capacitor is to jumpstart the air conditioning unit. It does so by giving your unit a huge jolt. If the air conditioning unit doesn’t immediately turn on, this is a clear sign that the capacitor is faulty or about to fail. The component needs more energy when the capacitor fails to kickstart the air conditioner.

This means that the power supplied to the AC unit’s capacitor isn’t helping it build a large enough charge to turn on the air conditioning unit. The capacitor must build up and store enough charge to start the AC. If this doesn’t happen, it cannot kickstart the air conditioner, meaning it might not immediately turn on. Whenever you notice this at home, contact a reliable AC repair company in Plano, TX, to inspect and repair the unit. Maybe the capacitor is loose and requires a reconnection.

The Air Conditioner Doesn’t Turn On at All

Now imagine when the AC outrightly fails to turn on, especially mid-summer. The air conditioner not turning on builds up on other different factors, but a failed capacitor is right at the top of them. This means that the capacitor is not building up any charge, hence unable to jumpstart the air conditioning system. Suppose the air conditioning isn’t starting, and it is in the middle of summer. In that case, that is an AC emergency, and you should immediately reach out to an AC repair company that offers emergency repair services. The professionals will be able to inspect the air conditioner in a bid to determine the reason why it isn’t starting. If they determine that the capacitor has failed, they will replace it to ensure that your Plano, TX, home cooling is reinstated.

Your Air Conditioning System’s Capacitor Is Old

Your air conditioner is more prone to malfunctioning as it gets older. A capacitor isn’t designed to last forever, and older capacitors are vulnerable to burning. An older air conditioning system will inevitably malfunction for various reasons, and the only effective fix is to have an AC repair company replace the system. This includes the capacitor.

The importance of an air conditioning system in cooling your home cannot be overstated. Hence, you shouldn’t let a single system come between you and a properly cooled home. When you notice either of the signs above in your Plano, TX, home, contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, your reputed AC repair company.

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