Reasons To Have An Air Conditioner Installation Technician Remove Your Window ACs | Irving, TX

Reasons To Have An Air Conditioner Installation Technician Remove Your Window ACs | Irving, TX

Do you still use a window air conditioner to cool your Irving, TX home? If you do, it is about time you call an air conditioner installation professional for an upgrade. The invention of window air conditioners in the 1950s significantly improved the air conditioning landscape and home comfort. Only the costly central air conditioning systems provided the much-needed comfort in homes until then. Unfortunately, most homes did not have enough space for air ducts required to move the cooled or heated air to various rooms.

That was then. Today, central air conditioners are more affordable. Even if your home doesn’t have space for air ducts, you can still have an installation of ductless mini-split air conditioning systems. Therefore, there is no good reason for you to continue struggling with your window air conditioner. However, there are many reasons (based on their shortcomings) that should motivate you to have those window air conditioners replaced and better units installed.

If you are still using a window air conditioner, below are some reasons why you should have a professional replace them with central air conditioning systems or even ductless mini-splits.

A Need for Consistent Comfort

Regardless of how advanced your window air conditioning system is, it can never keep your home at a consistent temperature. That means that temperatures could vary by double digits from one room to another, making some window air conditioning units put in extra effort to achieve your required temperatures. Window air conditioners are less efficient than modern central or ductless air conditioning systems.

Are you tired of dealing with the drastic temperature differences? Have an air conditioning installation technician install a central or ductless mini-split air conditioning system. With these modern systems, you can rest assured that your home will have a consistent temperature and comfort everywhere. You can add some icing and install a zoned air conditioning system that ensures your home can be cooled or heated at different temperatures.

Whenever you need to replace your air conditioning unit, you want to ensure it is properly installed. This means enlisting the help of an experienced air conditioner installation technician who does it for you. These professionals are experienced in air conditioning repairs, maintenance, and installations after having done it for many years. When installing a modern unit, you can control indoor temperatures using a single thermostat, whether programmable, smart, or traditional. Hence, controlling and operating a central or ductless mini-split air conditioner is easier than regulating many window air conditioning systems.

Window ACs Aren’t Home Decor Worthy

Let’s face it: window air conditioners are never considered a feature of a home’s “décor.” They obstruct windows, encroach into rooms, and have a bad exterior appearance. Any realtor will tell you that selling a house with window air conditioners instead of a central heating and air conditioning system is far more challenging. You’ll discover that a central air conditioner pays for itself through an improvement in your Irving, TX home’s value if you ever intend to sell it. Hence, get that ugly window air conditioning system off by calling a professional air conditioner installation technician to replace it with a modern unit that can increase the value of your home.

Window Air Conditioners Are a Safety Hazard

An air conditioning system is a safety hazard at your home. It can fall from your window if not properly secured or installed by the air conditioner installation technician. Your window frame might not have enough strength to support the weighty and large appliance. There are many ways through which a window air conditioner is a safety hazard, including;

They Expose Your Home to an Incremental Risk of Fire

One of the biggest risks associated with any window air conditioning unit is fire. It has been proven that a window air conditioning system is at a larger risk of fire compared to a central air conditioner or a mini-split AC unit. But what makes them prone to air conditioning fires? Most of the fires caused by the window air conditioning systems can be traced back to the unit’s electrical wiring or the insulation that covers them. This is why you should have an air conditioner installation technician. Regardless, you should be aware of the following culprits:

  • The electrical cabling of the window air conditioning unit.
  • The extension cords are used to power the window air conditioning unit.
  • When your Irving, TX home’s electrical wiring is overtaxed, your window air conditioner is connected/plugged into a power strip or a plug splitter.

It is essential for any homeowner using a window air conditioner to be aware of these dangers and how they can avert them. Otherwise, they might be exposed to serious injuries or electrocution. However, the best cause of action should be to have an air conditioner installation technician replace the unit with a more modern one.

Mold Growth and Human Health

The potential for mold growth is another possible hazard for window air conditioners. For these window air conditioning units to function, they must extract humidity from the air & use it as a part of the output to cool the space. However, this humidity collection also raises the risk of mold growth inside or around the window unit, endangering several aspects of human health. Even persons in perfect health could become ill due to mold exposure, and those with allergies or asthma may have these diseases amplified. To avoid mold issues affecting your health, have an air conditioner installation technician replace the unit with a ductless mini-split or a more modern AC unit.

Falling Window Unit Because It Wasn’t Installed Properly

The other danger related to the window air conditioning unit is that they tend to fall if they aren’t properly fitted. Although this is a rare problem, it could result in severe injuries. Your house and other property may sustain significant damage if a window air conditioner falls from its window-mounted position. If the problem arises when nobody is home, it could result in electrical risks, fire, or refrigerant leaks.

Knowing the problems exist is usually half the battle won. However, if you have one or even more window air conditioners in your house, you must take immediate action to prevent fire, injuries, or property damage. Hiring experts is one of the finest methods to accomplish this. To avoid this problem, have your reliable air conditioner installation technician fasten it properly or replace it with lighter mini-split air conditioning units.

Window ACs Don’t Effectively Cool Extensively Large Areas

Even the most potent window air conditioner can’t effectively cool an area bigger than a room of medium size. You’ll need to invest in numerous units to get anything close to the distribution of cooled air you want throughout the house—at least one for each bedroom and possibly two to handle a room that size. If you want effective cooling of your Irving, TX home, have an air conditioner installation technician install a zoned heating and air conditioning system at your home.

A Need for Quiet

Window air conditioners aren’t known for being especially quiet. Many of them are downright noisy. While some start with a loud rumble, others generate a loud sound as they run. The newest air conditioners offer excellent noise-dampening technologies, even if some central HVAC systems have noisy exterior units. Some HVAC appliances are so quiet that they won’t ruin your backyard barbecue or morning coffee.

Others run so quietly that you hardly even notice them running. You’re advised to have an air conditioner installation technician inspect the air conditioner’s decibel rating before you make a purchase. Doing so can ensure that it provides the level of silence you expect. Replace the window AC unit with a modern unit to avert such noises.

When You Need a Better IAQ

A basic air filter should be installed in the window unit you’ve had for a while to prevent significant airborne contaminants from entering the system. However, most window air conditioners do very little to improve the indoor air quality in your house. On the contrary, many central air conditioners are built to improve the interior air quality in your Irving, TX home. They have advanced air filters that capture pet dander, dirt, pollen, mold, dust, and other airborne contaminants.

Additionally, central air systems are compatible with HVAC accessories like whole-house air purifiers. These cutting-edge indoor air quality systems may nearly remove all toxins from the air in your house. You can inhale and exhale easily because many can trap viruses and other germs. Hence, if you need better indoor air quality, have your air conditioner installation technician replace your window unit with a modern ductless mini-split or central HVAC system.

They Often Drip

If a professional air conditioner installation technician properly installs your window air conditioning system, it shouldn’t drip. Unfortunately, these air conditioning units will start dripping after some time. That is the reality. Whenever this happens, it could damage your windowsill and drywall. Have your reliable air conditioning installation technician replace it with a mini-split air conditioning system.

Whenever You Need a Better Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important to many homeowners, whether they’re trying to make their homes greener or want to save money. Window air conditioners aren’t made to be especially efficient, which is a reason enough to call an air conditioner installation technician for a replacement. Operating them throughout the summer can be rather expensive.

A central air conditioning system can stay cool while reducing energy usage. Among the most effective models is this Energy Star-rated central air conditioner. It makes tiny adjustments to its cooling output. It means that while it will always keep you cool and the new air conditioner installation won’t waste much more energy than is strictly necessary.

Central Versus Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners

Are you still using a window air conditioner at your home? Then you should start considering a replacement. Consult your air conditioner installation technician about the viability of installing a central air conditioning system. You also can install a multi-zone ductless air conditioning system. Your entire house will be kept cool and comfortable thanks to a central air system, so you won’t have to be worried about which areas are overheated. After returning to a warm Irving, TX home, you won’t have to wait for your window air conditioners to start.

Window units have a limited lifespan and are not ideal options. A central air conditioning system operates significantly better and lasts far longer with little maintenance. Instead of buying a new item while discarding a broken one, look for a more durable option. The disadvantage of not having forced-air heating is that you will have to build ductwork. It costs a lot of money and necessitates extensive home improvements. Rather, it is easy for an air conditioner installation technician to fit a mini-split air conditioner at your home.

Ductless HVAC System to Replace Window Air Conditioners

As noted from the preceding, there are many reasons to have an air conditioner installation technician replace the window air conditioners. But what alternative do you have? Which air conditioning system can be installed by an air conditioner installation technician in place of your window AC? A ductless mini-split is one of the best units you can use as a replacement.

With these units, you’ll only need an indoor unit that can be hung on a wall. It may be used the same way as your old air conditioners. Furthermore, they can generate heat for you. Additionally, energy-efficient and whisper-quiet, ductless cooling and heating systems won’t block a window, are less expensive to run, and don’t need to be removed during the winter.

As explained above, you should replace or remove your Irving, TX, home’s window air conditioner. If you need a professional air conditioner installation technician to help you replace them, contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas.

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