Pressing AC Repair Questions: Why Is My AC Unit Hissing? | Irving, TX

Pressing AC Repair Questions: Why Is My AC Unit Hissing? | Irving, TX

You don’t have to be an air conditioning technician to know when something is wrong with your AC system. You might not know exactly what that ‘something’ is, but you can probably feel when your unit isn’t properly cooling your home or is actually strangely. It’s often helpful for Irving, TX, homeowners to have some general knowledge of common AC repair and maintenance needs but even when you’re completely uncertain why your AC unit is malfunctioning, you can contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas to get the professional help your AC system needs. Here, we’ve put together some common questions that our customers frequently ask us about AC repair and maintenance services as well as some typical problems AC systems face.

Why Does My AC Unit Make a Hissing Sound?

If you note a hissing sound coming from your AC unit, there’s a very strong possibility that it has a leak. Refrigerant leaks are no trifling matters, however. You’ll certainly want to find out if you have one–and soon. A refrigerant leak will cause your AC unit to work overtime and, even then, it may not be able to cool your house. The result is a poorly cooled home and increased energy costs for you. Those aren’t the only problems either.

If your refrigerant leaks in or near the house, it becomes an environmental problem. Refrigerants are toxic–not something you want to come into contact with. In fact, AC refrigerants should only be handled by certified HVAC technicians such as those employed by One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas. If our AC repair technician finds that you have a refrigerant leak, which is the typical source of that hissing sound you’re hearing, they will repair it or make a part replacement if needed.

Be sure to have this repair made quickly. A refrigerant leak can lead to other problems for the unit. Overtaxed components can fail and the evaporator coils can freeze up. Refrigerant leaks can occur as part of a unit’s normal wear and tear. If you have any questions about your unit’s refrigerant, you can rely on your AC repair tech to answer them.

Why Is My Air Conditioner Icing Up?

If your AC unit is icing up, there may be any number of issues going on, so plan to contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas so we can send a skilled AC repair technician to your Irving, TX, home to troubleshoot the exact problem. The first thing our technician might check is the air filter. A dirty air filter is a common cause for evaporator coils to ice up. The dirty filter prevents warm air from moving over the coils; the resulting ice formation is not good for your system. If the filter is left unchanged, the ice can put your unit’s blower motor and compressor at risk of failure.

If the filter is clean, the problem could be a malfunctioning indoor blower or refrigerant leak. Our AC repair specialist will uncover the cause of the ice and make the repair that’s needed. If you need a replacement part, we can typically make these replacements quickly. We keep many commonly needed parts in stock or are able to get them quickly from our supplier. We know how hot Irving, TX, summers can be. We don’t want our customers to go without air conditioning any longer than need be!

Why Is My Air Conditioning System Running Constantly

Keeping up with cooling a house during a hot Irving, TX, summer is a tough job for the most robust AC units, but your unit shouldn’t be working continuously. If your air conditioning system is constantly running, there could be several possibilities. Again, the issue could stem from a dirty air filter. When the filter is clogged with dirt, it restricts airflow. So the unit doesn’t get enough air over its coils to adequately cool your house and remove humidity, but like a champ, it keeps trying. Unfortunately, forcing your AC unit to operate overtime like this can cause undue strain and premature wear and tear requiring more intensive AC repair. Changing the air filter is one of the most important maintenance tasks you can perform to keep your AC unit working optimally.

Even so, the air filter isn’t the only reason why your unit runs continuously. It may have frozen or dirty evaporator coils. Again, if the coils are dirty or iced up, the unit isn’t able to operate normally to cool the house. Leaky ducts are another potential reason why your AC keeps running. As your AC system ages, ducts can develop leaks, allowing cold air to escape. The unit doesn’t know that the ducts are at fault, so it will keep trying to keep your house cool.

When visiting your Irving, TX, home, our AC repair specialist will also check your thermostat. A faulty thermostat can be at the heart of the problem in this case. Your unit may also have developed a refrigerant leak or simply be low on refrigerant. It’s important to contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas right away so we can service your air conditioning system.

Why Is Hot Air Blowing Through My Vents?

Nobody wants to feel hot air coming from their home’s vents on a hot August day. As with many other AC issues, there are many reasons why your AC unit might be blowing warm air. A common cause is a duct leak. In these cases, cool and warm air might mix. The result is that warm air blows through the vents.

Sometimes the problem is simple and doesn’t require an AC repair service call. Check your outdoor unit to make sure nothing is obstructing the airflow. If kids have piled their toys near the unit or someone has blocked its airflow with patio furniture, it could cause the unit to blow warm air. Also, you might want to check your thermostat before calling One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas to visit your Irving, TX, home. Sometimes a household member might accidentally switch off the cooling and flip to heat.

Sometimes, of course, the problem might be more complex. A malfunctioning compressor is a frequent cause for this warm air problem. When the compressor isn’t working properly, the refrigerant can’t transition from gas to liquid so it can cool the air. The compressor is a crucial part of your unit, so if it’s malfunctioning, you’ll want a skilled AC repair technician to repair it and, if necessary, replace it.

Finally, a refrigerant leak could be causing the problem too. Without enough refrigerant, your AC system isn’t able to properly cool the air. Consequently, you’ll likely find that the air blowing from your vents is lukewarm. When you contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, we will dispatch an experienced AC repair technician to your home with all the equipment needed to properly service your unit. AC units that blow warm air are common problems that we have the training to repair.

Air Conditioning System Won’t Turn On

If your AC unit won’t turn on, check to be sure that a circuit breaker hasn’t tripped. It’s possible that your household had too many appliances running and it overwhelmed your electrical system. If a breaker has not been tripped, the issue could involve that dastardly dirty air filter again. A dirty air filter restricts airflow, which is essential for your AC system to function properly. If the problem persists, it can cause your evaporator coils to freeze up and prevent your unit from turning on.

Another reason why the AC system won’t switch on may be because its motor has failed. Have you noticed any unusual sounds coming from the unit? Often, a failing motor will make strange sounds. A motor is a major repair. When you contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, you can discuss the cost of replacing the motor with our AC repair technician. Some customers opt to replace the AC system rather than make major repairs if their unit is nearing the end of its span.

We can help you determine what the best course is. When troubleshooting the system, we can also inspect it for other signs of wear and tear. If your AC system requires numerous repairs, the costs can be compiled. At this point, you may wish to think seriously about replacing the system with a new one. We can discuss different models along with their costs to help you make a decision about how to proceed. Be sure to remember that we’re in your corner! We won’t try to talk you into a new unit. We perform AC repair services as well as new AC installations. Our goal is to support our customers’ decisions by providing them with objective information about the condition of their existing units.

Why Does My AC Unit Keep Tripping the Circuit Breaker?

If your AC system is tripping a breaker repeatedly, it’s a frustrating experience. However, remember that the circuit breaker is a safety feature for your home. There’s definitely a problem if the breaker is tripping. What you don’t want to do is to keep allowing the unit to trip the breaker. Leave your AC unit turned off and contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas so we can send an HVAC repair pro to your home.

Assuming that the problem is not with the circuit breaker or your home’s electrical panel (which could also be the cause of the problem and may require consulting with an electrician), the unit could be tripping a circuit breaker because there’s a short in the motor. If your AC’s motor has been working overtime, it’s possible that it began running hot. That could cause the wiring insulation to deteriorate, which can lead to a short. A short in the motor is a fire hazard, which is why your circuit breaker trips.

The problems could also stem from an aging compressor. As the compressor ages, it may begin to draw excessive amounts of electricity in order to start. A big draw on your electrical system could be causing the breaker to trip. If our AC repair technician finds that your compressor is old and damaged, it will likely require replacement.

Why Does My AC Unit Smell Weird?

If you’re smelling strange or unpleasant odors from your AC system, you shouldn’t ignore them. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas often tackles AC units that have burning odors or mildew smells. If you note an electrical odor, you should call us so we can send an AC repair specialist over right away. A burning odor indicates that there could be a wiring problem. On the other hand, a dirty air filter could cause your unit to work extra hard, which could cause it to overheat; when it overheats, you might notice a burning or electrical odor. Again, burning odors can be a serious problem. Be sure to turn off your unit and contact us for AC repair service.

If you smell a musty odor, there’s likely a drainage problem. There could be a clog in the lines. Our technician can clear out any algae or mold that’s causing this problem. With routine maintenance, you might be able to head off this problem.

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas specializes in AC repair for Irving, TX, customers. Don’t entrust your home’s AC unit to an inexperienced operator. Our technicians have the skills and training needed to address any repairs you may need. If you’re thinking about replacing an older AC unit, we can help you choose an energy-efficient model for your house. Call us to learn more about our AC repair and maintenance solutions. We’re known for our outstanding customer service and fair pricing.

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